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Node.js JavaScript runtime :sparkles::turtle::rocket::sparkles:

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Number of watchers on Github 46327
Number of open issues 840
Average time to close an issue about 14 hours
Main language JavaScript
Average time to merge a PR 3 days
Open pull requests 660+
Closed pull requests 1095+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created almost 5 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 348 MB
Organization / Authornodejs
Latest Releasev6.13.1
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Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. For more information on using Node.js, see the Node.js Website.

The Node.js project is supported by the Node.js Foundation. Contributions, policies, and releases are managed under an open governance model.

This project is bound by a Code of Conduct.

Table of Contents


Node.js contributors have limited availability to address general support questions. Please make sure you are using a currently-supported version of Node.js.

When looking for support, please first search for your question in these venues:

If you didn't find an answer in one of the venues above, you can:

GitHub issues are meant for tracking enhancements and bugs, not general support.

Remember, libre != gratis; the open source license grants you the freedom to use and modify, but not commitments of other people's time. Please be respectful, and set your expectations accordingly.

Release Types

The Node.js project maintains multiple types of releases:

  • Current: Released from active development branches of this repository, versioned by SemVer and signed by a member of the Release Team. Code for Current releases is organized in this repository by major version number. For example: v4.x. The major version number of Current releases will increment every 6 months allowing for breaking changes to be introduced. This happens in April and October every year. Current release lines beginning in October each year have a maximum support life of 8 months. Current release lines beginning in April each year will convert to LTS (see below) after 6 months and receive further support for 30 months.
  • LTS: Releases that receive Long-term Support, with a focus on stability and security. Every second Current release line (major version) will become an LTS line and receive 18 months of Active LTS support and a further 12 months of Maintenance. LTS release lines are given alphabetically ordered codenames, beginning with v4 Argon. LTS releases are less frequent and will attempt to maintain consistent major and minor version numbers, only incrementing patch version numbers. There are no breaking changes or feature additions, except in some special circumstances.
  • Nightly: Versions of code in this repository on the current Current branch, automatically built every 24-hours where changes exist. Use with caution.

More information can be found in the LTS README.


Binaries, installers, and source tarballs are available at

Current and LTS Releases

Current and LTS releases are available at, listed under their version strings. The latest directory is an alias for the latest Current release. The latest LTS release from an LTS line is available in the form: latest-codename. For example:

Nightly Releases

Nightly builds are available at, listed under their version string which includes their date (in UTC time) and the commit SHA at the HEAD of the release.

API Documentation

API documentation is available in each release and nightly directory under docs. points to the API documentation of the latest stable version.

Verifying Binaries

Current, LTS, and Nightly download directories all contain a SHASUMS256.txt file that lists the SHA checksums for each file available for download.

The SHASUMS256.txt can be downloaded using curl.

$ curl -O

To check that a downloaded file matches the checksum, run it through sha256sum with a command such as:

$ grep node-vx.y.z.tar.gz SHASUMS256.txt | sha256sum -c -

Current and LTS releases (but not Nightlies) also have the GPG detached signature of SHASUMS256.txt available as SHASUMS256.txt.sig. You can use gpg to verify that SHASUMS256.txt has not been tampered with.

To verify SHASUMS256.txt has not been altered, you will first need to import all of the GPG keys of individuals authorized to create releases. They are listed at the bottom of this README under Release Team. Use a command such as this to import the keys:

$ gpg --keyserver --recv-keys DD8F2338BAE7501E3DD5AC78C273792F7D83545D

See the bottom of this README for a full script to import active release keys.

Next, download the SHASUMS256.txt.sig for the release:

$ curl -O

After downloading the appropriate SHASUMS256.txt and SHASUMS256.txt.sig files, you can then use gpg --verify SHASUMS256.txt.sig SHASUMS256.txt to verify that the file has been signed by an authorized member of the Node.js team.

Once verified, use the SHASUMS256.txt file to get the checksum for the binary verification command above.

Building Node.js

See for instructions on how to build Node.js from source. The document also contains a list of officially supported platforms.


Security flaws in Node.js should be reported by emailing Please do not disclose security bugs publicly until they have been handled by the security team.

Your email will be acknowledged within 24 hours, and you will receive a more detailed response to your email within 48 hours indicating the next steps in handling your report.

There are no hard and fast rules to determine if a bug is worth reporting as a security issue. The general rule is an issue worth reporting should allow an attacker to compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of the Node.js application or its system for which the attacker does not already have the capability.

To illustrate the point, here are some examples of past issues and what the Security Response Team thinks of them. When in doubt, however, please do send us a report nonetheless.

Public disclosure preferred

  • #14519: Internal domain function can be used to cause segfaults. Causing program termination using either the public JavaScript APIs or the private bindings layer APIs requires the ability to execute arbitrary JavaScript code, which is already the highest level of privilege possible.

  • #12141: buffer: zero fill Buffer(num) by default. The buffer constructor behavior was documented, but found to be prone to mis-use. It has since been changed, but despite much debate, was not considered misuse prone enough to justify fixing in older release lines and breaking our API stability contract.

Private disclosure preferred

  • CVE-2016-7099: Fix invalid wildcard certificate validation check. This is a high severity defect that would allow a malicious TLS server to serve an invalid wildcard certificate for its hostname and be improperly validated by a Node.js client.

  • #5507: Fix a defect that makes the CacheBleed Attack possible. Many, though not all, OpenSSL vulnerabilities in the TLS/SSL protocols also effect Node.js.

  • CVE-2016-2216: Fix defects in HTTP header parsing for requests and responses that can allow response splitting. While the impact of this vulnerability is application and network dependent, it is remotely exploitable in the HTTP protocol.

When in doubt, please do send us a report.

Current Project Team Members

The Node.js project team comprises a group of core collaborators and a sub-group that forms the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) which governs the project. For more information about the governance of the Node.js project, see

TSC (Technical Steering Committee)

  • addaleax - Anna Henningsen <> (she/her)
  • ChALkeR - ** ** <> (he/him)
  • cjihrig - Colin Ihrig <>
  • danbev - Daniel Bevenius <>
  • evanlucas - Evan Lucas <> (he/him)
  • fhinkel - Franziska Hinkelmann <> (she/her)
  • Fishrock123 - Jeremiah Senkpiel <>
  • gibfahn - Gibson Fahnestock <> (he/him)
  • jasnell - James M Snell <> (he/him)
  • joyeecheung - Joyee Cheung <> (she/her)
  • mcollina - Matteo Collina <> (he/him)
  • mhdawson - Michael Dawson <> (he/him)
  • MylesBorins - Myles Borins <> (he/him)
  • ofrobots - Ali Ijaz Sheikh <>
  • rvagg - Rod Vagg <>
  • targos - Michal Zasso <> (he/him)
  • thefourtheye - Sakthipriyan Vairamani <> (he/him)
  • trevnorris - Trevor Norris <>
  • Trott - Rich Trott <> (he/him)

