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Statistics on hugo

Number of watchers on Github 24115
Number of open issues 210
Average time to close an issue about 17 hours
Main language Go
Average time to merge a PR 2 days
Open pull requests 65+
Closed pull requests 40+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created about 6 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 52.8 MB
Organization / Authorgohugoio
Latest Releasev0.37.1
Page Updated
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A Fast and Flexible Static Site Generator built with love by bep, spf13 and friends in Go.

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Hugo is a static HTML and CSS website generator written in Go. It is optimized for speed, ease of use, and configurability. Hugo takes a directory with content and templates and renders them into a full HTML website.

Hugo relies on Markdown files with front matter for metadata, and you can run Hugo from any directory. This works well for shared hosts and other systems where you dont have a privileged account.

Hugo renders a typical website of moderate size in a fraction of a second. A good rule of thumb is that each piece of content renders in around 1 millisecond.

Hugo is designed to work well for any kind of website including blogs, tumbles, and docs.

Supported Architectures

Currently, we provide pre-built Hugo binaries for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, macOS (Darwin), and Android for x64, i386 and ARM architectures.

Hugo may also be compiled from source wherever the Go compiler tool chain can run, e.g. for other operating systems including DragonFly BSD, OpenBSD, Plan 9, and Solaris.

Complete documentation is available at Hugo Documentation.

Choose How to Install

If you want to use Hugo as your site generator, simply install the Hugo binaries. The Hugo binaries have no external dependencies.

To contribute to the Hugo source code or documentation, you should fork the Hugo GitHub project and clone it to your local machine.

Finally, you can install the Hugo source code with go, build the binaries yourself, and run Hugo that way. Building the binaries is an easy task for an experienced go getter.

Install Hugo as Your Site Generator (Binary Install)

Use the installation instructions in the Hugo documentation.

Build and Install the Binaries from Source (Advanced Install)

Add Hugo and its package dependencies to your go src directory.

go get -v

Once the get completes, you should find your new hugo (or hugo.exe) executable sitting inside $GOPATH/bin/.

To update Hugos dependencies, use go get with the -u option.

go get -u -v

The Hugo Documentation

The Hugo documentation now lives in its own repository, see But we do keep a version of that documentation as a git subtree in this repository. To build the sub folder /docs as a Hugo site, you need to clone this repo:

git clone

Contributing to Hugo

For a complete guide to contributing to Hugo, see the Contribution Guide.

We welcome contributions to Hugo of any kind including documentation, themes, organization, tutorials, blog posts, bug reports, issues, feature requests, feature implementations, pull requests, answering questions on the forum, helping to manage issues, etc.

The Hugo community and maintainers are very active and helpful, and the project benefits greatly from this activity.

Asking Support Questions

We have an active discussion forum where users and developers can ask questions. Please don't use the GitHub issue tracker to ask questions.

Reporting Issues

If you believe you have found a defect in Hugo or its documentation, use the GitHub issue tracker to report the problem to the Hugo maintainers. If you're not sure if it's a bug or not, start by asking in the discussion forum. When reporting the issue, please provide the version of Hugo in use (hugo version).

Submitting Patches

The Hugo project welcomes all contributors and contributions regardless of skill or experience level. If you are interested in helping with the project, we will help you with your contribution. Hugo is a very active project with many contributions happening daily.

Because we want to create the best possible product for our users and the best contribution experience for our developers, we have a set of guidelines which ensure that all contributions are acceptable. The guidelines are not intended as a filter or barrier to participation. If you are unfamiliar with the contribution process, the Hugo team will help you and teach you how to bring your contribution in accordance with the guidelines.

