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Librato client library for go

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This package provides an api for publishing gauges and counters to librato asynchonously.


From Go:

  // Configure the authentication credentials
  // See struct docs for additional options
  config := Config{
    Email:  os.Getenv("LIBRATO_EMAIL"),
    APIKey: os.Getenv("LIBRATO_APIKEY"),

  // Create a new librato instance
  // Each instance publishes independently of others, and
  // may be used to connect to multiple accounts
  l := librato.New(config)

  // Add a new gauge measurement.
  l.AddGauge(Gauge{Name: "reticulated.splines", Value: 1, Source: "add-gauge"})

  // add a new counter measurement
  l.AddCounter(Counter{Name: "reticulated.splines.counter", Value: 7, Source: "add-counter"})

  // Create and add an aggregate gauge
  a := Aggregate{Name: "reticulated.splines", Source: "add-aggregate"}

  // When done, call Shutdown().
  // This operation is synchronous and will wait for the last
  // publish of metrics to complete


To install as a library, you can use go get:

go get

Additional Documentation

For further documentation, please refer to godocs at


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