TSC Emeriti

  • bnoordhuis - Ben Noordhuis <>
  • chrisdickinson - Chris Dickinson <>
  • indutny - Fedor Indutny <>
  • isaacs - Isaac Z. Schlueter <>
  • joshgav - Josh Gavant <>
  • mscdex - Brian White <>
  • nebrius - Bryan Hughes <>
  • orangemocha - Alexis Campailla <>
  • piscisaureus - Bert Belder <>
  • shigeki - Shigeki Ohtsu <> (he/him)


  • abouthiroppy - Yuta Hiroto <> (he/him)
  • addaleax - Anna Henningsen <> (she/her)
  • ak239 - Aleksei Koziatinskii <>
  • andrasq - Andras <>
  • AndreasMadsen - Andreas Madsen <> (he/him)
  • AnnaMag - Anna M. Kedzierska <>
  • apapirovski - Anatoli Papirovski <> (he/him)
  • aqrln - Alexey Orlenko <> (he/him)
  • bengl - Bryan English <> (he/him)
  • benjamingr - Benjamin Gruenbaum <>
  • bmeck - Bradley Farias <>
  • bmeurer - Benedikt Meurer <>
  • bnoordhuis - Ben Noordhuis <>
  • brendanashworth - Brendan Ashworth <>
  • BridgeAR - Ruben Bridgewater <>
  • bzoz - Bartosz Sosnowski <>
  • calvinmetcalf - Calvin Metcalf <>
  • ChALkeR - ** ** <> (he/him)
  • chrisdickinson - Chris Dickinson <>
  • cjihrig - Colin Ihrig <>
  • claudiorodriguez - Claudio Rodriguez <>
  • danbev - Daniel Bevenius <>
  • DavidCai1993 - David Cai <> (he/him)
  • devsnek - Gus Caplan <> (he/him)
  • edsadr - Adrian Estrada <> (he/him)
  • eljefedelrodeodeljefe - Robert Jefe Lindstaedt <>
  • estliberitas - Alexander Makarenko <>
  • eugeneo - Eugene Ostroukhov <>
  • evanlucas - Evan Lucas <> (he/him)
  • fhinkel - Franziska Hinkelmann <> (she/her)
  • firedfox - Daniel Wang <>
  • Fishrock123 - Jeremiah Senkpiel <>
  • gabrielschulhof - Gabriel Schulhof <>
  • geek - Wyatt Preul <>
  • gibfahn - Gibson Fahnestock <> (he/him)
  • gireeshpunathil - Gireesh Punathil <> (he/him)
  • guybedford - Guy Bedford <> (he/him)
  • hashseed - Yang Guo <> (he/him)
  • iarna - Rebecca Turner <>
  • imran-iq - Imran Iqbal <>
  • imyller - Ilkka Myller <>
  • indutny - Fedor Indutny <>
  • italoacasas - Italo A. Casas <> (he/him)
  • JacksonTian - Jackson Tian <>
  • jasnell - James M Snell <> (he/him)
  • jasongin - Jason Ginchereau <>
  • jbergstroem - Johan Bergstrm <>
  • jhamhader - Yuval Brik <>
  • jkrems - Jan Krems <> (he/him)
  • joaocgreis - Joo Reis <>
  • joshgav - Josh Gavant <>
  • joyeecheung - Joyee Cheung <> (she/her)
  • julianduque - Julian Duque <> (he/him)
  • JungMinu - Minwoo Jung <> (he/him)
  • kfarnung - Kyle Farnung <> (he/him)
  • kunalspathak - Kunal Pathak <>
  • lance - Lance Ball <>
  • Leko - Shingo Inoue <> (he/him)
  • lpinca - Luigi Pinca <> (he/him)
  • lucamaraschi - Luca Maraschi <> (he/him)
  • maclover7 - Jon Moss <> (he/him)
  • mcollina - Matteo Collina <> (he/him)
  • mhdawson - Michael Dawson <> (he/him)
  • micnic - Nicu Micleuanu <> (he/him)
  • mikeal - Mikeal Rogers <>
  • misterdjules - Julien Gilli <>
  • mmarchini - Matheus Marchini <>
  • MoonBall - Chen Gang <>
  • mscdex - Brian White <>
  • MylesBorins - Myles Borins <> (he/him)
  • not-an-aardvark - Teddy Katz <>
  • ofrobots - Ali Ijaz Sheikh <>
  • orangemocha - Alexis Campailla <>
  • othiym23 - Forrest L Norvell <> (he/him)
  • phillipj - Phillip Johnsen <>
  • pmq20 - Minqi Pan <>
  • princejwesley - Prince John Wesley <>
  • Qard - Stephen Belanger <> (he/him)
  • refack - Refael Ackermann <> (he/him)
  • richardlau - Richard Lau <>
  • rmg - Ryan Graham <>
  • robertkowalski - Robert Kowalski <>
  • romankl - Roman Klauke <>
  • ronkorving - Ron Korving <>
  • RReverser - Ingvar Stepanyan <>
  • rvagg - Rod Vagg <>
  • saghul - Sal Ibarra Corretg <>
  • sam-github - Sam Roberts <>
  • santigimeno - Santiago Gimeno <>
  • sebdeckers - Sebastiaan Deckers <>
  • seishun - Nikolai Vavilov <>
  • shigeki - Shigeki Ohtsu <> (he/him)
  • silverwind - Roman Reiss <>
  • srl295 - Steven R Loomis <>
  • starkwang - Weijia Wang <>
  • stefanmb - Stefan Budeanu <>
  • targos - Michal Zasso <> (he/him)
  • thefourtheye - Sakthipriyan Vairamani <> (he/him)
  • thekemkid - Glen Keane <> (he/him)
  • thlorenz - Thorsten Lorenz <>
  • TimothyGu - Tiancheng Timothy Gu <> (he/him)
  • tniessen - Tobias Nieen <>
  • trevnorris - Trevor Norris <>
  • Trott - Rich Trott <> (he/him)
  • tunniclm - Mike Tunnicliffe <>
  • vdeturckheim - Vladimir de Turckheim <> (he/him)
  • vkurchatkin - Vladimir Kurchatkin <>
  • vsemozhetbyt - Vse Mozhet Byt <> (he/him)
  • watilde - Daijiro Wachi <> (he/him)
  • watson - Thomas Watson <>
  • whitlockjc - Jeremy Whitlock <>
  • XadillaX - Khaidi Chu <> (he/him)
  • yhwang - Yihong Wang <>
  • yorkie - Yorkie Liu <>
  • yosuke-furukawa - Yosuke Furukawa <>

Collaborator Emeriti

  • isaacs - Isaac Z. Schlueter <>
  • lxe - Aleksey Smolenchuk <>
  • matthewloring - Matthew Loring <>
  • monsanto - Christopher Monsanto <>
  • Olegas - Oleg Elifantiev <>
  • petkaantonov - Petka Antonov <>
  • piscisaureus - Bert Belder <>
  • rlidwka - Alex Kocharin <>
  • tellnes - Christian Tellnes <>

Collaborators follow the in maintaining the Node.js project.

