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Build a Jekyll blog in minutes, without touching the command line.

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Number of watchers on Github 4668
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Average time to close an issue 4 days
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Average time to merge a PR 4 days
Open pull requests 223+
Closed pull requests 366+
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Latest Releasev1.2.0
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March, 2016: If you're on an old version of Jekyll Now and run into a) build warnings or b) syntax highlighting issues caused by Jekyll 3 and GitHub Pages updates, just :sparkles:update your _config.yml:sparkles: and you'll be set!

Jekyll Now

Jekyll is a static site generator that's perfect for GitHub hosted blogs (Jekyll Repository)

Jekyll Now makes it easier to create your Jekyll blog, by eliminating a lot of the up front setup.

  • You don't need to touch the command line
  • You don't need to install/configure ruby, rvm/rbenv, ruby gems :relaxed:
  • You don't need to install runtime dependencies like markdown processors, Pygments, etc
  • If you're on Windows, this will make setting up Jekyll a lot easier
  • It's easy to try out, you can just delete your forked repository if you don't like it

In a few minutes you'll be set up with a minimal, responsive blog like the one below giving you more time to spend on writing epic blog posts!

Jekyll Now Theme Screenshot

Quick Start

Step 1) Fork Jekyll Now to your User Repository

Fork this repo, then rename the repository to

Your Jekyll blog will often be viewable immediately at (if it's not, you can often force it to build by completing step 2)

Step 1

Step 2) Customize and view your site

Enter your site name, description, avatar and many other options by editing the _config.yml file. You can easily turn on Google Analytics tracking, Disqus commenting and social icons here too.

Making a change to _config.yml (or any file in your repository) will force GitHub Pages to rebuild your site with jekyll. Your rebuilt site will be viewable a few seconds later at - if not, give it ten minutes as GitHub suggests and it'll appear soon

There are 3 different ways that you can make changes to your blog's files:

  1. Edit files within your new repository in the browser at (shown below).
  2. Use a third party GitHub content editor, like Prose by Development Seed. It's optimized for use with Jekyll making markdown editing, writing drafts, and uploading images really easy.
  3. Clone down your repository and make updates locally, then push them to your GitHub repository.


Step 3) Publish your first blog post

Edit /_posts/ to publish your first blog post. This Markdown Cheatsheet might come in handy.

First Post

You can add additional posts in the browser on too! Just hit the + icon in /_posts/ to create new content. Just make sure to include the front-matter block at the top of each new blog post and make sure the post's filename is in this format:

Local Development

  1. Install Jekyll and plug-ins in one fell swoop. gem install github-pages This mirrors the plug-ins used by GitHub Pages on your local machine including Jekyll, Sass, etc.
  2. Clone down your fork git clone
  3. Serve the site and watch for markup/sass changes jekyll serve
  4. View your website at
  5. Commit any changes and push everything to the master branch of your GitHub user repository. GitHub Pages will then rebuild and serve your website.


I've created a more detailed walkthrough, Build A Blog With Jekyll And GitHub Pages over at the Smashing Magazine website. Check it out if you'd like a more detailed walkthrough and some background on Jekyll. :metal:

It covers:

  • A more detailed walkthrough of setting up your Jekyll blog
  • Common issues that you might encounter while using Jekyll
  • Importing from Wordpress, using your own domain name, and blogging in your favorite editor
  • Theming in Jekyll, with Liquid templating examples
  • A quick look at Jekyll 2.0s new features, including Sass/Coffeescript support and Collections

Jekyll Now Features

Command-line free fork-first workflow, using to create, customize and post to your blog
Fully responsive and mobile optimized base theme (Theme Demo)
Sass/Coffeescript support using Jekyll 2.0
Free hosting on your GitHub Pages user site
Markdown blogging
Syntax highlighting
Disqus commenting
Google Analytics integration
SVG social icons for your footer
3 http requests, including your avatar

No installing dependencies No need to set up local development
No configuring plugins
No need to spend time on theming
More time to code other things ... wait !


