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Ruby gem for command line motivation

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Ruby gem for command line motivation

Install the gem with

gem install motivator

Then you can run the gem from your command line. With the motivator executable. Passing the motivator the motivate flag as below

motivator --motivate

will print out a random quote

alt text

The motivate command also takes a second parameter so that you can specify a author. This parameter is an underscored name of the author such as steve_jobs or c_s_lewis

Motivation gem also allows you to watch files in a directory and print out a quote when something changes. Usefull for getting through those late night coding sessions. You can run:

motivator --watch [glob,glob]

The second parameter after the watch flag is a list of globs of the files you wish to watch, e.g. ./**/* or ./folder/*

Then you can have an output similar to this: alt text

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