Release Team

Node.js releases are signed with one of the following GPG keys:

  • Colin Ihrig <> 94AE36675C464D64BAFA68DD7434390BDBE9B9C5
  • Evan Lucas <> B9AE9905FFD7803F25714661B63B535A4C206CA9
  • Gibson Fahnestock <> 77984A986EBC2AA786BC0F66B01FBB92821C587A
  • Italo A. Casas <> 56730D5401028683275BD23C23EFEFE93C4CFFFE
  • James M Snell <> 71DCFD284A79C3B38668286BC97EC7A07EDE3FC1
  • Jeremiah Senkpiel <> FD3A5288F042B6850C66B31F09FE44734EB7990E
  • Myles Borins <> C4F0DFFF4E8C1A8236409D08E73BC641CC11F4C8
  • Rod Vagg <> DD8F2338BAE7501E3DD5AC78C273792F7D83545D

The full set of trusted release keys can be imported by running:

gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 94AE36675C464D64BAFA68DD7434390BDBE9B9C5
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys FD3A5288F042B6850C66B31F09FE44734EB7990E
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 71DCFD284A79C3B38668286BC97EC7A07EDE3FC1
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys DD8F2338BAE7501E3DD5AC78C273792F7D83545D
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys C4F0DFFF4E8C1A8236409D08E73BC641CC11F4C8
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys B9AE9905FFD7803F25714661B63B535A4C206CA9
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 56730D5401028683275BD23C23EFEFE93C4CFFFE
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 77984A986EBC2AA786BC0F66B01FBB92821C587A

See the section above on Verifying Binaries for details on what to do with these keys to verify that a downloaded file is official.

Previous releases may also have been signed with one of the following GPG keys:

  • Chris Dickinson <> 9554F04D7259F04124DE6B476D5A82AC7E37093B
  • Isaac Z. Schlueter <> 93C7E9E91B49E432C2F75674B0A78B0A6C481CF6
  • Julien Gilli <> 114F43EE0176B71C7BC219DD50A3051F888C628D
  • Timothy J Fontaine <> 7937DFD2AB06298B2293C3187D33FF9D0246406D

