Open source projects in JavaScript

  • selectize/selectize.js

    Selectize is the hybrid of a textbox and <select> box. It's jQuery based and it has autocomplete and native-feeling keyboard navigation; useful for tagging, contact lists, etc.

    ☕JavaScript   ★10777 stars   âš 617 open issues   âš­48 contributors   ☯almost 7 years old  
  • maxogden/art-of-node

    :snowflake: a short introduction to node.js

    ☕JavaScript   ★7280 stars   âš 12 open issues   âš­35 contributors   ☯over 6 years old  
  • emberjs/ember.js

    Ember.js - A JavaScript framework for creating ambitious web applications

    ☕JavaScript   ★18792 stars   âš 325 open issues   âš­398 contributors   ☯about 8 years old  
  • adobe-webplatform/Snap.svg

    The JavaScript library for modern SVG graphics.

    ☕JavaScript   ★11026 stars   âš 211 open issues   âš­21 contributors   ☯about 6 years old  
  • Selz/plyr

    A simple HTML5, YouTube and Vimeo player

    ☕JavaScript   ★10499 stars   âš 240 open issues   âš­10 contributors   ☯over 4 years old  
  • substack/tape

    tap-producing test harness for node and browsers

    ☕JavaScript   ★4478 stars   âš 106 open issues   âš­42 contributors   ☯over 6 years old  
  • janpaepke/ScrollMagic

    The javascript library for magical scroll interactions.

    ☕JavaScript   ★9494 stars   âš 368 open issues   âš­21 contributors   ☯almost 6 years old  
  • mitmproxy/mitmproxy

    An interactive TLS-capable intercepting HTTP proxy for penetration testers and software developers.

    ☕JavaScript   ★10095 stars   âš 122 open issues   âš­94 contributors   ☯over 9 years old  
  • webrtc/samples

    WebRTC Web demos and samples

    ☕JavaScript   ★4757 stars   âš 35 open issues   âš­30 contributors   ☯almost 6 years old  
  • louischatriot/nedb

    The JavaScript Database, for Node.js, nw.js, electron and the browser

    ☕JavaScript   ★7927 stars   âš 123 open issues   âš­23 contributors   ☯over 6 years old  
  • nightwatchjs/nightwatch

    Automated testing and continous integration framework based on node.js and selenium webdriver

    ☕JavaScript   ★7892 stars   âš 368 open issues   âš­46 contributors   ☯over 7 years old  
  • kartik-v/bootstrap-fileinput

    An enhanced HTML 5 file input for Bootstrap 3.x with file preview, multiple selection, and more features.

    ☕JavaScript   ★3373 stars   âš 42 open issues   âš­41 contributors   ☯over 5 years old  
  • ekonstantinidis/gitify

    GitHub Notifications on your menu bar.

    ☕JavaScript   ★1344 stars   âš 17 open issues   âš­10 contributors   ☯over 4 years old  
  • felixge/node-mysql

    A pure node.js JavaScript Client implementing the MySql protocol.

    ☕JavaScript   ★7127 stars   âš 85 open issues   âš­86 contributors   ☯about 9 years old  
  • gaearon/react-hot-loader

    Tweak React components in real time.

    ☕JavaScript   ★8483 stars   âš 16 open issues   âš­32 contributors   ☯about 5 years old  
  • yuche/vue-strap

    Bootstrap components built with Vue.js

    ☕JavaScript   ★4653 stars   âš 254 open issues   âš­12 contributors   ☯almost 4 years old  
  • segmentio/nightmare

    A high-level browser automation library.

    ☕JavaScript   ★15039 stars   âš 42 open issues   âš­51 contributors   ☯over 5 years old  
  • plotly/plotly.js

    The open source JavaScript graphing library that powers plotly

    ☕JavaScript   ★7859 stars   âš 435 open issues   âš­34 contributors   ☯almost 4 years old  
  • Netflix/falcor

    A JavaScript library for efficient data fetching

    ☕JavaScript   ★8603 stars   âš 58 open issues   âš­31 contributors   ☯over 4 years old  
  • peers/peerjs

    Peer-to-peer data in the browser.

    ☕JavaScript   ★4990 stars   âš 187 open issues   âš­23 contributors   ☯over 6 years old  
  • newtriks/generator-react-webpack

    Yeoman generator for ReactJS and Webpack

    ☕JavaScript   ★2014 stars   âš 25 open issues   âš­40 contributors   ☯over 5 years old  
  • paperjs/paper.js

    The Swiss Army Knife of Vector Graphics Scripting – Scriptographer ported to JavaScript and the browser, using HTML5 Canvas. Created by @lehni & @puckey

    ☕JavaScript   ★9002 stars   âš 213 open issues   âš­56 contributors   ☯over 8 years old  
  • t4t5/sweetalert

    A beautiful replacement for JavaScript's "alert"

    ☕JavaScript   ★18047 stars   âš 63 open issues   âš­43 contributors   ☯almost 5 years old  
  • tj/co

    The ultimate generator based flow-control goodness for nodejs (supports thunks, promises, etc)

    ☕JavaScript   ★9402 stars   âš 43 open issues   âš­50 contributors   ☯about 6 years old  
  • HospitalRun/hospitalrun-frontend

    Ember front end for HospitalRun

    ☕JavaScript   ★4091 stars   âš 118 open issues   âš­13 contributors   ☯over 5 years old  
  • gotwarlost/istanbul

    Yet another JS code coverage tool that computes statement, line, function and branch coverage with module loader hooks to transparently add coverage when running tests. Supports all JS coverage use cases including unit tests, server side functional tests and browser tests. Built for scale.

    ☕JavaScript   ★7039 stars   âš 370 open issues   âš­74 contributors   ☯almost 7 years old  
  • yannickcr/eslint-plugin-react

    React specific linting rules for ESLint

    ☕JavaScript   ★3772 stars   âš 349 open issues   âš­54 contributors   ☯over 4 years old  
  • danialfarid/ng-file-upload

    Lightweight Angular directive to upload files with optional FileAPI shim for cross browser support

    ☕JavaScript   ★7837 stars   âš 265 open issues   âš­78 contributors   ☯about 6 years old  
  • dangrossman/bootstrap-daterangepicker

    Date range picker component for Bootstrap

    ☕JavaScript   ★7587 stars   âš 39 open issues   âš­89 contributors   ☯about 7 years old  
  • liubin/promises-book

    JavaScript Promise迷你书

    ☕JavaScript   ★1637 stars   âš 13 open issues   âš­8 contributors   ☯about 5 years old