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Simple web page mock middleware

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Web page mock middleware.


  • Simple url and mock file mapping rules.
  • Support *.js, *.json and common datas.
  • Auto find all scenes and easy change it koa-mock

URL Mapping Rules

Use ?__scene[={scene}] to select mock scene, default scene is default.


{url}?__scene={scene} => {datadir}{url}/{scene}.js


$ npm install koa-mock

Quick start

Using nunjucks template engine for example:

  • NOTICE You must implement ctx.render(view, data) generator function first.
  • Use __scene[={scene}] querystring to enable mock and select one mock scene.


var path = require('path');
var nunjucks = require('nunjucks');
var koa = require('koa');
var mock = require('koa-mock');

var app = koa();
  datadir: path.join(__dirname, 'mocks')

nunjucks.configure(path.join(__dirname, 'views'));

app.context.render = function* (view, data) {
  this.body = nunjucks.render(view, data);


/mocks files

  • /mocks
    • default.js => {name: 'fengmk2', __view: 'home.html'}
    • /users
    • /1
      • default.js => {name: 'default-user', __view: 'profile.html'}
      • fengmk2.js => {name: 'fengmk2', __view: 'profile.html'}

/views files

  • /views
    • home.html => <p>welcome home, {{name}}</p>
    • profile.html => <p>profile, {{name}}</p>

Request the mock web page

$ curl http://localhost:1984/?__scene

Status: 200
<p>welcome home, fengmk2</p>

$ curl http://localhost:1984/users/1?__scene=default

Status: 200
<p>profile, default-user</p>

$ curl http://localhost:1984/users/1?__scene=fengmk2

Status: 200
<p>profile, fengmk2</p>

$ curl http://localhost:1984/

Status: 404
Not Found



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