Contributing to Node.js

node open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years SSL core dump in v6.9.1
  • almost 3 years url.parse: Parsing a URL with an invalid port doesn't throw an error
  • almost 3 years The max length of console.log output is 8275
  • almost 3 years EINVAL errors (events.js:160) with Node 7.1.0 on Windows 10
  • almost 3 years http.request meet ECONNRESET on Windows every time for certain URLs
  • almost 3 years Unnecessary heap usage in in-place functions.
  • almost 3 years A collection of minor issues with the docs
  • almost 3 years Design of legacy tls socket's destroy
  • almost 3 years buffer: discuss future direction of Buffer constructor API
  • almost 3 years Response strings and closures objects leak with http.Agent enabled (Memory Leak)
  • almost 3 years unhandledRejection Stack Traces are unhelpful
  • almost 3 years Changes to `file:` URL formatting in Node v7 cause problems for npm
  • almost 3 years n.kill(19) throws error
  • almost 3 years Stack Trace on Depreciation Warnings
  • almost 3 years configure fails on linux for distributions using python 3 as default
  • almost 3 years test-icu-transcode fails built without intl
  • almost 3 years test failures of v8 inspectors build without dependencies
  • almost 3 years test failures without openssl-cli
  • almost 3 years Node.js Foundation Core Technical Committee (CTC) Meeting 2016-11-09
  • almost 3 years dtrace for node not work
  • almost 3 years querystring.stringify appends =& to params without value
  • almost 3 years Official Debian/Ubuntu packages
  • almost 3 years timers "depth" benchmark usefulness
  • almost 3 years process.arch not matching with systems arch output for ARM
  • almost 3 years fs.readFileSync can't return a string for a big file
  • almost 3 years Incorrect documentation for fs.write with Buffers
  • almost 3 years child_process execFile / spawn throw non-descript exception on windows if exe requires elevation
  • almost 3 years How to generate core dump file when SIGBUS?
  • almost 3 years darwin: double-check that fsync should flush disk write cache using F_FULLFSYNC
  • almost 3 years Debugger doesn't work for processes which fork other processes
node open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • doc: clarify error handling in net/createServer
  • test: increase timeouts on some unref timers tests
  • path: assert inputs are strings
  • test: mitigate flaky test-http-agent
  • test: fix flaky http-end-throw-socket-handling
  • querystring: using toString for objects on querystring.escape
  • test: refactor test-dgram-udp4
  • benchmark: use strict mode
  • deps: upgrade to npm 2.14.19
  • Add the fs.mkdtemp() function.
  • doc: `require` behavior on case-insensitive systems
  • doc: refine child_process detach behaviour
  • tools,doc: parse types in braces everywhere
  • doc: backport doc updates
  • doc: topic blocking vs non-blocking
  • doc: vm, run http server in vm by requiring
  • Ensure IPv6 hostname is enclosed within square brackets in Host header
  • Fix typo in pbkdf2Sync code sample
  • Fix missing property in Cluster Ex.
  • doc: update repo docs to use 'CTC'
  • V4.4.0 proposal
  • doc: improve for httpVersionMajor & httpVersionMinor
  • Release proposal: 5.7.0 (Stable)
  • possible V8 bug wrt weak handles and promises
  • github: add issue and pull request templates
  • Backport remove unused branches from fs
  • doc: improve unhandledException doc copy
  • Allow options to be provided to child_process.send()
  • doc: fix buf.readInt16LE output
  • deps: Disable EXPORT and LOW ciphers in openssl for v0.12
  • doc: improve github templates by using comments
  • zlib: remove internal-ish unused event
  • zlib: do not emit event on *Sync() methods
  • doc: align doc/api/tls.markdown with style guide and fix minor grammatical issues
  • doc: fix multiline return comments in querystring
  • src: try to open `man 1 node` on Unix for --help
  • repl: Default `useGlobal` to false in CLI REPL.
  • V5.8.1 proposal
  • doc: Add windows example for Path.format
  • Reduce tarball size, v2
  • module: prioritize current directory for local lookup
  • doc: explain path.format() algorithm
  • doc: clarity type of first argument in zlib
  • test: refactor http-end-throw-socket-handling
  • path: refactor path.format() repeated code
  • doc: fix invalid path doc comments
  • Fix spelling error in
  • win,build: Always generate .rc and .h files
  • Refactor mac installer (built on #2571)
  • src: allow combination of -i and -e cli flags
  • [querystring] avoid Object.prototype conflicts including `__proto__`
  • tools: improve js linter
  • console: check that stderr is writable
  • Add @mhdawson back to the CTC
  • deps: update openssl config
  • test: skip cluster-disconnect-race on Windows
  • deps: remove unused openssl files
  • events: add eventNames() method
  • fs: add Buffer support in fs methods
  • test,tools: limit lint tolerance of gc global
  • V5.11.0 proposal
  • deps: upgrade to V8
  • test: don't assume IPv6 in test-regress-GH-5727
  • doc: change references to Stable to Current
  • test: fix test-vm-cached-data to work with old v8
  • test: v8-flags is sensitive to script caching
  • doc: fix style inconsistencies in code examples
  • build: fix DESTCPU detection on non-Intel platforms
  • doc: update build instructions for OS X
  • http: correct error message for invalid trailer
  • cares: Support malloc(0) scenarios for AIX
  • test: add tests for console.assert
  • module: expose `Module._runInThisContext`
  • dns: refactor dns.resolve
  • v8: warn in Template::Set() on improper use
  • test: add openssl add-on test
  • doc: avoid merging other collaborator's PRs
  • tools: lint for function argument alignment
  • src: add process.binding('config')
  • full links to and link to docker-node
  • nodejs-github-bot example PR
  • Prevent multiple calls to Server.listen
  • util: deprecate most of*()
  • build: make addon testing part of `make test`
  • docs: add steps for running addons + npm tests
  • test: split parallel into subsystems
  • src: replace ARRAY_SIZE with typesafe arraysize (v4.x)
  • tools,test: enforce deepStrictEqual over deepEqual
  • doc: add timer classes
  • test: move uncoupled debugger tests to sequential
  • test: fix flaky test-preload
  • tools: do not build addons during compilation
  • module: Revert "preserve symlinks when requiring"
  • tools,test: make argument linting more stringent
  • test: refactor doctool tests
  • test: skip test-preload on AIX
  • doc: add `added:` information for fs
  • test: remove common.getServiceName()
  • appendFileSync accepts fd. Was not specified in its doc
  • test: favor strictEqual() in addon test
  • test,tools: enable object-curly-spacing linting
  • tls: Add PSK support
  • test: add --repeat option to tools/
  • timers: use HandleWrap::Unrefed
  • test,tools: enable object-curly-spacing linting
  • tools: fix lint tap reporter for Jenkins support
  • doc: update "who to cc in issues" chart
  • tools: restore change of doc building function signatures to opts hashes
  • doc: add `added:` information for assert
  • util: adhere to `noDeprecation` set at runtime
  • test,win: skip addons/load-long-path on WOW64
  • test: test commit for nodejs-github-bot
  • module: fix wrong condition in early return logic for node_module path
  • doc: correct description of System Error errno property
  • doc: fix exec example in child_process
  • doc: fix links in socket.connecting
  • tls,https: respect address family when connecting
  • test: include component in tap output
  • cluster: exit must remove listeners
  • doc: add `added:` information for net
  • test: make test-child-process-fork-net more robust
  • doc: fix typos
  • doc: general improvements to copy
  • tools: align the jslint summary like the test runner
  • doc: addresses nits in string_decoder, url, util
  • doc: general improvements to copy
  • test: fix spurious EADDRINUSE in test-https-strict
  • doc: general improvements to copy
  • doc: general improvements to copy
  • doc: add `added:` information for dns
  • Enable line ending normalization in git, not in the linter
  • doc: add `added:` information for tls
  • deps: update V8 to
  • test: update weak module for gc tests
  • test: remove `common.PORT` from gc tests