Open an Issue and let's chat!

Other forkable themes

You can use the Quick Start workflow with other themes that are set up to be forked too! Here are some of my favorites:



Issues and Pull Requests are greatly appreciated. If you've never contributed to an open source project before I'm more than happy to walk you through how to create a pull request.

You can start by opening an issue describing the problem that you're looking to resolve and we'll go from there.

I want to keep Jekyll Now as minimal as possible. Every line of code should be one that's useful to 90% of the people using it. Please bear that in mind when submitting feature requests. If it's not something that most people will use, it probably won't get merged. :guardsman:

jekyll-now open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 3 years Still disqus doesn't display my shortname
  • about 3 years Jekyll and plug-ins cant install
  • about 3 years Adding a page after About
  • about 3 years posts has disappeared
  • about 3 years _config.yml after EDIT and COMMIT PUSH , web page not update
  • over 3 years I want to apply another theme
  • over 3 years [feature request] Add automatic linking for headers
  • over 3 years Just wanted to say thanks!
  • over 3 years forking multiple times
  • over 3 years Is Latex supported?
  • over 3 years creating table in the post
  • over 3 years how to update jekyll
  • over 3 years The question about the date attribute in post articles
  • over 3 years Add a Telegram icon to the footer icon options
  • over 3 years Nothing updates after initial GitHub build
  • over 3 years Pls add Tags and Categories in Jekyll-Now
  • over 3 years Add target="_blank" rel="nofollow"
  • over 3 years Pls add google-tag-manager
  • over 3 years Read more for short posts
  • over 3 years Wont post :(
  • over 3 years Can't find where page and entry classes are defined
  • over 3 years Change Code Highliting
  • almost 4 years Instagram icon looks wrong?
  • about 4 years create category feed
jekyll-now open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Cleanup
  • Changed the markdown renderer to the new one for GitHub
  • Update copyright
  • Comment change
  • Master
  • edit to align with github changes
  • New Commit
  • Seeing how this woks
  • Master
  • change default markdown/highlighter config
  • Update
  • Fix spelling mistake in README
  • Change markdown parser to kramdown in _config.yml
  • Master
  • Create and About Page
  • Update 404 for new Jekyll 3
  • Improve support for Jekyll 3.0
  • Added gitlab social icon in the footer
  • Update CNAME
  • Try
  • Master
  • Master
  • Cannot view my site
  • Master
  • Add .jekyll-metadata to .gitignore
  • Merging both accounts
  • Master
  • Update config.yml
  • Added my first blog post of December in MTL
  • Master
  • Master
  • codepen username
  • codepen icon background-image
  • codepen icon
  • Add Jekyll favicon
  • HTML5 cleanup
  • RTL - jekyll-now (updated)
  • vertically middle align header with flexbox
  • Fix redirect from https to http
  • Add Jekyll favicon
  • Updated instagram icon
  • .
  • szcd
  • New branch
  • Use HTML5 <time> element for post datetime
  • Footer links will load on a new tab when clicked
  • Master
  • Master
  • Master
  • Master
  • lynncai
  • Master
  • Quickstart button
  • Master
  • Update _config.yml
  • add favicon
  • Update _config.yml
  • Maggie github
  • cool v plote
  • master
  • master
  • Add social icon
  • Kramdown and rouge
  • Testing
  • config.yml
  • Jessie main branch
  • Local branch
  • Switching to new type theme
  • 1
  • Update style.scss
  • Update _config.yml
  • Merging
  • Master
  • blog start
  • basic details
  • Master
  • Master
  • Merging yml_files
  • jekyll
  • Rename to
  • Create 2016-08-08nuevo_post
  • _config.yml
  • [Actual PR] Added favicon support.
  • [Actual PR] Better accesibility
