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A simple progress bar for mpv.

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progressbar.lua is a script for mpv that provides a small, unintrusive progress bar that persists at the bottom of the video window by default, though it can be configured to be hidden.

Normal view

When hovered with the mouse, it expands to show more information:

Hover view

As a consequence of how mpv handles drawing the osd, this script is not compatible with the built-in osc. If you want to use it, you should add osc=no to your mpv config.


Place the compiled progressbar.lua script in your ~/.mpv/scripts or ~/.config/mpv/scripts directory. It may be more convenient to update if you symlink it in from somewhere else.


progressbar.lua has a whole host of options that can be set to change the way it displays. These can be set on the mpv command line, but the recommended approach is by using the configuration file ~~/lua-settings/torque-progressbar.conf, where ~~ is either ~/.mpv or ~/.config/mpv, depending on your setup. The defaults are provided in settings.moon, and are reproduced in config-file-compatible syntax in torque-progressbar.conf.


progressbar.lua creates a few keybindings integral to correct script operation. If you are running mpv with no-input-default-bindings, these must be manually rebound in ~~/input.conf. The defaults are:

. script-binding progressbar/step-forward
, script-binding progressbar/step-backward
c script-binding progressbar/toggle-inactive-bar
tab script-binding progressbar/request-display
mouse_btn0 script-binding progressbar/left-click


You must have moonscript installed (particularly moonc, the compiler) and GNUMake compatible make. Run make from the root of the repository.

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  • over 3 years Video pauses when clicking progress bar
  • over 3 years Scale font size with window size
  • over 3 years May be decouple common part to separate project?
  • almost 4 years Show Chapter Captions on Hover
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