  • doc: add `added:` information for stream
  • test: table-flip removal of disabled tests
  • doc: improve debugger doc prose
  • doc: update labels and CI info in onboarding doc
  • repl: History file locking and other improvements
  • test: check types for http request and response
  • doc: general improvements to copy
  • cluster: expose result of send()
  • test: use common.fixturesDir almost everywhere
  • doc: add `added:` information for readline
  • build: introduce configure --shared
  • build: expose --trace_maps flag in release builds
  • test: remove modifcation to common.PORT
  • doc: use consistent typography for `Note:`
  • doc: add internal link in
  • src: move and update comment about 'node.js' compilation.
  • repl: Add paste mode support
  • inspector: Put connect and disconnect events into message queue
  • Document http "aborted" events
  • inspector: Fix the inspector connection cleanup
  • punycode: update to v2.0.0
  • src: fix erroneous fallthrough in ParseEncoding()
  • test: add tests for a some stream.Readable use cases
  • src: fix --without-inspector build
  • Add two child-process stdio flush tests
  • doc: add `added:` information for repl
  • benchmark: `util._extend` vs `object.assign`
  • Speedup canned small-icu build
  • inspector: process.exit should wait for inspector
  • zlib: release callback and buffer after processing
  • benchmark: add benchmark for url.format()
  • src: make Sec-WebSocket-Key check case-insensitive
  • doc,dgram: fix addMembership documentation
  • src: diagnostic NodeReport initial implementation
  • doc: add argument information for socket.destroy()
  • tls: avoid calling Buffer.byteLength multiple times
  • url: return valid file: urls fom url.format()
  • doc: clarify tls.createServer's {cert, ca}
  • src: temporary fix for AIX malloc issue
  • crypto,tls: perf improvements for crypto and tls getCiphers
  • Backport Β«buffer: ignore negative allocation lengthsΒ» to v5.x
  • test: skip doctool tests when js-yaml is missing
  • test: add note about duration_ms in TAP reporter
  • Backport/6279
  • Updated ReadMe for #7434
  • url: adding WHATWG URL support
  • deps: backport 102e3e87e7 from V8 upstream
  • Propose v6.3.0
  • Replace gyp, node-gyp for addons by adding compiler abstraction
  • build: adds configure flag notargettype
  • stream: support decoding buffers for Writables
  • test: test isFullWidthCodePoint with invalid input
  • Backport 7176 for v6.x (buffer: fix creating from zero-length ArrayBuffer)
  • fs: use arrow functions for lexical `this`
  • debug: use arrow functions for lexical `this`
  • assert: remove unneeded arguments special handling
  • upgrade npm in LTS to 2.15.8
  • build: introduce `./configure --with-lto`
  • test: add tests for ensuring proper timer delays
  • child_process: validate fork/execFile arguments
  • vm: don't print out arrow message for custom error
  • v4.4.7 proposal
  • doc: add `added:` information for http(s)
  • child_process: preserve argument type
  • doc: add CTC meeting minutes 2016-06-22
  • deps: update v8_inspector
  • inspector: print warning when used
  • readline: keypress event trigger for escape character
  • child_process: measure buffer length in bytes
  • repl: exponentiation operator SyntaxError
  • Revert "child_process: measure buffer length in bytes"
  • Add test for HTTP client "aborted" event
  • Coverity fixes, round one
  • repl: Enable tab completion for global properties when useGlobal is false
  • deps: upgrade npm in LTS to 2.15.9
  • tools: consistent .eslintrc formatting
  • util: allow deprecate on classes
  • deps: cherry-pick b93c80a from v8 upstream
  • v4.5.0 proposal
  • Add correct shared library naming on OS/X
  • src: clean up string_search
  • test: add common.rootDir
  • build: export openssl symbols on windows (v4.x)
  • doc: fix util.deprecate() example
  • errorMessage: Improvement in the error thrown in case of writable st…
  • doc: link and highlight Object.assign
  • buffer:Performance increase for buffer-indexof
  • doc: improve fs.truncate functions' documentation
  • tools: increase lint coverage
  • src: fix build failure for clang 3.2 by checking for builtin presence
  • src: don't use __builtin_bswap16() and friends
  • util: inspect boxed symbols like other primitives
  • doc: add `added:` information for cluster
  • Cherry-pick patch from V8 upstream that fixes instanceof problem
  • doc: various documentation formatting fixes
  • Remove extra if and else chain
  • Micro refactoring sigintHandlersWrap method
  • deps: back-port d721121 from v8 upstream (v6.x)
  • test: Fixes test-tick-processor to not hang on Windows
  • build: add conflict marker check on release
  • repl: Mitigate vm #548 function redefinition issue
  • repl: Use arrow functions for lexical `this`.
  • benchmark: Repair http chunked benchmark
  • deps: cherry-pick 1f53e42 from v8 upstream
  • test: remove internal headers from addons
  • http: optimize by corking outgoing requests
  • build: fix dependency on missing header file
  • fs: add bytesRead to ReadStream
  • doc, punycode: soft-deprecation of the punycode module
  • doc, tools: improve the title of pages in doc
  • test,vm: fix flaky test-util-sigint-watchdog
  • test: mark test-util-sigint-watchdog FreeBSD flaky
  • test: fixes for more strict linting
  • Do not copy value onto vm sandbox in strict mode
  • src: removing unused StringValue macro parameters
  • fs: restore javascript realpath implementation
  • fs: warn instead of throwing if no callback
  • build: Maximize the default V8 inliner flags values
  • doc: add npm link and cleanup Readme
  • doc: add missing windowsVerbatimArguments option in child_process.spawn
  • deps: cherry-pick b93c80a from v8 upstream
  • test: avoid IPv6 hostname conflict in windows
  • [WIP] Update test-npm target
  • util: fix formatting of objects with SIMD enabled
  • deps: cherry-pick 43547df from V8 upstream
  • fs: Fix default params for fs.write
  • dgram: setMulticastInterface() outgoing interface selection
  • test: fix test-vm-sigint flakiness
  • repl: Remove magic mode
  • doc: improve https module documentation
  • Revert fs changes
  • doc: include the optional options parameter
  • src: remove unused IsInt64() function
  • deps: cherry-pick a51f429 from V8 upstream
  • test: favor strict equality in pummel net tests
  • test: confirm that assert truncates long values
  • assert: remove code that is never reached
  • test: favor `===` over `==` in test-timers.js
  • test: favor strict equality check
  • test: fix assertion in test-watch-file.js
  • build: do not lint src dir for JS errors
  • Update release announcement instruction for Twitter
  • doc: fix variable scoping bug in Stream HTTP server example code
  • doc: fix broken links in changelogs
  • test: fix flaky fs-watch tests
  • src: fix build break for !NODE_USE_V8_PLATFORM
  • net: misc changes
  • readline: key interval delay for \r & \n
  • src: make debugger listen on by default
  • util: fix deprecated class prototype
  • http: remove deprecated Client interface
  • net, http: allow setting socket connection timeout for http request
  • fs,module: add module-loader-only realpath cache
  • src: updating references to the old node.js file
  • Backport support for building as DLL on Windows to V6
  • deps: cherry-pick 7bd24767 from v8 upstream (v6.x)
  • test: exclude tests for AIX
  • [WIP] proposed new unicode module
  • url: make `url.format()` encode all occurrences of `#` in `search`
  • build: add missing files to zip and 7z packages
  • src: remove VS 2013 compatibility hacks
  • child_process, win: fix shell spawn with AutoRun
  • tls: copy the Buffer object before using
  • Backport V8 5.1 to v6.x
  • doc: fix broken link in dgram doc
  • fs: undeprecate existsSync
  • doc: add return type of clientRequest.setTimeout
  • crypto: make malloc failure check cross-platform
  • test: test non-buffer/string with zlib
  • V4.x backport for
  • Backport of for v4.x
  • doc: update authors list again
  • lib: runtime deprecation of the constants module
  • doc: update landing pr info in onboarding doc
  • events: make memory leak warning name more verbose
  • Backport 2253
  • benchmark: add benches for fs.stat & fs.statSync
  • crypto: use system CAs instead of bundled ones