For a complete guide to contributing code to Hugo, see the Contribution Guide.


hugo open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 2 years proposal: Bags
  • about 2 years release: Update logic vs /docs as subtree
  • about 2 years Improve live-reload logic for static files
  • about 2 years Custom Slug/URL support for Taxonomy Terms
  • about 2 years Documentation - QuickStart Guide - Step 8. Customize robust theme
  • about 2 years hugo convert toYAML on a single file
  • about 2 years releaser: Fix code blocks formatting in release notes
  • about 2 years Disable single page output for designated sections
  • about 2 years Hugo on Travis CI fails silently if pygments' version is not 2.1.3
  • about 2 years Support wiki-style internal page links
  • about 2 years Add `target` attribute to menu items
  • about 2 years Display warning when custom param conflicts with global
  • about 2 years Scratch and Output Formats
  • about 2 years Extend "section tree" API
  • about 2 years Add page sorting for taxonomies
  • about 2 years Title used in permalink does not have dot and forward slash replaced
  • about 2 years hugo new theme does not create a baseof.html
  • about 2 years Slash issue in themesDir and similar settings
  • about 2 years partialCache not flushed on content changes
  • about 2 years Custom language codes not support in multilingual setup
  • about 2 years hugo server SIGSEGV
  • about 2 years Slowish TOML frontmatter parsing
  • about 2 years Add alternative rendering formats for LaTex
hugo open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • hugolib: Extend the sections API
  • output: Support templates per site/language
  • perf(docker): radical reduce the image size
  • New file import_wp.go for importing WordPress export files
  • Add option to strip trailing slashes from URLs
  • WIP: hugolib: Simplify shortcode mechanisms
  • Added support for multiple config files via --config a.toml,b.toml,c.toml
  • Docs for spf13/hugo#3493
  • WIP tpl: Add some "pages" data support to examples
  • docs: Added build command to manual install
  • Allow "after" to skip all elements
  • add option to render summary or full content in RSS feed
  • Add content to RSS templates
  • helpers: specify asciidoctor extensions through asciidoctorRequires
  • Allow dates to be parsed from filenames
  • Add NewTab property to Hugo menus
  • WIP hugolib: Add template analysis feature
  • commands: Support human-readable YAML boolean values in undraft
  • Sitemap: sitemap generation may not respect standards for <changefreq>, <priority>
  • hugolib: Fix TargetPath results with permalinks that contain '+'
  • helpers: Remove extra '-' from MakePath (Fix for issue 2788)
  • transform: Adds --optimize and MinifyHTML
  • Improvement for rss taxonomies, and fix for opengraph rendering
  • Document --no-header-footer effect on asciidoc
  • tpl: Add localizedDate template function
  • Check for duplicate permalinks and throw an error (Fixes #1867)
  • Standardize author data
  • Make the two common Taxonomy templates explicit #2
  • Make the two common Taxonomy templates explicit.
  • Added prev-next navigation to nested menus
  • Add ContentAfterSummary property to Page
  • Add "target" and "rel" parameters to figure shortcode
  • WIP: refining/clarifying data dir functionality
  • Update "Contributors" link in site-footer.html
  • Update Hugo cli config flag help string
  • WIP: discuss and cleanup date handling
  • tpl/tags: Add Script and Style function
  • docs: Fix typo and references in Local File Templates documentation
  • add telegram shortcode
  • Fix index typo
  • Fix symlink handling in templates
  • tplimpl: Add gtag.js template that is new google analytics tracking code.
  • include update flag to mage installation;
  • build(docker-build): optimize the docker build process
  • feat(docker): hugo from scratch + dockhub & quay account
  • fix(dockerfile): bugfix for broken docker build + optimization
  • parser: Fix YAML maps key type
  • tpl: Add "contains" operator in where tpl function
  • examples: Add custom page support to blog
  • Add internal shortcode 'table'
  • Don't link to empty taxonomy term pages
  • tpl: Support slices of uncomparable types in union and intersect
  • tplimpl: Added shortcode for cloaking email
  • Add an option to trim trailing slashes from URLs
  • use filename or title header when not defined in frontmatter
  • Better more complete fix for allowing filename to set date and slug
  • calling isSet on array with key type string no longer panics but retu…
  • WORK IN PROGRESS: Add support for theme composition and inheritance
  • Work In Progress: Add integrity, fingerprint etc. filters for resources
  • Add license scan report and status
  • Add new menu parameter "Target", See #3600
  • Fix handling of taxonomy terms containing slashes
  • Log file path upon error when reading from buffers
  • Update the build Readme
  • Changes in docs
hugo questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • Hugo not generating index and 404 .html files
  • In hugo theme,I want to change markdown single backtick highlight color with css
  • Is it possible using HUGO website framework to change the content directory where you store, for example, markdown files?
  • Git and Hugo: website build in master, source files in a separate branch
  • Bootstrap and Hugo dropdown menu
  • How to make a Carousel out of Go/Hugo Iteration Markup
  • About theme (hugo-academic) in blogdown
  • Using Netlify CMS with Hugo - creating posts with galleries
  • (HUGO) - Link to next post
  • Which Hugo themes support unaided htmlwidgets when using blogdown?
  • (HUGO) - Link to first/last post
  • Hugo escapes Javascipt in partial, code gets broken
  • What are the differences between traceview and hugo(a plugin)?
  • Syntax highlighting for Hugo in WebStorm
  • Having issues with .gitmodules in getting my Hugo Site onto github pages
  • hugo, github pages, and tags starting with period
  • Hugo: adding more pages to single-page themes
  • DT package not working with blogdown using hugo-future-imperfect theme
  • Why is Hugo serving blank pages?
  • Documentation for Hugo syntax inside of handlebars?
  • Hugo - rendering list view for a custom content type
  • Jekyll or Hugo theme with multilanguage support
  • How to iterate through hugo pages by markdown names
  • How can another file be Included in a Hugo/Markdown page?
  • Hugo: Automatically Link Headers
  • Wordpress Slider In HUGo theme
  • showing as index file in github page [hugo blog engine deployment]
  • Problems with Math in R blogdown package in .md files with HUGO
  • How to target the first use of a template on a page with Hugo?
  • Installing syui/hugo-theme-arch theme with blogdown
hugo list of languages used
hugo latest release notes
v0.37.1 v0.37.1

