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Articles for How I Start

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Articles for How I Start

How I Start is a mix between a collection of development tutorials and The Setup. The purpose is to both fill a gap in tutorials and give a peek at how some of the top developers do their work.

Often tutorials and books are overly generic, leaving it up to the reader to wade through all the tools and styles available to a language on their own. These articles are meant for a user who is comfortable with a language in its REPL (if available) or building individual modules, but may not be comfortable taking the step to producing an application or library that is ready to be consumed by others or deployed to production.

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  • about 5 years sequence reversed in elixir?
  • about 6 years Feature request: rich-client front-end webdev setup
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  • Updating Haskell article to use Stack
  • A few typos.
  • Update Nim
  • Update time output, .nimble syntax and doc index dead-link.
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