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🚀 Streaming file transfer over WebTorrent (torrents on the web)

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Streaming file transfer over WebTorrent (torrents on the web)

travis javascript style guide

Download/upload files using the WebTorrent protocol (BitTorrent over WebRTC). This is a beta.

Powered by WebTorrent, the first torrent client that works in the browser without plugins. WebTorrent is powered by JavaScript and WebRTC. Supports Chrome, Firefox, Opera (desktop and Android). Run localStorage.debug = '*' in the console and refresh to get detailed log output.


If you just want to do file transfer on your site, or fetch/seed files over WebTorrent, then there's no need to run a copy of on your own server. Just use the WebTorrent script directly. You can learn more at

The client-side code that uses is here.

Run a copy of this site on your own server

To get a clone of running on your own server, follow these instructions.

Get the code:

git clone
npm install

Modify the configuration options in config.js to set the IP/port you want the server to listen on.

Copy secret/index-sample.js to secret/index.js and set the Twilio API key if you want a NAT traversal service (to help peers connect when behind a firewall).

To start the server, run npm start. That should be it!




  1. Create a shareable link by adding a torrent infohash or magnet link to the end of the URL. For example: or

  2. You can add multiple torrents in the same browser window.


MIT. Copyright (c) WebTorrent, LLC. open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 2 years iOS 11 support
  • over 2 years Rending markdown files seems broken
  • over 2 years Filename XSS Payload
  • almost 3 years Add copy button
  • almost 3 years Add FAQ section
  • over 3 years Show QR code
  • almost 4 years embedded STL viewer
  • almost 4 years Show waveform for audio files
  • about 4 years Add option to share to browser in proximity via audio
  • about 4 years Transfer stats: Handle multiple torrents gracefully (merge stats)
  • about 4 years Print message to user when no peers are found
  • over 4 years Host user files for 24 hours
  • over 4 years Site redesign
  • over 4 years Streaming file encryption open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Added qr code generation
  • Update browserify to the latest version 🚀
  • add download as zip feature
  • Add noPeer logging
  • Added a 'Show QR Code' button list of languages used
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