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A Video Surveillance OS For Single-board Computers

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Rated 4.73 out of 5
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Statistics on motioneyeos

Number of watchers on Github 2348
Number of open issues 166
Average time to close an issue 5 days
Main language Makefile
Average time to merge a PR 14 days
Open pull requests 4+
Closed pull requests 5+
Last commit almost 3 years ago
Repo Created about 5 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 2 years ago
Size 36 MB
Organization / Authorccrisan
Latest Release20180224
Page Updated
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So simple to install and configure. Works a charm.
A lot of options and it's fast.
Nice features, easy install, excellent help from developper!
Simple and functional
multiple options to adopt to any system needs
Get way to control and populate own home video cameras
Really easy to set up
Great bundle
reliable, fast
Well needed app for single board use and cameras.
Easy to use, reliable, great UI
Extremely user friendly, and filled with a diverse variety of options! **All inclusive**
Lots of features, easy to setup - great job.
very easy to install. works great!
very useful with a lot of good features and easy to use
thank you man !
Simple, Reliable, Flexible and easy to setup
Very Neat and Organized

motionEyeOS is a Linux distribution that turns your single board computer into a video surveillance system. Check out the wiki for more details.

Follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/motioneyeos.

You can support the development of motionEyeOS by making a small donation. [paypal]

motioneyeos open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 4 years System status and remote monitoring
  • about 4 years Issue with motioneyes lastest verion
  • about 4 years Stuck on rainbow screen
  • about 4 years fails to build -
  • about 4 years Running bash script as custom command
  • about 4 years Amazon Cloud Drive support
  • about 4 years Feature Request: Access Point Mode
  • about 4 years Unable to open video device
  • about 4 years Sharing working IP Cam
  • about 4 years How can i save video "motion detect" to \\nas\shareFolder and with high resolution?
  • about 4 years Mrdave update
  • about 4 years Dropbox - Location? - Motioneye uploader?
  • about 4 years Use MJPG Pixel Format instead of YUYV
  • about 4 years Raw jpg file path
  • about 4 years Dirty Cow vulnerability
  • about 4 years Video streaming to Domoticz
  • about 4 years expose a local image url for telegram/slack integration
  • about 4 years Lag / Video stuttering
  • about 4 years ZBar for automate setup Wifi in Pi Zero
  • about 4 years Send only 1 email alert by event and event_type using custom script
  • about 4 years Motion detection mask feedback
  • about 4 years Continous recording not saving properly
  • about 4 years Need better way to set admin password
  • about 4 years Reaching back into the motioneyeos
  • about 4 years Where is the video log?
  • about 4 years ssh access
  • about 4 years anyone have bash script for action button?
  • about 4 years Pi3 link wired cameras and Wifi browser
  • about 4 years automatically timelaps every day
  • about 4 years Pictures and Videos
motioneyeos open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • unmount before trying to mount_msdos
  • Used Diskutil instead of umount
  • using progressbar after dd version 8.24 (check it with dd --version)
  • modified script to be able to work with MAC OS X
motioneyeos list of languages used
motioneyeos latest release notes
20180224 20180224

What's new:

  • OS: Raspberry Pi 2,3: GPU memory defaults now to 256 MB
  • OS: enabled experimental WiFi AP support (see WiFi Access Point)
  • motionEye: fixed SMB mounts when no username is provided
  • motionEye: fixed a bug where MMAL cameras would get some V4L2 motion config options
  • motionEye: added webcontrol_parms option to enable motion HTTP API on motion 4.1 or later
  • motionEye: fixed content type for downloaded movie files (thanks to @Mrnt)
  • motionEye: frame rate is now dimmed when a dialog is opened (thanks to @Mrnt)
20180101 20180101

What's new:

  • OS: merged in BuildRoot 2017.11 (fixes WPA2 KRACK attack vulnerability, among many others)
  • OS: motion updated to 4.1.1
  • OS: Raspberry Pi (all variants): updated kernel, firmware and userland
  • OS: Raspberry Pi (all variants): brownout script was replaced by a throttle watcher that uses vcgencmd get_throttled
  • OS: added Nano Pi Neo2 build (thanks Carlos Poon for donating the board)
  • OS: added Orange Pi One build (thanks Mike Fancy for donating the board)
  • OS: OdroidC1/C2/XU4, Banana Pi: updated kernel
  • OS: other package updates (pycurl, picamera)
  • motionEye: added MMAL support (for the Raspberry Pi CSI camera module)
  • motionEye: added URL versioning to static files (prevents unwanted browser caching problems)
20171008 20171008

What's new:

  • the Motion daemon has been updated to latest master commit so that it includes many fixes that have been merged since 4.0
  • all of @jasaw's work to enable OMX h264 hardware acceleration on the RPi has been merged in (just make sure to choose the OMX version of the codec in the UI)
  • the drain codec PR has also been merged in so that generated movies should now be more consistent
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