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Growl-style alerts and messages for your app. #hubspot-open-source

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Statistics on messenger

Number of watchers on Github 4020
Number of open issues 47
Average time to close an issue about 2 months
Main language JavaScript
Average time to merge a PR 21 days
Open pull requests 3+
Closed pull requests 6+
Last commit over 3 years ago
Repo Created over 6 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 1.48 MB
Homepage http://github.hub...
Organization / Authorhubspot
Page Updated
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Demo and Usage


  • Show messages in your app.
  • Wrap AJAX requests with progress, success and error messages, and add retry to your failed requests.
  • Add actions (undo, cancel, etc.) to your messages.


messenger open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years Avoid live dependency on
  • about 3 years Call functions within the alert
  • over 3 years Any examples that work using parentLocations?
  • over 3 years Does Messenger work with Jquery promise?
  • over 3 years can it support webpack?
  • over 3 years Keep ajax request running if client get disconnected for a few seconds
  • over 3 years How to show actions only on success (ajax)
  • over 3 years Spinner not visible fully in version 1.4.2 and 1.5.0
  • over 3 years hookBackboneAjax: fetch() no longer returns promise
  • over 3 years Different hideAfter value (or behaviour) depending on the Type
  • over 3 years Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined in Chrome 48
  • over 3 years Close Messenger modal on click outside
  • almost 4 years Theme on post method
  • almost 4 years Instance location does not update correctly
  • about 4 years Blocking @import in messenger-theme-air
  • about 4 years Mock with Karma-Jasmine Tests
  • about 4 years RemovejQuery dependency for IE10+?
  • about 4 years Possible to copy/paste text from a pop-up?
  • about 4 years Adding additional features to messenger?
  • over 4 years Maybe should destory after messenger hide?
  • over 4 years Conflict with .alert style from bootswatch bootstrap css
  • over 4 years potential xss vulnerability?
  • almost 5 years Prepend message when displaying on bottom right of the screen
  • almost 5 years Messenger().error() ignores default options
  • about 5 years Cannot bind in time to the initial show event.
  • about 5 years Possible to always show close button?
  • over 5 years handlers[type] run count increases on each timed retry
  • almost 6 years Animations
  • almost 6 years errorMessage cannot be overridden
  • over 6 years jQuery 2 Compatibility
messenger open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Bug fix for Issue #99 maintain correct instance location when locatio…
  • Gh pages remove bootstrap js
  • Minor fixes
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