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Miscellaneous libs/wrappers for Nimrod

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Statistics on nimlibs

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Number of open issues 1
Average time to close an issue 11 months
Main language Nimrod
Average time to merge a PR about 12 hours
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Last commit almost 5 years ago
Repo Created over 7 years ago
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Organization / Authorfowlmouth
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This is a collection of useful Nim modules. The theme is Game Development. Examples of usage can usually be found at the end of the module's source or in the examples/ directory

If any of these is missing license (they probably all are) then you can treat 
them as public domain, no attribution required. Licenses listed below are for
the corresponding (wrapped) software. The wrapper itself does not fall under
this license.


  • fowltek/vector_math - implements types for vectors of two, three and four (now basic2d/basic3d exist in the stdlib, use those instead)
  • fowltek/pointer_arithm - implements pointer arithmetic for use with c libraries
  • fowltek/maybe_t - implements a Maybe[T]
  • fowltek/idgen - a simple sequential ID generator
  • fowltek/neural - a backpropagating neural network
  • Spatial organizationing: fowltek/bbtree, fowltek/qtree



  • Clutter - nice gtk-ish gui library
  • FTGL (FreeTypeGL - for the fonts and such (LGPLv2)


  • Bullet - another high performance 3D physics library. This wrapper may not be complete, it is based off Bullet's C-API which is limited.
  • fowltek/verlet - implementation of verlet physics


  • FANN (Fast Artificial Neural Net

Things that used to be here

  • fowltek/entitty - implements a dynamic component/entity system (this is old, the new version is in nimble called entoody)
  • SDL2 - moved to its own package (ZLib)
  • Assimp (Open Asset Import Library) - moved to its own package (BSD, more info:
  • Devil - image loading and editing software (LGPL) (better wrapper at
  • ODE (Open Dynamics Engine) - a performant 3D physics library used in many commercial games (now at
  • Horde3D - an open source 3D rendering engine (Eclipse Public License v1.0 (EPL)) (now at
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  • over 4 years Where is fowltek/sdl2, fowltek/sdl2/gfx
nimlibs list of languages used
  • Nim
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