Open source projects in MoonScript

  • leafo/lapis

    A web framework for Lua and OpenResty written in MoonScript

    ☕MoonScript   ★2407 stars   âš 171 open issues   âš­28 contributors   ☯about 8 years old  
  • leafo/pgmoon

    A pure Lua Postgres driver for use in OpenResty & more

    ☕MoonScript   ★169 stars   âš 20 open issues   âš­4 contributors   ☯over 6 years old  
  • leafo/magick

    Lua bindings to ImageMagick for LuaJIT using FFI

    ☕MoonScript   ★271 stars   âš 21 open issues   âš­4 contributors   ☯over 7 years old  
  • nondev/yae

    Windows/Linux/Mac/Android/iOS/Ouya game engine for MoonScript, in MoonScript.

    ☕MoonScript   ★93 stars   âš 2 open issues   âš­3 contributors   ☯almost 6 years old  
  • leafo/luarocks-site

    LuaRocks website and module host

    ☕MoonScript   ★91 stars   âš 30 open issues   âš­8 contributors   ☯almost 8 years old  
  • SEEDTEAM/jack-telegram-bot

    A multi purpose telegram bot written in MoonScript

    ☕MoonScript   ★29 stars   âš 0 open issues   âš­6 contributors   ☯over 4 years old  
  • blakeMilner/DeepQLearning

    A powerful machine learning algorithm utilizing Q-Learning and Neural Networks, implemented using Torch and Lua.

    ☕MoonScript   ★118 stars   âš 1 open issues   âš­2 contributors   ☯almost 6 years old  
  • Imandaneshi/jack-telegram-bot

    A multi purpose telegram bot written in MoonScript

    ☕MoonScript   ★44 stars   âš 1 open issues   âš­9 contributors   ☯over 4 years old  
  • TypesettingTools/Aegisub-Motion

    Lua plugin for Aegisub auto4 that parses motion tracking data and applies it to selected subtitles.

    ☕MoonScript   ★57 stars   âš 5 open issues   âš­3 contributors   ☯about 9 years old  
  • torque/mpv-progressbar

    A simple progress bar for mpv.

    ☕MoonScript   ★55 stars   âš 7 open issues   âš­4 contributors   ☯about 6 years old