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Open source slideshare lab for user to create slideshares by reveal.js.

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Allow you to create your own website to share your html5 slides to all users.

Based on reveal.js (The HTML Presentation Framework).




Quick start



git clone
cd matrix
npm install

start server

npm start

visit website

administrator panel

  • login user: admin
  • default password: 123456


## Diagram

- [Grammar]( 

<!--.elements style="display:block;"-->

<div class="diagram" style="font-size:28px">
Alice->Bob: Hello Bob, how are you?
Note right of Bob: Bob thinks
Bob-->Alice: I am good thanks!


<h2>Chart <a href="">echarts</a></h2>

<script type="text/template">
option = {
    title : {
        text: 'Temperature',
        subtext: 'in a week'
    tooltip : {
        trigger: 'axis'
    legend: {
    toolbox: {
        show : true,
        feature : {
            mark : {show: true},
            dataView : {show: true, readOnly: false},
            magicType : {show: true, type: ['line', 'bar']},
            restore : {show: true},
            saveAsImage : {show: true}
    calculable : true,
    xAxis : [
            type : 'category',
            boundaryGap : false,
            data : ['MON','TUE','WED','THU','FRI','STA','SUN']
    yAxis : [
            type : 'value',
            axisLabel : {
                formatter: '{value} C'
    series : [
            data:[11, 11, 15, 13, 12, 13, 10],
            markPoint : {
                data : [
                    {type : 'max', name: 'Max'},
                    {type : 'min', name: 'Min'}
            markLine : {
                data : [
                    {type : 'average', name: 'Aver'}
            data:[1, -2, 2, 5, 3, 2, 0],
            markPoint : {
                data : [
                    {name : 'Week Min', value : -2, xAxis: 1, yAxis: -1.5}
            markLine : {
                data : [
                    {type : 'average', name : 'Average'}

## Change Background <!--.elements style="color:black"-->
## Login to Admin

## More Features



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