Open source projects in SuperCollider

  • acarabott/roundhouse-synth-design-course-2014

    Introduction to synthesis and SuperCollider course, taught at the Roundhouse, London in January/February 2014

    ☕SuperCollider   ★37 stars   âš 0 open issues   âš­1 contributors   ☯almost 7 years old  
  • yo3gsk/Hermes-Lite

    A low-cost amateur HF software defined radio transceiver based on the Hermes.

    ☕SuperCollider   ★1 stars   âš 0 open issues   âš­2 contributors   ☯almost 5 years old  
  • sofakid/Skoarcery


    ☕SuperCollider   ★290 stars   âš 16 open issues   âš­1 contributors   ☯over 6 years old  
  • ModalityTeam/Modality-toolkit

    A SuperCollider toolkit to simplify the creation of personal (electronic) instruments utilising hardware and software controllers of any kind.

    ☕SuperCollider   ★41 stars   âš 19 open issues   âš­13 contributors   ☯over 8 years old  
  • cappelnord/BenoitLib

    SuperCollider Extensions used by Benoît and the Mandelbrots

    ☕SuperCollider   ★27 stars   âš 0 open issues   âš­3 contributors   ☯over 10 years old  
  • rukano/scprivatepool

    a private pool for supercollider code

    ☕SuperCollider   ★45 stars   âš 0 open issues   âš­1 contributors   ☯over 11 years old  
  • rfwatson/supercollider-tmbundle

    TextMate bundle for

    ☕SuperCollider   ★28 stars   âš 1 open issues   âš­3 contributors   ☯almost 12 years old  
  • thormagnusson/ixilang

    A live coding language. An extension to SuperCollider, currently Cocoa only.

    ☕SuperCollider   ★40 stars   âš 4 open issues   âš­3 contributors   ☯over 8 years old  
  • softerhardware/Hermes-Lite

    Deprecated project!!! See Hermes-Lite2 at main web site

    ☕SuperCollider   ★43 stars   âš 27 open issues   âš­2 contributors   ☯over 6 years old  
  • musikinformatik/SuperDirt

    ☕SuperCollider   ★108 stars   âš 16 open issues   âš­2 contributors   ☯almost 5 years old