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Rust plugin for the IntelliJ Platform:

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Statistics on intellij-rust

Number of watchers on Github 1679
Number of open issues 263
Average time to close an issue 5 days
Main language Kotlin
Average time to merge a PR 1 day
Open pull requests 79+
Closed pull requests 40+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created almost 4 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 18.5 MB
Organization / Authorintellij-rust
Page Updated
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Rust plugin for the IntelliJ Platform

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This is a work in progress, some features are implemented partially, there may be performance and stability problems.

Installation & Usage

Visit to find documentation about available installation options and features. All new features are announced in the changelog.

If you want to jump straight in, install IntelliJ IDEA, open Settings > Plugins > Browse repositories, install Rust plugin, and use project from existing sources action to import a Cargo-based project.

Unstable master branch builds can be downloaded from TeamCity.


Frequently asked questions, a.k.a. Where is Rust SDK?, are on the website :)


If you are looking for the TOML plugin, see intellij-toml directory.

Compatible IDEs

The plugin is compatible with any IntelliJ based IDE starting from 2017.2. If you don't have any yet, try IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition, it's free.


You're encouraged to contribute to the plugin in any form if you've found any issues or missing functionality that you'd want to see. Check out to learn how to setup the project and to understand the high level structure of the code base. Good first bugs are tagged with help wanted.

intellij-rust open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years Possibility to create module
  • almost 3 years Compile errors highlighting
  • almost 3 years Autocompletion does not work when files use include!
  • almost 3 years Intentions to un-elide lifetimes
  • almost 3 years Support bash run configurations on Windows
  • almost 3 years Infer types of closure parameters from function signature
  • almost 3 years `lambda` postfix template
  • almost 3 years Detect when stdlib source does not match active rustc version
  • almost 3 years Slog logging macros result in red squiggly lines
  • almost 3 years Bind "Make project" to "cargo build" by default
  • almost 3 years Unable to set standard library path for default project
  • almost 3 years Add function parameter color control
  • almost 3 years Support for workspaces in Run/Debug configurations
  • almost 3 years Support for clickable rust errors
  • almost 3 years rustdoc template
  • almost 3 years Minor formatting issues, potentially related to #674
  • almost 3 years Reformat breaks custom macros
  • almost 3 years Follow relative Markdown reference links in stdlib documentation
  • almost 3 years External libraries list can display a branch name instead of a crate name
  • almost 3 years Wrap with try!(...) or ...? intention/quickfix
  • almost 3 years No colors from rustc/cargo
  • almost 3 years Don't suggest autocomplete for private functions
  • almost 3 years Show type of variable when Ctrl-Hover
  • almost 3 years Improve collection element name suggestion in for snippet
  • almost 3 years Support Go To and Quick Doc on stdlib macros
  • almost 3 years auto-completion does not work for generic constructs
  • about 3 years Highlight code fences in doc comments
  • about 3 years Error explanation page opens when navigating error list
  • about 3 years New line handling in parameters
  • about 3 years Generics support
intellij-rust open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • (MISC): update kotlin to 1.0.0
  • Literal-related annotations
  • (RUN): initial run configuration
  • (RES): fix resolve of submodules in libraries
  • (CARGO): use sdk when importing project
  • (GRAM): Collapse LTEQ and similar productions into single tokens
  • Toolchain is the new sdk
  • (RUNCONFIG) Show env vars dialog, and run cargo with env vars
  • (INSPECTIONS): warn if SDK is not configured
  • [WIP] (FMT) Improve code formatting
  • (EDITOR) add smart enter processor
  • (ACTION) add rustfmt reformat file action
  • (RUNCFG) Separate configuration types.
  • [WIP] (FMT): Improve code formatting: Line Breaks
  • (T): use rust sources to test parser performance
  • (TYPE): add type inference for `self` argument
  • Add block folding.
  • [WIP] (FMT): Improve code formatting: Alignment & chain calls
  • Create rich lookup element information for completions.
  • [WIP] add inherent impl index
  • Documentation comments highlighting, try #2
  • Additional Syntax Highlighting
  • [WIP] (COM): Add context-aware attribute completion
  • (ACTION) add rustfmt reformat file action
  • (INTENTION) wrap and unwrap lambda expression body in braces
  • `RustImplIndex` revisited
  • add unsafe CString pointer inspection
  • Add De Morgan's Laws equivalent intention
  • [WIP] (EDT): Splitting and joining string literals
  • (MISC) Add function signature to quick doc
  • (TYPE): support for type parameters substitutions
  • (INSP): Deprecated API Usage inspection
  • (TEMPL) Postfix asserts, match, ()
  • WIP: Introduce local variable
  • (TEMPL): Postfix match
  • (GRAM): Unify functions grammar
  • (ANN) Implemented chain comparison annotation (ERROR 0308)
  • GRAM, TY: Correct parsing and type inference of 1-tuple
  • (HIGHLIGHTER) Highlight matching angle brackets #912
  • T: inline documentation tests
  • MACRO: Working on matcher
  • "Unknown crate" inspection, "Unresolved reference" updated
  • Inference for simple operations
  • Typification improvements
  • TY: initial support of arithmetic binary expression type inference
  • TY: improve type inference of function call expr
  • TY: Infer for associated types
  • TY: attach type inference context to constants and array size exprs
  • Improve navigation around const and type in traits
  • INSP: enable typecheck for reference types
  • INT/INSP: sort method in impl according to the order in the trait
  • TYPE: Support generic parameters in "extract function" refactoring
  • ART: svg icons
  • TYPE: Initial import optimizer
  • WIP: Parse and evaluate #[cfg(...)] attributes during resolving
  • WIP: Improve navigation related to trait implementations
  • StructureView display of template impls
  • highlight structs implementing Copy
  • TY: evaluate const expr array size (WIP)
  • Use short backtraces by default
  • Improve error messages, distinguish "standard library" and "Rust source"
  • ANN: Support underline of self parameter
  • TYPE: Support sorting of extern crates
  • PSI: 'Not all trait items implemented' checks items only by their names
  • T: added stub existence test
  • INT: "implement members" quickfix now substitutes generic types
  • COMP: Filter method completion variants by trait bounds of impls
  • ANN: Fixed #2082 correctly display generic type in tooltips
  • Added the ability to set a fake item path in tests via lang attribute
  • PERF: better cache macros during resolve
  • TYPE: Properly pass variables into extracted function
  • Introduce & optimize `TyAdt` as a replacement for `TyStruct` & `TyEnum`
  • Support mutablity of a variable during extraction
  • INT: move type parameter bouds from the where clause to parameter list
  • INSP: filter import candidates by namespace
  • :arrow_up: nightly IDEA & rust
  • WIP: Region folding
  • WIP: RUN: Support test window
  • WIP Advanced macro expansion
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