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Media Capture and Streams specification (aka getUserMedia)

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Media Capture and Streams Specification

This document defines a set of JavaScript APIs that allow local media, including audio and video, to be requested from a platform.

The document is developed by the WebRTC Working Group.

Published Versions

Please review and report bugs against the latest editor's draft.

Latest editor's draft Latest published version

Useful Links

The content of this document is discussed at the public-media-capture mailing list.

Find more information about the joint task force at our wiki.

Contribution Guidelines

mediacapture-main open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 3 years Devicechange events when not focus - permitted or forbidden?
  • about 3 years Need rules for devicechange event when devices are removed.
  • about 3 years Clarify behavior of using unrelated constraints
  • about 3 years Revive createObjectURL?
  • about 3 years Polling enumerateDevices potentially being a fingerprint.
  • about 3 years Add text to extensibility for consumer of MST
  • about 3 years Explanation of "advanced" constraint sets is confusing
  • about 3 years Browser's ability to dynamically change settings mistakenly removed
  • about 3 years Clearly mark the "Implementation Suggestions" section as normative or not
  • about 3 years Camera light and "disabled" tracks
  • about 3 years Reinstate strong language on permission ending when tracks stop, lost by editorial mistake
  • about 3 years What does "getSettings" return?
  • about 3 years ConstrainLong only concern positive values
  • over 3 years Should we use [EnforceRange] on min/max in constraints?
  • over 3 years Define restrictions on device-info permission.
  • over 3 years Specify relation between return from getConstraints and constraints argument
  • over 3 years New permission definitions are wrong.
mediacapture-main open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Add pre-grant deviceId alternative.
  • Define indicator states.
  • Editorial: Unroll add and remove track steps
  • Mark the Implementation Suggestions as non-normative.
  • Add User Experience requirements section describing permissions display requirements
  • Clarify when and where devicechange events fire.
  • MediaStream: allow construction with given id
  • Replacing 'allowusermedia' with policy 'feature's 'camera' and 'microphone'.
  • Change types of long constraints to be unsigned and clamped
  • Clarify getSettings() are target values.
  • Make different settings values per track possible.
  • Replace NavigatorUserMedia mixin with partial interface.
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