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Stylus mixins, utilities, components, and gradient image generation

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Statistics on nib

Number of watchers on Github 1833
Number of open issues 104
Average time to close an issue about 2 months
Main language CSS
Average time to merge a PR 27 days
Open pull requests 36+
Closed pull requests 19+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created over 8 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 542 KB
Homepage http://stylus.git...
Organization / Authorstylus
Latest Releasev1.0.4
Page Updated
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Stylus mixins, utilities, components, and gradient image generation. Don't forget to check out the documentation.


$ npm install nib

If the image generation features of Nib are desired, such as generating the linear gradient images, install node-canvas:

$ npm install canvas

JavaScript API

Below is an example of how to utilize nib and stylus with the connect framework (or express).

var connect = require('connect')
  , stylus = require('stylus')
  , nib = require('nib');

var server = connect();

function compile(str, path) {
  return stylus(str)
    .set('filename', path)
    .set('compress', true)

    src: __dirname
  , compile: compile

Stylus API

To gain access to everything nib has to offer, simply add:

  @import 'nib'

Or you may also pick and choose based on the directory structure in ./lib, for example:

  @import 'nib/gradients'
  @import 'nib/overflow'
  @import 'nib/normalize'

To be continued...

More Information


You will first need to install the dependencies:

    $ npm install -d

Run the automated test cases:

    $ npm test

For visual testing run the test server:

    $ npm run-script test-server

Then visit localhost:3000 in your browser.


I would love more contributors. And if you have helped out, you are awesome! I want to give a huge thanks to these people:

nib open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 3 years nib and Stylus variables do not work well together
  • about 3 years broken with only one level of relative path
  • over 3 years nsp vulnerability via stylus
  • over 3 years transition mixin breaks surrounding code
  • over 3 years Not want to use reset.styl
  • over 3 years "Size" utility conflicts with @page rule.
  • over 3 years normalize.styl
  • over 3 years width: max-content doesn't come with webkit and moz prefix
  • almost 4 years Odd new error building flexbox grid framework with nib
  • almost 4 years How to pass multiple animations to `animation()` in `vendor.styl`?
  • almost 4 years Allow position top initial
  • almost 4 years Release new version to npm
  • about 4 years size() doesn't work with !important
  • about 4 years "border" has its own mixin but other border properties don't
  • about 4 years Request: disable vendor prefixing completely
  • over 4 years Writing-mode support
  • over 4 years Which site is official docs: or
  • over 4 years Radial-gradient bug
  • over 4 years Stylus 0.50
  • over 4 years Disable erasing old CSS properties
  • over 4 years Multiple importing in 1.1.0
  • almost 5 years set stylus as a peer dependency
  • almost 5 years Prefixing causes flexbox to be set outside media query
  • almost 5 years could we define browser version support to filter the result generated
  • about 5 years Why is iconic in this repo?
  • about 5 years Image mixin fails when defined inside a media query.
  • about 5 years border-radius inherit not being compiled
  • over 5 years Add opactity mixin
  • over 5 years Using stylus sourcemaps with nib
  • over 5 years radial-gradient transparent mixin doesn't work?
nib open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • columns vendor support
  • Allow pixel ratio array for image mixin
  • Fix flex-basis, flex-grow and flex-shrink for IE10 by adding -ms-flex-preferred-size, -ms-flex-positive and -ms-flex-negative
  • set stylus as a peer dep, closes #296
  • Created text.styl in lib/nib/ (fixes #249)
  • add filter to vendor
  • Better box model reset
  • Image mixin refactor
  • New site (redesign, updated documentation, and more)
  • mixin for blur
  • fix 189
  • Inline-block with conditional IE support
  • begin pulling in useful features from axis-css
  • Fix "-ms-flex: auto"
  • Add "avoid-column-break" mixin
  • Proper text stroke vendor prefixes and some touch/tap movile specific vendor prefixes mixins
  • Autoprefixer Integration
  • Position mixin accepts upto 4 arguments and supports 'auto' & 'inherit' values
  • Proper background-size keyword support
  • allow gradients stops to accept an array
  • W3 gradient direction reverse
  • Add vendor support for "filter" property
  • mobile mixins
  • Fix automatic gradient stops calculation
  • flex: basis-size and full flex shorthand support
  • Sizing Convenience Methods
  • SVG Gradient Generation Support
  • break-inside support
  • Add vendor clip-path support.
  • Update to the lastest normalize.css
  • feat: update Stylus dependency to version 0.54.5
  • Update docs/ for formatting and phrasing
  • stylus as a peer dependency
  • Remove vendor prefix for background-size
  • Update links
  • Fix link in readme
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  • Deriving MKAnnotationView and linking it to a NIB file
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nib list of languages used
nib latest release notes

bugfix for inherit & initial values and a few documentation fixes

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