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  • almost 3 years Class 'ZipArchive' not found when try to install learnyouphp
  • almost 3 years User experience with getting started

learn-you-php closed issues

  • almost 3 years Hoa\Socket 1.0 has been released
  • almost 3 years Create more friendly "fail" messages
  • almost 3 years Allows installation via composer
  • about 3 years Exercise 3 is ambiguous
  • about 3 years [DomainException] windows is not supported
  • over 3 years can't navigate menu
  • over 3 years Terminal "Can't retrieve terminal details" is not a valid TTY
  • over 3 years Ex8: PDOException if no php5-sqlite installed
  • over 3 years Question on Ex10
  • over 3 years Exercise 9 instructions incorrect
  • over 3 years Translating to Brasilian Portuguese
  • over 3 years Fatal error in installing
  • over 3 years MyFirstIo solution output
  • over 3 years Cannot install via composer because need to remove symfony/process
  • over 3 years Cannot install via composer because of minimum stability
  • over 3 years HttpJsonApi exercise missing implements CgiExercise
  • over 3 years TimeServer exercise does not append CLI args in run mode
  • over 3 years DatabaseRead missing implements CliExericse
  • over 3 years DirectorySolution.php should be recursive and have an ignores option
  • over 3 years DependencyHeaven should use ComposerExercise
  • over 3 years Dependency heaven doesn't seem to test successes correctly