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PHP Image Manipulation

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Number of watchers on Github 6673
Number of open issues 192
Average time to close an issue 28 days
Main language PHP
Average time to merge a PR 3 days
Open pull requests 39+
Closed pull requests 33+
Last commit almost 2 years ago
Repo Created over 6 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 1 MB
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Organization / Authorintervention
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Intervention Image

Intervention Image is a PHP image handling and manipulation library providing an easier and expressive way to create, edit, and compose images. The package includes ServiceProviders and Facades for easy Laravel integration.

Latest Version Build Status Monthly Downloads


  • PHP >=5.4
  • Fileinfo Extension

Supported Image Libraries

  • GD Library (>=2.0)
  • Imagick PHP extension (>=6.5.7)

Getting started

Code Examples

// open an image file
$img = Image::make('public/foo.jpg');

// resize image instance
$img->resize(320, 240);

// insert a watermark

// save image in desired format

Refer to the official documentation to learn more about Intervention Image.


Contributions to the Intervention Image library are welcome. Please note the following guidelines before submiting your pull request.

  • Follow PSR-2 coding standards.
  • Write tests for new functions and added features
  • API calls should work consistently with both GD and Imagick drivers


Intervention Image is licensed under the MIT License.

Copyright 2017 Oliver Vogel

image open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years Method Intervention\Image\Image::__toString() must return a string value
  • almost 3 years issue with save the image in laravel
  • almost 3 years Laravel : Unable to init from given binary data.
  • almost 3 years canvas() not supported in GD
  • almost 3 years File size increases almost 300%
  • almost 3 years How to obtain the main color of pictures?
  • almost 3 years write on image from right to left (Arabic) support
  • almost 3 years Include documentation in sources
  • almost 3 years Image being converted to 32 bit color
  • almost 3 years Fit() makes JPEG flips image backwards
  • almost 3 years Argument 1 passed to Intervention\Image\Commands\Argument::__construct must be integer, object given
  • almost 3 years Apache work thread crashed while encoding TIFF...
  • almost 3 years Call to undefined method Intervention\Image\ImageServiceProviderLumen::boot()
  • almost 3 years Contrast / Brightness Problem ( Laravel 5 )
  • almost 3 years Letter-spacing, is it possible?
  • almost 3 years FatalErrorException in ProviderRepository.php line 146: Class 'Intervention\Image\ImageServiceProvider' not found
  • almost 3 years make() changes colorspace of the image
  • almost 3 years possible new high-performance backend?
  • almost 3 years Resize image based on portrait or landscape
  • almost 3 years Problems with ImageMagick 7.0.2-0 and imagick 3.4.1
  • almost 3 years Text not complete / Cutted
  • about 3 years Issue provider Laravel 5.2
  • about 3 years multi crop from one file
  • about 3 years A non well formed numeric value encountered
  • about 3 years limitColors(1) never returns white or black
  • about 3 years vendor:publish failed with Nothing to publish for tag []. and more problems with Intervention
  • about 3 years exception of "Line width is not supported by GD driver."
  • about 3 years "GD Library extension not available" with working GD installation
  • about 3 years Max CPU usage when resizing lots of images
  • over 3 years Mitigating the exploit CVE-2016-3714
image open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Allow configure driver name as either string or array.
  • Update to include destroy()
  • Focal point support
  • Add Last-Modified header
  • Addition of ability to apply stroke to drawn text
  • Update
  • keep original orientaion for ImageMagick driver
  • Add CompareCommand
  • Fixed issue with lumen not picking up the app/config/image.php configuration file
  • Added variables to the template classes in the config file
  • 498_fix_text_top_vertical_position_multiline_imagick
  • Add support for text kerning (ImageMagick only)
  • Support for svg
  • Missing set minetype on Imagick
  • Feature to add text stroke
  • Add a code comment to prevent future regressions
  • Webp format support
  • Support Webp Encoding
  • removeAnimation() applies on GIF only
  • Use imagecreatefromstring when imagecreatefromjpeg fail
  • added boot method. fixed #724
  • Webp Encoding
  • bringing docblock in line with documentation, re: Image::resize()
  • Transparent Background for Images read from Blob
  • refactor initFromUrl method with curl
  • Use 2.4 in dev-master alias
  • Refactoring tests
  • Fixing typo.
  • Use PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase instead of PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
  • Handle whitespaced b64
  • Fix β€œinsert” offset with center position
  • Add Gd and Imagick TextCommand classes that extend from parent
  • Added support for saving a file without extension.
  • Fix for issue: #607
  • Fix clones of transparent GD images with a color palette
  • Added missing return type annotation
  • Support for Laravel FileSystems
  • Restrict the maximum rotation value to 360 degrees
  • Add `null` type for w/h to resize method
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