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hs-logo open issues (View Closed Issues)
  • over 2 years Hackage version depends on old base (>=4.2 && <4.6)
  • over 3 years Update documentation
  • almost 6 years Fix test failure in Travis build due to too few test cases
  • about 6 years Make an OS X Package
  • about 6 years Fix deprecation warnings in site Hakyll code
  • over 6 years Bad output
  • over 6 years Add source control locations for each token
  • over 6 years Avoid using ParsecT based Evaluator
  • over 6 years Make a list of all primitives that arent implemented
  • over 6 years Implement escaping
  • over 6 years Fix stack overflow issues
  • over 6 years Add support for optional arguments to builtins as well as defined functions
  • over 6 years Figure out how to call SVG backend directly
  • over 6 years Robust messaging and error handling
  • over 6 years Create types corresponding to evaluation results

hs-logo closed issues

  • about 6 years Add a show instance for Turtle and a debug traceTurtle function
  • about 6 years Fix warnings in test code
  • about 6 years Evaluation logic is awkward
  • over 6 years Write up simple installation instructions for dev
  • over 6 years Figure out the ordering of examples
  • over 6 years Bug in expression evaluation
  • over 6 years Use IO Monad inside ParsecT to allow pr and random builtins
  • over 6 years Make a hakyll page containing all examples and the corresponding PNG output
  • over 6 years parser barfs if '[' token is not separated by a space from the next token
  • over 6 years Refactor builtins into more files under a common folder
  • over 6 years evaluating an empty list should not throw error
  • over 6 years Add common mathematical functions as builtins
  • over 6 years add repcount when using repeat builtin
  • over 6 years Use State Monad inside ParsecT to capture Turtle state
  • over 6 years add support for comments
  • over 6 years support more control constructs
  • over 6 years Improve diagrams PNG output
  • over 6 years Improve interpreter to accept files as input using cmdArgs
  • over 6 years Clean up code
  • over 6 years Support local vars in LogoContext
  • over 6 years Production quality code
  • over 6 years Write code to create functions on the fly by parsing `to`
  • over 6 years Write code to evaluate expressions in brackets
  • over 6 years Add support for variables
  • over 6 years Fix parsing of operators with two characters like `<=` etc
  • over 6 years Write logic to evaluate expressions
  • over 6 years Make common examples compile and draw
  • over 6 years Write Turtle Backend
  • over 6 years Write simple tutorial and example code
  • over 6 years Read Logo Manual and understand evaluation semantics better
  • over 6 years Parse unary minus correctly