  • [Actual PR] Added authors to posts!
  • [Actual PR] Better disqus (backport from Minima)
  • Master
  • Victormarcu patch 70
  • Update _config.yml
  • Update _config.yml
  • Master
  • Gh pages
  • Humanities
  • upd
  • Update _config.yml
  • migliorata UX form ricerca
  • Update
  • Update Profile Pic (_config.yml)
  • update
  • Patch 12
  • Patch 11
  • Enforce https request to make Disqus comments always visible
  • Master
  • Master
  • Update _config.yml
  • hello world post
  • Changepng
  • Build A Blog With Jekyll And GitHub Pages
  • Master
  • plz
  • merge branch
  • Using HALBuilder with german characters
  • jekylljekyll
  • feature: creat a separated directory for non-post pages
  • Update _config.yml
  • License date bump
  • [Feat] add codewars icon to footer
  • Marcoacorte
  • Made Changes
  • Update style.scss
  • Update style.scss
  • test
  • Master
  • Update _config.yml
  • This are my edits
  • Set theme jekyll-theme-merlot
  • 1
  • Master
  • a
  • Add Some Features and Pass for validation as HTML5, RSS2.0
  • d
  • 1.0.5 ver
  • Master
  • Set theme jekyll-theme-slate
  • dongjoon
  • Blog acls
  • Update _config.yml
  • About page
  • hackerrank icon
  • Update _config.yml
  • v0
  • Master
  • changed name
  • uno
  • Updated _config.yml
  • Added my 2nd blog
  • Angular guards
  • Master
  • Master
  • theme
  • hello
  • Update
  • Update _config.yml
  • Update _config.yml
  • a
  • Additional popular svg icons
  • update
  • Added twitter:card meta data.
  • Rishi
  • Develop
  • Apmohanty patch 3
  • Master
  • updates
  • New theme
  • Renaming example post to conform to required naming format
  • Update _config.yml
  • Master
  • Set theme jekyll-theme-architect
  • Create hello world
  • Master
  • Submitting Challenge 6
  • g
  • Add permalink to 404 page and remove 404 page from sitemap.xml
  • Make blockquote work in .page
  • Update _config.yml
  • 테마
  • Update
  • Create TlooksSosu.html
  • Fix missing alt tag
  • update
  • Freddo
  • Create
  • Israelem borrador
  • Fixed issue of syntax highlighting of code blocks causing nested scrollbars
  • Vamos
  • Rename Gems to Plugins in _config.yml
  • Master
  • New Theme
  • Title change
  • Testing
  • Algorithms
  • good
  • k
  • edit name
  • Ja era hora
  • Space invaders
  • Update Photo
  • Dml 2
  • Dev
  • posts
  • Working
  • Unimark
  • Post
  • Hello World
  • Aprenent
  • Added a working favicon
  • Added keybase profile option
  • Permalink on
  • Footer fixed. Now at the end of the page
  • Adding a parameter named "author"
  • Adding ld-json schema for a blog site
  • support preloading for modern browsers
  • Add files via upload
  • Master
  • add soundcloud svg-icon
  • #1025 | Fix for nested code block issue
  • changes
  • Web master
  • Update
  • Update style.scss
  • Add youtube.html
jekyll-now list of languages used
jekyll-now latest release notes
v1.2.0 Jekyll 3.0 updates!

This updates Jekyll Now to be compatible with the latest changes to Jekyll 3 and GitHub Pages detailed at

The main thing you need is -

Cheers, Barry

v1.1.0 v1.1.0

Big changes

  • Overhaul of syntax highlighting styles & switched to redcarpet for triple backtick support
  • All social icons converted to data URIs and loaded via CSS
  • Added YouTube and Stack Overflow social icons
  • Added metadata for posts and pages

Little changes

  • Moved sass files into the default Jekyll directory
  • Improved the way that post excerpts are shown on the homepage
  • Fixed bug with Google Translate popup box
  • Dropped jemoji as the images were being used badly be readers like Pocket
  • Bold headers so that windows shows bold headers correctly
  • Improvements to Google Analytics snippet
  • Fix RSS feed

... and a number of minor bug fixes.

Cheers! Barry

v1.0.0 v1.0.0
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