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A customizable life embetterment robot.

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Rated 3.0 out of 5
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Statistics on hubot

Number of watchers on Github 13894
Number of open issues 40
Average time to close an issue 6 days
Main language JavaScript
Average time to merge a PR about 1 month
Open pull requests 21+
Closed pull requests 22+
Last commit almost 2 years ago
Repo Created about 8 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 1.93 MB
Homepage http://hubot.gith...
Organization / Authorhubotio
Latest Releasev3.0.1
Page Updated
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Hubot is a framework to build chat bots, modeled after GitHub's Campfire bot of the same name, hubot. He's pretty cool. He's extendable with scripts and can work on many different chat services.

This repository provides a library that's distributed by npm that you use for building your own bots. See the documentation for details on getting up and running with your very own robot friend.

In most cases, you'll probably never have to hack on this repo directly if you are building your own bot. But if you do, check out

If you'd like to chat with Hubot users and developers, join us on Slack.


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).

hubot open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 2 years Rate limited
  • over 2 years How should plugins determine if current message is a DM / direct message?
  • over 2 years response.rawHeaders is defined but headers dictionary is empty
  • over 2 years Express server and http client update
  • over 2 years robot.loadFile warnings are misleading and some errors silent
  • over 2 years robot.loadFile can't require coffeescript
  • over 2 years loadFile unit tests passing when real usage fails
  • over 2 years Support es6 exports without warning
  • over 2 years hubot debbugging
  • over 2 years Add code owners
  • over 2 years Listener middleware not called for catchAll listener
  • over 2 years Hubot should still respond to private messages when prefixed with its name
  • over 2 years Support loading an adapter object
  • over 2 years Let middleware return a promise
  • over 2 years Consolidate officially supported repos into a single organization
  • over 2 years How to pass the adapter directly for Robot?
  • over 2 years How to daemonize hubot?
  • over 2 years Why do the hubot name/alias has to prefix the sentence for response ?
  • over 2 years Cannot set custom adapter path through constructor of Robot class
  • almost 3 years Newbie Question About a Kik Adapter
  • almost 3 years query: how to make post call with parameters to be passed as form-urlencoded
  • about 3 years Hubot for Microsoft Teams
  • about 3 years Hubot not loading on Rocket Chat in Raspberry Pi
  • over 3 years robot.send has no middleware?
hubot open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Robot loadFile and parseHelp tests and method improvements
  • Middleware execute returns a promise (v3)
  • Middleware execute returns a promise (v2)
  • Update robot.js
  • Update Robot constructor to take an object of properties, rather than positional arguments
  • Fixed issue with adapterPath not being set correctly in Robot constru…
  • fix: brain.mergeData can't merge object recursively
  • Handle promise returning listener callbacks
  • add node-env-file to hubot to parse .env files
  • updating windows docs with PoshHubot PowerShell module documentation
  • Rename Hubot at runtime using respondPattern
  • Add a rawBody property to req object in custom HTTP listeners
  • Add Robot#eavesdrop
  • Add metadata field to TextMessage
  • changes to to invalidate require cache on loadfile.
  • Userforid reconciliation
  • Doc parser: don't strip comment leader twice
  • Set max json request body size with EXPRESS_LIMIT
  • Update conmnect-multiparty to latest
  • Update Express to latest
  • Add --no-insight flag to yo generator call
hubot questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • create hubot user inside hipchat account
  • Hubot - Slack - Trello Integration Issue
  • Hubot: how to keep users Logged-in in various integrations?
  • Hubot Message Only Specific Channel On Enter/Leave
  • how to send formatted messages to rocketchat from hubot?
  • Hubot with
  • Calling hubot help from other command
  • Hubot - Log all Python output
  • Hubot - no arguments entered/parameters entered
  • hubot-fb on ubuntu gives error even after placing page token in code
  • How to send msg in scripts that locates without scripts dir in hubot?
  • Hubot Jenkins with a long build path
  • Make hubot respond to a multiline message
  • Can Hubot send an HTML or other type of formatted message to Hipchat?
  • Hubot nesting commands
  • HUBOT Node JS - JIRA - Self Signed Cert Error
  • Hubot Slack: How to send message includes channel link?
  • Hubot. Get the mentioned user's email in Slack
  • Integration of hubot with elasticsearch
  • How to send default replay in Hubot Wit
  • adaptor for hubot
  • Issue with matching the users Query in hubot coffeescript
  • Node Gyp Rebuild Error for Hubot-nagios4 node module
  • Hubot Rocket.Chat User Joined
  • Saving Hubot Input to a Variable
  • Code a slash command on with Hubot
  • How to install hubot in local system?
  • hubot-slack "Cannot find module" - from upstart only
  • JSON.parse(stdout) of curl in hubot coffeescript giving undefined
  • hubot-auth not authenticating
hubot list of languages used
hubot latest release notes
v3.0.1 v3.0.1

3.0.1 (2017-06-29)

Bug Fixes

  • engines syntax fix for npm@2 (beb8dca)
v3.0.0 v3.0.0

3.0.0 (2017-06-28)

This is the first release done via semantic-release. Find changes for previous versions at

Breaking Changes

  • node@0.10 and node@0.12 are no longer supported
  • Deep requires like require(hubot/src/adapter) are no longer supported, use require(hubot).Adapter instead.
  • Middleware.ticker() has been removed. Use process.nextTick() instead.


  • require('hubot/es2015') exports native ECMAScript 2015 classes
v2.6.0 v2.6.0

Generated hubot attached to this release.

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