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Package httpdown provides http.ConnState enabled graceful termination of http.Server.

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Package httpdown provides a library that makes it easy to build a HTTP server that can be shutdown gracefully (that is, without dropping any connections).

If you want graceful restart and not just graceful shutdown, look at the grace package which uses this package underneath but also provides graceful restart.


Demo HTTP Server with graceful termination:

  1. Install the demo application

    go get
  2. Start it in the first terminal


This will output something like:

    2014/11/18 21:57:50 serving on with pid 17
  1. In a second terminal start a slow HTTP request

    curl 'http://localhost:8080/?duration=20s'
  2. In a third terminal trigger a graceful shutdown (using the pid from your output):

    kill -TERM 17

This will demonstrate that the slow request was served before the server was shutdown. You could also have used Ctrl-C instead of kill as the example application triggers graceful shutdown on TERM or INT signals.

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