  • buffer: deprecate parent property
  • [wip] deps: update V8 to 5.4
  • doc: add .md to the link
  • WIP: child_process: spawn() and spawnSync() validation
  • buffer: expose underlying buffer object always
  • src: unbreak build when compiling against uclibc
  • crypto: re-add crypto.timingSafeEqual
  • buffer: directly use ArrayBuffer as the pool
  • crypto: fix ucs2/ucs-2/utf16le/utf-16le encoding check
  • net: make holding the buffer in memory more robust (v4.x backport)
  • benchmark: ignore significance when using --runs 1
  • fs: move nullCheck to internal/fs.js to dedupe
  • doc: removed number of jobs from -j option when running make
  • doc: add `added:` information for crypto
  • [WIP] deps: upgrade libuv to 1.10.0
  • No abort on require() with null bytes
  • src: fix typo rval to value
  • test: move module out of fixture directory
  • Fix and add test
  • tls: copy the Buffer object before using (backport to v4.x)
  • Backport src: fix handle leaks #7711
  • test-debugger-pid: Somes fixes that do not change performance
  • http: improve invalid character in header error message
  • Add platform specific teams to onboarding-extras
  • doc: errno is a number, not a string
  • Make tests more clear
  • doc: net.Socket in TLSSocket
  • crypto: use SSL_get_SSL_CTX.
  • module: allow but deprecate loading internals (in case it’s necessary)
  • crypto: naming anonymouse functions
  • doc: special cases in http module response body
  • doc: add url.resolve() method's behaviour
  • build: make node-gyp output silent
  • lib: update outdated comment
  • Adding clarity to buffer toString docs.
  • tools: update gyp to 702ac58
  • inspector: add --inspect-brk flag
  • inspector,doc: update hint text, add guide [WIP]
  • timers: improve linked list performance
  • tls: introduce `secureContext` for `tls.connect`
  • src: bump version to v8.0.0 for master
  • deps: revert default gtest reporter change
  • governance: expand use of CTC issue tracker
  • test: cleanup/update test-dgram-error-message-address.js
  • process: improve performance of nextTick
  • http: reject control characters in http.request()
  • doc: fix broken links to Buffer.from(string)
  • v8: fix inheritance from c++
  • test: expand test coverage for url.js
  • test: favor `===` over `==` in fs-utimes
  • buffer: use correct name for custom inspect symbol
  • deps: upgrade npm to 3.10.9
  • deps: upgrade npm to 4.0.1
  • module: fix loading from $PREFIX/lib/node on Windows
  • src: fix use of uninitialized variable
  • lib: make `String(global) === '[object global]'`
  • Fix outdated links
  • socket.end() can take a callback function
  • inspector: add contexts when using vm module
  • v8: name all anonymous functions
  • name functions in cluster module
  • intl: Add more versions from ICU
  • errors: add internal/errors.js
  • test: remove err timer from test-http-set-timeout
  • test: use strict assertions in module loader test
  • work in progress: tap13 output
  • doc: update to address editing PRs
  • tools: use long format for gpg fingerprint
  • test: prevent workers outliving parent
  • fs: name anonymous functions
  • os: name every function OS module
  • tools: make --repeat work with -j in
  • test: refactor /parallel/test-cluster-uncaught-exception.js to ES6
  • buffer: fix `fill` with encoding in Buffer.alloc()
  • Icu4c 58
  • build: use wxneeded on openbsd
  • doc: add missing link in changelog
  • test: refactor test-next-tick-error-spin
  • test: refactor test-tls-inception
  • doc: Add padding: 0 to pre > code
  • doc: clarify the callback arguments of dns.resolve
  • Revert "buffer: runtime deprecation of calling Buffer without new"
  • test: add test for broken child process stdio
  • fixes link to Event Loop page
  • promise: better stack traces for --trace-warnings
  • tools: fix script
  • doc: make comment indentation consistent
  • doc: added return types of functions and types of static properties
  • doc: fix fs constants link
  • doc: add process api data types to documentation
  • doc: move TSC and CTC meeting minutes out of core repo
  • doc: clarify the exit code part of
  • grammar and structure revisions of wg doc
  • buffer: convert offset & length to int properly
  • url: Improve WHATWG URLSearchParams spec compliance
  • lib: add --deprecate-soon and util.deprecateSoon()
  • doc: fix minor style issue in code examples
  • child_process: catch json parsing error in ipc
  • Don't follow Windows ContainerMappedDirectories
  • tools,test,benchmark: provide duration/interval to timers, require it with lint rule
  • doc: add the diagnostics team to cc for async_wrap
  • process: swallow stdout/stderr error events
  • Distrust certs issued after 00:00:00 Oct. 21, 2016 by StartCom and WoSign
  • doc: update
  • src: don't call into VM from AsyncWrap destructor
  • Implementation of --adjacent-node-modules to support module symlinking to global cache
  • repl: fix generator function preprocessing
  • lib: use strict equality in _http_server and _tls_wrap
  • deps: upgrade npm to 4.0.2
  • deps: upgrade npm in LTS to 3.10.10
  • doc: update Collaborators list in README
  • test: refactor test-fs-non-number-arguments-throw
  • test: refactor test-crypto-timing-safe-equal
  • test: replace assert.equal with assert.strictEqual
  • buffer: fix transcode for single-byte enc to ucs2
  • buffer: fix single-character string filling
  • test: refactor test-debug-args
  • doc: remove minor contradiction in debugger doc
  • http: remove stale timeout listeners
  • deps: work around v8 bug in toUpper('Γ§')
  • build: Don't regenerate node->out/*/node symlink if already there
  • buffer: convert offset & length to int properly
  • Improvements to tls API documentation, batch 1
  • test: known issue url.parse() does not return an empty string
  • doc: small fixes in the
  • doc: clarifying variables in fs.write()
  • test: run cpplint on files in test/cctest
  • Backport: assert: Fix deepEqual/deepStrictEqual on equivalent typed arrays
  • Backport: test: refactor large event emitter tests
  • Backport: repl: don't override all internal repl defaults
  • Debugger - Filter out the ending of the Module wrapper when using the list command
  • Extendable ca certs v4
  • Extendable ca certs v6
  • Make --shared on AIX work on v6.x
  • v4: fix building v8 on libc++ 3.8.0
  • timers: prevent infinite loop when subsequent immediates are cleared
  • converted object protocol definitions to RegExp versions
  • test: improve code in test-console-instance
  • test: add http_incoming's matchKnownFields test
  • test: add test case to test-http-response-statuscode.js
  • test: add msg validation to test-buffer-compare
  • http: add outgoing.getHeaders()
  • url: export URLSearchParams
  • test: improve code in test-domain-multi
  • process: add process.cpuUsage() - implementation, doc, tests
  • crypto,tls: fix mutability of return values
  • test: delete duplicate test of noAssert in readUInt*
  • test: testing noAssert in buffer.write()
  • module: improve require() performance
  • test: add crypto's setEngine test
  • test,util: remove lint workarounds
  • test: increase test-crypto.js strictness
  • test: update coverage for dgram.js
  • deps: upgrade npm to 4.1.1
  • test: add tests for rs+, sr+ to test-fs-open-flags.js
  • test: improve test-fs-write-stream-throw-type
  • doc: clarify memory sharing behavior of buffer ctor
  • test: add coverage for repl .clear + useGlobal
  • test: get rid of done in test-dns and use common.mustCall
  • test: add test cases to test-readline-keys.js
  • child_process: allow Infinity as maxBuffer value
  • process: improve process.hrtime
  • test,net: add tests for server.connections
  • test: assert unused vars in test-cli-eval.js
  • test: validate errors in test-buffer-indexof
  • build: support out of tree build
  • Revert "net: don't normalize twice in Socket#connect()"
  • test: add test for timers benchmarks
  • (v7.x backport) net: remove an unused internal module `assertPort`
  • assert: improve deepEqual perf for large input
  • buffer: fix Buffer.isEncoding() return value for empty string
  • WIP url: standard-conformant C0 control and whitespace handling
  • test: remove unused testpy code
  • assert: restore TypeError if no arguments
  • doc: remove test-npm from general build doc
