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Blazing fast application deployment tool.

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Statistics on mina

Number of watchers on Github 3758
Number of open issues 32
Average time to close an issue 7 days
Main language Ruby
Average time to merge a PR about 1 month
Open pull requests 58+
Closed pull requests 21+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created over 7 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 801 KB
Organization / Authormina-deploy
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Ruby script. Fast deployments, fairly easy setup.


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Really fast deployer and server automation tool.


This is a readme of the current master, version 1.0.0. If you are using older mina (pre 0.3) please take a look at 0.3 readme

Mina works really fast because it's a deploy Bash script generator. It generates an entire procedure as a Bash script and runs it remotely in the server.

Compare this to the likes of Capistrano, where it opens an SSH connection and runs each command in sequence , Mina only creates a SSH session and sends one command.

$ gem install mina
$ mina init

Mina requires ruby 2.0.0 or greater. For older please use 0.3.8 version


For quick start check out Getting starting guide

For migrating your current 0.3.x deploy scripts, please look at the migrating guide

For FAQ please visit the faq

If you are missing some plugins check the 3rd party plugins doc

For other documentation please visit the docs


Released under the MIT License.


Mina is maintained and sponsored by Infinum.

You can reach us on twitter Stef & Infinum

2016 Infinum.

mina open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years Issue when change the directory before git:clone
  • almost 3 years Mina 1.0.2+ error "bash: bundle: command not found" when using `mina console`
  • almost 3 years Requiring ruby 2+ from version 1
  • almost 3 years Capture remote execution command (a.k.a the missing capture helper)
  • almost 3 years Call git clone without the --recursive option
  • about 3 years Continue queue items when one errors
  • about 3 years asset precompilation is sometimes significantly slower than 0.3.x
mina open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Add configure options for whenever tasks
  • Cleanup Setup
  • Unforce SSH fingerprints adding to known hosts
  • Support passing of arbitrary name=value pairs to the --set argument in whenever.rb
  • Fix `in_directory` with `to`
  • add mina-tail and sort alphabetically
  • Add `remove_git_dir` variable; default true
  • Revert "Merge pull request #281 from Bilge/patch-1"
  • Fixed typographical error, changed accross to across in README.
  • Add gulp task
  • add roles support in mina/whenever for multistage servers
  • Using `bundle_bin` instead `bundle` in forman tasks.
  • Add foreman_env option to set environment variable when using `foreman:export` task
  • foreman without sudo
  • Add "application" to identifier
  • Create all the shared paths defined on the setup step
  • Clone as non-bare repository to cache submodules (performance up)
  • Release Sub-Directory Date Naming Scheme
  • Add link to module for blue/green deployment
  • mina hipchat
  • make bundle_withouts consistent with bundler
  • Add bundle:clean task
  • Update README URLs based on HTTP redirects
  • Specify migration directory
  • update deploy.rb to include :identity_file
  • Feature/configuration dsl
  • integrate ensure_git_pushed! function
  • Fix problem with rvm_path
  • fix rvm parse error
  • change docs about invoking rvm:use with arguments
  • ensure git pushed function - code props to @fgarcia
  • fix mina rake bug
  • strip whitespace from commands by default
  • Fix FAQ doc typo
  • Add a note about new invoke syntax
  • fix ruby syntax in deploy.rb comment
  • Add mina-hanami
  • Fix chruby invocation example
  • save deployed log in deploy/.mina_revisions_log
  • Add skip-existing option to example rbenv install
  • Documentation: Migrating shared paths example
  • Fixes 'No Rakefile found' for rails:{db_create, db_migrate, db_rollback, assetts_precompile} commands #524
  • change to relative path
  • Add support for webpacker:compile task
  • log deployed branch
  • Fix #510
  • Update
  • allow user to overwrite deploy_script
  • Fixes #506. Problem with git submodules and no master based branches.
  • Fix doc typos.
  • Fix for nested linked files
  • Allow setting a custom deploy script
  • Boyscout : Better readability for command
  • Fix deploy with jruby
  • Fail-safe for setup task for when no shared files set
  • Fix typo in
  • Add support for Ruby 2.4 to v0.3
  • Fix typo
mina questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • Is there any way to get result of the command executed on server in Mina?
  • "missing argument -c" when restarting Unicorn via Mina
  • Setting up an Apache Mina ssh server with encrypted public key for unit testing
  • Apache Mina SSHD - FileZilla shows wrong directory structure
  • Mina deploy can't find bundle
  • Command not found mina
  • Apache Mina SSHD Authentication and Encryption
  • How to read binary data in Bytes Using Apache MINA Server?
  • Apache Mina TLS client - Camel
  • Differences between Capistrano and Mina gem?
  • Apache Mina SSHD 1.0 Server exits immediately
  • Apache mina configuration
  • Too many authentication failures for ubuntu mina deploy
  • java apache mina websocket communication
  • Deploy with mina and CKEditor - Skipping precompiled gem assets
  • restarting rails app after deployment using mina
  • Bundle command not found while deploying rails app in aws using mina
  • Error while doing mina setup
  • Mina write data to client, the client receive the data when the server next write data
  • mina deploy successful however no updates to the site?
  • NotSerializableException with Apache Mina
  • mina setup/deploy help needed
  • SSH Exec channel for Open SSH using JSCH, apache mina sshd or sshj
  • Apache mina ExecutorFiltfer seems holds Thread
  • "no matching host key type found" - Apache MINA SFTP server
  • How to pass arguments to mina deploy tool
  • apache mina connection using spring
  • Apache Mina with multiple ProtocolCodecFilters?
  • Apache Mina Sshd Server Display and Change Root Directory
  • Apache Mina and SSHD (reverse SSH): Invalid Packet length 0
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