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Microsoft SQL Server Schema Dump

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MS SQL schema dump v1 Beta

Exports MS SQL Server database schema, that includes:

Schema, User Types, User Table Types, Triggers, Full Text Catalogues,
Full Text StopLists, Stored Procedures, Functions
Schema, Triggers, Indexes, DRI, Statistics
Schema, Triggers, Indexes, DRI, Statistics

Pass a junk parameter to start with default values shown below!

Usage: mssqldump -h data-source-host -u username -p password [-d path/for/files] [-c] [-s] [-a] [-b DB1[,DB2[,DB3]]]


-h : SQL server host, defaults to (local)
-u : username, defaults to sa
-p : password, defaults to sa
-d : Local path for saved files, defaults to C:\_SQL_SCHEMA_DUMP
-c : Delete all files and folders from local path, defaults to false
-s : Also export statistics, defaults to false
-a : Use DAC to try decrypt encrypted objects, defaults to false
-b : Comma separated value of databases to export, defaults to empty string

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