  • tls: accept `lookup` option for `tls.connect()`
  • n-api: Handle fatal exception in async callback
  • test, fs: fix chmod mask testing on windows
  • test: complete coverage of buffer
  • doc: Change test option at STEP 5: Test in
  • stream: add final method
  • src: split CryptoPemCallback into two functions
  • src: only call FatalException if not verbose
  • test: remove common.noop
  • test: fix flakyness with `yes.exe`
  • assert: wrap original err on `ifError` fail
  • Lazy stat dates
  • src: deprecate vm.runInDebugContext
  • inspector: report when main context is destroyed
  • test: make tests cwd-independent
  • tools: relax lint rule for regexps
  • doc: updated readFileSync in
  • tls: do not wrap net.Socket with StreamWrap
  • test: add comment to all whatwg-url tests
  • Add process.dlopenFlags
  • doc: add "Troubleshooting" & "rules of thumb"
  • test: use mustCall() in test-readline-interface
  • fs: expose Stats times as Numbers
  • Revert "lib: lazy instantiation of fs.Stats dates"
  • test: hasCrypto https-server-keep-alive-timeout
  • test: fix flaky test-fs-watchfile on macOS
  • test: cleanup after test-fs-watchfile.js
  • n-api: enable napi_wrap() to work with any object
  • test: use mustNotCall() in test-stream2-objects
  • doc: add note to Stats about copying
  • doc: make spelling of behavior consistent
  • test: improve n-api coverage for typed arrays
  • test: improve async hooks test error messages
  • async_hooks: fix Promises with later enabled hooks
  • crypto: return CHECK_OK in VerifyCallback
  • errors,tty: migrate to use internal/errors.js
  • doc: fix api docs style
  • child_process: fix handleless NODE_HANDLE handling
  • deps: add example of comparing OpenSSL changes
  • deps: upgrade OpenSSL to version 1.0.2l
  • doc: create list of CTC emeriti
  • doc: remove badges from README
  • inspector: JavaScript bindings for the websocket
  • test: refactor test-fs-assert-encoding-error
  • async_wrap,src: wrap promises directly
  • lib: simplify the readonly properties of icu
  • src: clean up SafeGetenv()
  • v8: patch API to be compatible with v8 6.0
  • http: client keep-alive for UNIX domain sockets
  • doc: clarified documentation for crypto.publicEncrypt() and similar functions
  • http: describe parse err in debug output
  • esm: Implement esm mode flag
  • src: fix compiler warning about deprecated api
  • timers: attach listOnTimeout function to TimerWrap
  • module: enable dynamic import flag for esmodules
  • src: remove unused variable
  • test: Verify the shell option works properly on execFile
  • build: include the libuv and zlib into node
  • test: fix test/parallel/test-tls-server-verify.js on Windows CI
  • http: simplify checkInvalidHeaderChar
  • benchmark: implement duration in http test double
  • benchmark: cut down http benchmark run time
  • doc: warn about GCM authenticity
  • doc: make it more exact
  • test: fix flaky test-fs-write
  • benchmark: make compare.R easier to understand
  • stream: fix readable being emitted when nothing to do
  • [backport-v8.x] http: add rawPacket in err of `clientError` event
  • src,lib: implement import.meta
  • deps: V8: resolve remaining whitespace diff
  • process: js fast path for cached bindings
  • [v8.x-backport] http2,perf_hooks: perf state using AliasedBuffer
  • [v6.x backport] test: improve flaky test-listen-fd-ebadf.js
  • module: validate paths early, use internal/errors.js
  • errors: improve the description of ERR_INVALID_ARG_VALUE
  • src: free up memory before re-setting URLHost value
  • buffer: port `byteLengthUtf8` to JavaScript
  • doc: reorder section on updating PR branch
  • deps: Update node-inspect to 1.11.3
  • stream: augment BufferList.prototype
  • http: switch on string values
  • path: replace duplicate conditions by functions
  • test: fix flaky repl-timeout-throw
  • doc: improved flow regarding firewall script for macOS in building readme
  • deps: patch V8 to 6.4.388.44
  • doc: add history for url.parse
  • child_process, errors: introduce ERR_INVALID_SIGNATURE
  • Fixed broken links to Style Guide and CPP Style Guide
  • doc: more stability guarantees in deprecation policy
  • doc: add error check to fs example
  • build: no longer have v8-debug.h as dependency.
  • src: refactor WriteWrap and ShutdownWrap
  • zlib: improve zlib errors
  • [WIP] http2: fix endless loop when write an empty string
  • test: remove assert.doesNotThrow()
  • Revert "fs: Revert throw on invalid callbacks"
  • process: deprecate process assert
  • buffer: simplify check size in assertSize
  • doc: N-API fix exporting a function example
  • src: prevent persistent handle resource leaks
  • path: replace "magic" numbers by readable constants
  • src: do not redefine private for GenDebugSymbols
  • fs: use Persistent::Reset() for resetting handles
  • src: replace var for let / const.
  • fs: fix stack overflow in fs.readdirSync
  • crypto: allow passing null as IV unless required
  • fs: extract binding error handling into a helper
  • tools: fix prof polyfill readline
  • test: remove unused using declarations
  • async_hooks: rename PromiseWrap.parentId
  • src: deprecate legacy node::MakeCallback
  • src: Remove lttng support.
  • build: fix lint-md-build dependency
  • test, bechmark: use new Buffer API where appropriate
  • child_process: fix exec set stdout.setEncoding
  • doc: deprecate lttng
  • net: do not inherit the no-half-open enforcer
  • loader: allow importing wasm modules
  • doc: update 2fa information in
  • http2: refer to stream errors by name
  • module: fix cyclical dynamic import
  • src: refactor setting JS properties on WriteWrap
  • src: remove node namespace qualifiers
  • doc: mention git-node in the collaborator guide
  • [v9.x backport] src: fix GetCpuProfiler() deprecation warning
  • [WIP]build: fix coverage after gcovr update
  • [v9.x backport] test: introduce SetUpTestCase/TearDownTestCase
  • [v9.x backport] build: add node_lib_target_name to cctest deps
  • stream: add no-half-open enforcer only if needed
  • doc: remove `Returns: {undefined}`
  • loader: fix --inspect-brk
  • src: fix build with --with-lttng
  • http: do not replace .read() in IncomingMessage
  • repl: no RegExp side effects for static properties
  • [WIP] src,http2: use native-layer pipe mechanism from FileHandle instead of synchronous I/O
  • src: make process.dlopen() load well-known symbol
  • doc: minor tweaks & fixes to FIPS building docs
  • src: simplified condition using RegExp in lib/url.js
  • [Doc] Make the background section concise and improve its formality
  • util: use blue on non-windows systems for number/bigint
  • http2: fix endless loop when writing empty string
  • promises: use encoding in readFile
  • src: refactor emit before/after/promiseResolve
  • child_process: define EACCES as a runtime error
  • tools: fix test-npm-package
  • assert: improve assert()/assert.ok() performance
  • build: do not cd on vcbuild help
  • doc: clarify default TLS handshake timeout
  • buffer: improve write(U)Int functions
  • lib: define printErr() in script string
  • module: fix `e.stack` error when throwing undefined or null
  • util,doc,test: accept optional context parameter in util.promisify
  • test: delete test-regress-GH-4948
  • vm: add support for import.meta to Module
  • Remove string literal
  • test: rename regression tests with descriptive file names (pt. 3)
  • doc: do not announce obvious examples
  • doc: improve style guide text
  • vm: migrate isContext to internal/errors
  • url: use existing handlers instead of duplicated code
  • Fs stats added in versions
  • [8.x] n-api: backport changes from master
  • test: fix assertion argument order
  • n-api: take n-api out of experimental
  • util,assert: improve Weak(Map|Set) support
  • Revert "util: use blue on non-windows systems for number/bigint"
  • [x9.x backport] src: remove unused using declarations async_wrap
  • build: search missing dependencies on lint-md
  • [v9.x backport] This is backporting multiple commits that were requested
  • src: add `jsEngine` property to `process`
  • src: simplify CipherBase::SetAAD()
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node list of languages used
node latest release notes
v6.13.1 2018-03-06, Version 6.13.1 'Boron' (LTS), @MylesBorins

