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Production Quality Meteor Deployment to Anywhere

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Statistics on meteor-up

Number of watchers on Github 1048
Number of open issues 155
Average time to close an issue 2 days
Main language JavaScript
Average time to merge a PR 15 days
Open pull requests 20+
Closed pull requests 18+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created over 3 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 1.49 MB
Homepage http://meteor-up....
Organization / Authorzodern
Latest Releasev1.4.3
Page Updated
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Production Quality Meteor Deployments

Meteor Up is a command line tool that allows you to deploy any Meteor app to your own server.

You can install and use Meteor Up on Linux, Mac and Windows. It can deploy to servers running Ubuntu 14 or newer.

This version of Meteor Up is powered by Docker, making deployment easy to manage and reducing server specific errors.

Read the getting started tutorial.


  • Single command server setup
  • Single command deployment
  • Deploy to multiple servers
  • Environment Variable management
  • Support for settings.json
  • Password or Private Key (pem) based server authentication
  • Access logs from the terminal (supports log tailing)
  • Support for custom docker images
  • Support for Let's Encrypt and custom SSL certificates


Server Configuration

  • Auto-restart if the app crashes
  • Auto-start after server reboot
  • Runs with docker for better security and isolation
  • Reverts to the previous version if the deployment failed
  • Pre-installed PhantomJS


Meteor Up requires Node v4 or newer. It runs on Windows, Mac, and Windows.

npm install -g mup

mup should be installed on the computer you are deploying from.

Using Mup

Meteor compatibility

Mup supports Meteor 1.2 and newer. To use Meteor 1.4 and newer, you will need to change the docker image. A list of docker images is available here.


First, look at the troubleshooting and common problems sections of the docs. You can also search the github issues.

If that doesn't solve the problem, you can:


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].


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meteor-up open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 2 years 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
  • over 2 years Error while deploying multiple meteor apps
  • over 2 years How to access nginx logs
  • over 2 years MONGO_URL arrival
  • over 2 years Redirect http to https or turn on nginx
  • over 2 years LICENSE
  • over 2 years Add support for ZSH
  • over 2 years Can't deploy
  • over 2 years Services down when not visited (or droplet overloaded)?
  • over 2 years AWS Security Network
  • over 2 years Debug Output for App Bundling
  • over 2 years Isn't there a better method to check if the deployment went well? Other than deployCheckWaitTime
  • over 2 years Issues with certificates subdomains
  • over 2 years nginx docker config
  • over 2 years automatically do npm install in build
  • over 2 years Cannot connect to localhost while offline
  • over 2 years Expose internal port of Meteor app (different than 3000)
  • over 2 years Use same nginx container for both ssl options
  • over 2 years Port requirement not specified for mongodb setup
  • over 2 years Deployment Failed | Start Meteor -failed
  • over 2 years MONGO Connection over SSH Tunnel
  • over 2 years Pushing bundle always as slow as first push, think rsync
  • over 2 years Websocket Error on setting up SSL
  • over 2 years npm WARN meteor-dev-bundle@0.0.0 No description
  • over 2 years Deploying with non-root user
meteor-up open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Fix issue with ZSH
  • fix reverting to previous working version
  • gh-pages site put in /docs
  • switched ssl proxys and added nginx config file
  • Added functionalty to deploy multiple meteor apps with a shared reverse proxy
  • changed all deploy taskt to seris mod for now
  • Add `imagePort` to support Docker images not `EXPOSE`-ing port 80
  • Different env for different servers
  • Install additional apt-get packages in docker image if specified
  • mup hooks
  • Ip whitelist
  • Added a FIX for deploy checking.
  • updated documentation as per #595
  • Add "bind" ip and "port" settings for mongodb container
  • Mup 1.4
  • Allow custom nginx.conf
  • Docs for private docker registry
  • Add Proxy buffer configs. Meteor apps like Reaction etc. need it
  • Added easy deployments of BasicAuth-secured environments
  • 684 | Map port 80 from host to frontend container, and remove bind from frontend
meteor-up questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • How to reset a meteor project thats been deployed with meteor up
  • Meteor Up mup deploy fails - Error response from daemon
  • Deploying Meteor to production with Meteor-Up, SSL and NGINX
  • Error Deploying Meteor App on DigitalOcean Using Meteor Up
  • Meteor Up Setup Error on DigitalOcean
  • Redirect www to non-www with Meteor and Meteor UP
  • Meteor Up deploy failed but app runs fine in development
  • Meteor-Up Deployment Failure
  • Argument 'HomeCtrl' is not a function, got undefined after deploying with Meteor-Up
  • kadirahq/meteor-up - mup deployment issue
  • Meteor Up Docker and Graphicsmagick
  • Uploading Meteor up to AWS E.Beanstalk Error
  • Meteor Up and port 80
  • Nginx and Meteor Up configuration
  • Meteor-up : deploy does not update app on AWS EC2
  • How can I install Meteor-Up (mup) correctly?
  • How can I fs.readFile() a file from the /public folder of a meteor-up deployment?
  • Deploying Meteor app via Meteor Up or tmux meteor
  • Can't complete mup setup on Dreamhost aka Meteor Up
  • Meteor up: App doesn't work after refresh
  • Meteor Up deployment, can't use meteor mongo --url
  • Meteor UP : Verifying development failed
  • Meteor up for mobile app
  • How to add "--production" option in meteor-up configuration (mupx)?
  • Memory issue with meteor up (mup) on Digital Ocean
  • meteor-up deploy on Amazon EC not working, wait-for-mongo: failed to connect to []
  • Change Meteor Up template
  • "Installing Docker: FAILED" Error on setup with Meteor-Up and Debian 7 wheezy
  • Kadira Meteor-Up / MUPX - Verifying Deployment: FAILED
  • Meteor-Up Deployment Failure on Ubuntu 14.04 Server
meteor-up list of languages used
meteor-up latest release notes
v1.4.3 1.4.3
  • Support different settings.json for different servers (@Farkal)
  • mup validate shows message when config is valid
  • Fix crash when the app property exists in the config, but app.path is missing.
  • The Prepare Bundle task is now only shown when Prepare Bundle is enabled
  • Hide No such container errors in the script for Prepare Bundle since they are normal and could cause confusion on what caused the script to fail
  • Add validation warning when using the built-in mongo and the MONGO_URL looks like it is for an external database
  • Improve error messages when a config or plugin is unable to import a module
  • Fix postinstall script for windows


  • Improve error message when an executeScript task has an invalid script path
  • The config supplied to validator functions now has a _origionalConfig property, with the config before it was normalized or prepared by plugins
  • Fix the meteor plugin preparing the config when the app type isn't meteor
  • Fix validator utils addLocation ending location with a period when a detail's path is empty
v1.4.2 1.4.2
  • Fix Start Meteor task always succeeding despite errors starting the app when using Prepare Bundle
  • Fix Verifying Deployment when app.env.PORT is set
  • Fix Verifying Deployment when using the host network
  • Fix proxy.setup when running mup setup for the first time
  • Fix app.docker.imagePort documentation


  • Add pluginApi.commandHistory to check which commands have run
v1.4.1 1.4.1
  • Add additional logging to the Verifying Deployment script
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