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  • almost 3 years How to update a state with a runtime function invocation result
  • almost 3 years A reset function which will reset all the states even if there are errors.
  • almost 3 years Full source file names visible in compiled js file
  • almost 3 years cljs: optimize state names in :advance mode
  • over 3 years Dealing with failure on mount/start
  • over 3 years ":with-deps" to manually override the start order / dependencies
  • over 3 years changing :start-with to take a "config" map
  • over 3 years Mount Reports Removed defstates
  • over 3 years lifecycle hook API
  • over 3 years visualizing dependency graph

mount closed issues

  • almost 3 years question about fun-with-values test/example
  • about 3 years Clarify usage of mount/in-cljc-mode
  • about 3 years failed to initalize with boot version 2.6.0
  • over 3 years suspend and resume vars still in logging
  • over 3 years Is there a way to get the status of current services?
  • over 3 years removing :suspend and :resume
  • over 3 years mount/start-with should also take instances
  • over 3 years CLJS: can't find "cleanup-if-dirty" var unless in CLJC mode
  • over 3 years have an option to not restart on recompile
  • over 3 years Readme: start and stop take vars, not namespaces
  • over 3 years lein test fails
  • over 3 years Error in
  • over 3 years Clojure version requirements need to be documented
  • over 3 years Mount fails to reload with exception
  • over 3 years Mount stops state after changing a .cljc file
  • over 3 years does not compile with [clojurescript .. :classifier "aot"]
  • over 3 years Mount stops state on evaluation
  • over 3 years Error of plain value as `start` form
  • over 3 years Discussion: replace start-* functions with single start function with options
  • over 3 years Mount doesn't work well with tools.namespace/refresh
  • over 3 years remove tools.logging dependency
  • over 3 years Load/execution order not clear
  • over 3 years using mount.core instead of just mount would be more idiomatic
  • over 3 years Any thoughts on ClojureScript version?
  • over 3 years Swapping alternate implementations
  • over 3 years Different system configurations
  • over 3 years Add suspend and resume functions
  • over 3 years Differences to Component: Multiple instances of system for testing
  • over 3 years Any plans for a 0.1.0 release?
  • over 3 years Pass data to start functions
  • over 3 years Clarity on using in uberwar