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  • over 3 years Are there any event handlers to deal with the "error-opening" event
  • over 3 years Add mapReduce method
  • over 3 years collection.ensureIndex deprecated in MongoDB 3.0.0
  • over 3 years Is there a better way to use child-referencing
  • over 3 years DSL for building an aggregation pipeline
  • over 3 years Inserting field with `undefined` value inserts `null` instead of `undefined`
  • almost 4 years wrap non-$ fields in the `update` object in `$set`
  • about 5 years Add findOrCreate method
  • almost 6 years cache database connection in module space
  • over 6 years dereference?
  • over 6 years Add
  • over 7 years Allow comma as field separator
  • over 7 years Default connection string to `localhost`
  • over 7 years Ensure that callbacks for updates when safe mode is true and a document was actually modified are different from when no document matched

monk closed issues

  • over 3 years Crash if _id is undefined in a model being saved
  • over 3 years fields options: which fields will be selected
  • over 3 years Adding more mongo methods
  • over 3 years Does latest Monk work with Node.js 6.x?
  • over 3 years collection.count is ignoring options
  • over 3 years findOneAndUpdate does not project fields
  • over 3 years Example given in doesn't work
  • over 3 years getting around ObjectId 24 hex character limitation
  • over 3 years Collection.update() return { ok: 1, nModified: 1, n: 1 } instead of a number
  • over 3 years Old documentation
  • almost 4 years Pipe `mongo.Logger` to `debug`
  • almost 4 years TypeError: Cannot read property 'ops' of null
  • almost 4 years Get results which is json of query directly instead of the results in a promise's callback
  • about 4 years Add proper error handling to insert query function in lib/collection.js:337
  • about 4 years Extreme performance issues
  • about 4 years findAndModify not working
  • about 4 years findAndRemove
  • about 4 years npm install monk --save fails on windows 10 professional 64bit
  • over 4 years how can I do multiple queries?
  • over 4 years Combining sort and limit not working
  • over 4 years Breaks with newly released node 5.0.0?
  • over 4 years can use dropIndex, dropIndexes on collection
  • over 4 years Difference b/w collection#findAndModify and collection#update?
  • over 4 years could monk use a more recent version of mongoskin...
  • over 4 years Casting from hex to ObjectId returning hex
  • over 4 years problem with insert of a document wich has an array element of subdocuments
  • over 4 years MongoError: QueryFailure flag set on getmore command
  • over 4 years update return 1 even when the update fails
  • over 4 years Access native MongoDB module or ObjectId
  • over 4 years '.then(...).catch' not a function
  • over 4 years Streams and cursers