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Logo turtle graphics interpreter in Haskell

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Statistics on hs-logo

Number of watchers on Github 20
Number of open issues 15
Average time to close an issue 7 days
Main language Haskell
Average time to merge a PR about 4 hours
Open pull requests 0+
Closed pull requests 0+
Last commit almost 5 years ago
Repo Created over 7 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 2 years ago
Size 5.96 MB
Homepage http://deepakjois...
Organization / Authordeepakjois
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Build Status

Logo interpreter written in Haskell, specialized for turtle graphics. Still very much a WIP. Lot of the language still needs to be implemented, but it is fairly functional already.

More info at


Follow the installation instructions

You can now try out some logo programs in the examples folder

% dist/build/hs-logo/hs-logo site/examples/sources/snowflake.logo -o ~/tmp/snowflake.svg


% dist/build/hs-logo/hs-logo site/examples/sources/design1.logo -o ~/tmp/design1.svg


hs-logo open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years Hackage version depends on old base (>=4.2 && <4.6)
  • almost 5 years Update documentation
  • about 7 years Fix test failure in Travis build due to too few test cases
  • over 7 years Make an OS X Package
  • over 7 years Fix deprecation warnings in site Hakyll code
  • over 7 years Bad output
  • over 7 years Add source control locations for each token
  • over 7 years Avoid using ParsecT based Evaluator
  • over 7 years Make a list of all primitives that arent implemented
  • over 7 years Implement escaping
  • over 7 years Fix stack overflow issues
  • over 7 years Add support for optional arguments to builtins as well as defined functions
  • over 7 years Figure out how to call SVG backend directly
  • over 7 years Robust messaging and error handling
  • over 7 years Create types corresponding to evaluation results
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