This is a bug-fix release with a one important fix:

Image content such as SVG cannot be scaled with the built-in image processing methods, but it should still be possible to use them as page resources. This was a regression in Hugo 0.37 and is now fixed. ba94abbf @bep #4455

Automated with GoReleaser Built with go version go1.10 linux/amd64

v0.37 v0.37

The main item in Hugo 0.37 is that we now properly preserve the colour palette when processing PNG images. We got reports from users experiencing their PNG images getting bigger in file size when scaled down. Now, if you, as an example, start out with a carefully chosen 8 bit colour palette (i.e. PNG-8), this is now what you will end up with. A special thanks to @aitva for doing the investigative work finding a proper fix for this issue.

This release represents 40 contributions by 5 contributors to the main Hugo code base.

@bep leads the Hugo development with a significant amount of contributions, but also a big shoutout to @vassudanagunta, @kaushalmodi, and @curttimson for their ongoing contributions.

And as always a big thanks to @digitalcraftsman for his relentless work on keeping the documentation and the themes site in pristine condition.

Many have also been busy writing and fixing the documentation in hugoDocs, which has received 24 contributions by 8 contributors. A special thanks to @bep, @4RU, @kaushalmodi, and @mitchchn for their work on the documentation site.

Hugo now has:


  • Hugo will now convert non-string YAML map keys to string. See #4393 for more information. You will get a WARNING in the console if you are touched by this.
  • We have improved the PNG processing, and have incremented the version numbers on the URL for the processed PNG image. This will just work, but you may want to run hugo --gc to clean up some old stale images in the resource cache.



  • Add template func for TOML/JSON/YAML docs examples conversion. This is mainly motivated by the needs of the Hugo docs site. d382502d @bep #4389






Automated with GoReleaser Built with go version go1.10 linux/amd64

v0.36.1 v0.36.1

This release fixes a multi-thread issue when reprocessing and reusing images across pages. When doing something like this with the same image from a partial used in, say, both the home page and the single page:

{{ with $img }}
{{ $big := .Fill "1024x512 top" }}
{{ $small := $big.Resize "512x" }}
{{ end }}

There would be timing issues making Hugo in some cases trying to process the same image twice at the same time.

You would experience errors of type:

png: invalid format: not enough pixel data

This commit fixes that by adding a mutex per image. This should also improve the performance, sligthly, as it avoids duplicate work.

The current workaround before this fix is to always operate on the original:

{{ with $img }}
{{ $big := .Fill "1024x512 top" }}
{{ $small := .Fill "512x256 top" }}
{{ end }}

This error was rare (no reports on GitHub or the discussion forum), but very hard to debug for the end user.

Automated with GoReleaser Built with go version go1.9.4 linux/amd64

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