Notable Changes

  • http, tls:
    • better support for IPv6 addresses (Mattias Holmlund) #14772


v9.7.1 2018-03-02, Version 9.7.1 (Current), @rvagg

No additional commits. New version published due to a bad node-v9.7.0.pkg file that was published to in the previous release.

v9.7.0 2018-03-01, Version 9.7.0 (Current), @rvagg prepared by @addaleax

Notable Changes

  • libuv:

    • Updated to libuv 1.19.2 (Colin Ihrig) #18918
  • src:

    • Add initial support for Node.js-specific post-mortem metadata (Matheus Marchini) #14901
  • timers:

    • The return value of setImmediate() now has ref() and unref() methods (Anatoli Papirovski) #18139
  • util:

    • It is now possible to get the name for a numerical platform-specific error code as a string (Joyee Cheung) #18186


  • [5ddef2988b] - async_wrap: schedule destroy hook as unref (Anatoli Papirovski) #18241
  • [be9777c5f6] - benchmark: add stream.pipe benchmarks (Mathias Buus) #18617
  • [4012ae8885] - build: fix coverage build (Yihong Wang) #18409
  • [8c934990ef] - build: add node_lib_target_name to cctest deps (Daniel Bevenius) #18576
  • [f7e1402923] - build: include the libuv and zlib into node (Yihong Wang) #18383
  • [237a363dc7] - build: make gyp user defined variables lowercase (Daniel Bevenius) #16238
  • [16ef386507] - build, win: vcbuild improvements (Bartosz Sosnowski) #17015
  • [4fa1f3197f] - cluster: fix inspector port assignment (Santiago Gimeno) #18696
  • [ec55965501] - deps: upgrade libuv to 1.19.2 (cjihrig) #18918
  • [7fb72a5fa3] - deps,src: align ssize_t ABI between Node & nghttp2 (Anna Henningsen) #18565
  • [dd917eb946] - doc: add pending-deprecation to deprecations list ( ) #18433
  • [287946ddff] - doc: remove Returns: {undefined} (Sho Miyamoto) #18951
  • [4f454bde74] - doc: mention git-node in the collaborator guide (Joyee Cheung) #18960
  • [4bc54238b2] - doc: update 2fa information in (Rich Trott) #18968
  • [b456e31964] - doc: add process.debugPort to doc/api/ (flickz) #18716
  • [6f177e7b5d] - doc: readable.push(undefined) in non-object mode () #18283
  • [85322518ca] - doc: remove extraneous for example text (Rich Trott) #18890
  • [38cf3cf494] - doc: update description of 'clientError' event (Luigi Pinca) #18885
  • [e447580872] - doc: fix link in (Justin Lee) #18878
  • [205a84cf09] - doc: remove CII badge in README (Roman Reiss) #18908
  • [1246902bae] - errors: move error creation helpers to errors.js (Joyee Cheung) #18546
  • [b3fe55aada] - errors: improve the description of ERR_INVALID_ARG_VALUE (Joyee Cheung) #18358
  • [112c9a3a19] - http: remove default 'drain' listener on upgrade (Luigi Pinca) #18866
  • [c7f9608626] - http: allow _httpMessage to be GC'ed (Luigi Pinca) #18865
  • [738b0a1f2e] - lib: add process to internal module wrapper (Anna Henningsen) #17198
  • [cfb78bc1df] - process: use linked reusable queue for ticks (Mathias Buus) #18617
  • [4acea14197] - process: do not directly schedule _tickCallback in _fatalException (Anatoli Papirovski) #17841
  • [d348496345] - process: refactor nextTick for clarity (Anatoli Papirovski) #17738
  • [cf0b95c4b1] - process: use more direct sync I/O for stdio (Anna Henningsen) #18019
  • [b4c933dd44] - promises: refactor rejection handling (Anatoli Papirovski) #18207
  • [01398b29e9] - repl: fix tab-complete warning (killagu) #18881
  • [e33b9fa7b5] - src: fix GetCpuProfiler() deprecation warning (Ben Noordhuis) #18534
  • [91694497ba] - src: refactor WriteWrap and ShutdownWraps (Anna Henningsen) #18676
  • [fa691f7d95] - src: only set JSStreamWrap write req after write() (Anna Henningsen) #18676
  • [296523a698] - src: remove unnecessary async hooks check (Anatoli Papirovski) #18291
  • [4de4c54069] - src: expose uv.errmap to binding (Joyee Cheung) #17338
  • [189e566076] - src: do not redefine private for GenDebugSymbols (Joyee Cheung) #18653
  • [07c6fb983b] - src: use AliasedBuffer for TickInfo (Anatoli Papirovski) #17881
  • [684684e567] - src: simplify handles for libuv streams (Anna Henningsen) #18334
  • [cb5ed45603] - src: refactor stream callbacks and ownership (Anna Henningsen) #18334
  • [f60757796b] - src: use DoTryWrite() for not-all-Buffer writev()s too (Anna Henningsen) #18019
  • [f17987ba16] - src: remove HasWriteQueue() (Anna Henningsen) #18019
  • [2282dceb29] - src: remove node namespace qualifiers (Daniel Bevenius) #18962
  • [6e7aa3d8f4] - src: fix abort when taking a heap snapshot (Ben Noordhuis) #18898
  • [a17d6840e1] - src: fix deprecation warning in (Daniel Bevenius) #18877
  • [46fc507054] - (SEMVER-MINOR) src, test: node internals' postmortem metadata (Matheus Marchini) #14901
  • [7853a7fd2a] - test: add test for stream unpipe with 'data' listeners (Anna Henningsen) #18516
  • [3543c5543b] - test: make sure WriteWrap tests are actually async (Anna Henningsen) #18676
  • [7dd3c8af88] - test: add url type check in Module options (JiaHerr Tee) #18664
  • [1be5e33f03] - test: replace assert.throws with expectsError (sreepurnajasti) #17997
  • [df0d78a7e9] - test: stdio pipe behavior tests (Bartosz Sosnowski) #18614
  • [35cddae18f] - test: fix cctest -Wunused-variable warning (Ben Noordhuis) #18530
  • [743cf33616] - test: introduce SetUpTestCase/TearDownTestCase (Daniel Bevenius) #18558
  • [edba129df3] - test: http2 compat response.write() error checks (Trivikram) #18859
  • [f2dd17bde9] - (SEMVER-MINOR) timers: allow Immediates to be unrefed (Anatoli Papirovski) #18139
  • [37f253e88f] - timers: refactor setImmediate error handling (Anatoli Papirovski) #17879
  • [8474f86e9f] - timers: make setImmediate() immune to tampering (Ben Noordhuis) #17736
  • [484e06d89a] - tls: use after free in tls_wrap (Kyle Farnung) #18860
  • [efb4646539] - tls_wrap: use DoTryWrite() (Anna Henningsen) #18676
  • [d255db3ae7] - tools: ignore VS compiler output in deps/v8 (Michal Zasso) #18952
  • [fc6ee39ea6] - tools: fix custom eslint rule errors (Ruben Bridgewater) #18853
  • [f8691398e4] - tools, test: fix prof polyfill readline (killagu) #18641
  • [38fd7902ef] - tty: fix console printing on Windows (Anna Henningsen) #18214
  • [def51bafbd] - url: reduce deplicated codes in autoEscapeStr (Weijia Wang) #18613
  • [8e31bf42cf] - util: skip type checks in internal getSystemErrorName (Joyee Cheung) #18546
  • [28fa906ec1] - (SEMVER-MINOR) util: implement util.getSystemErrorName() (Joyee Cheung) #18186
  • [38797b5804] - vm: consolidate validation (Timothy O. Peters) #18816
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