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low cost software radio platform

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Statistics on hackrf

Number of watchers on Github 2091
Number of open issues 84
Average time to close an issue about 1 month
Main language KiCad
Average time to merge a PR 25 days
Open pull requests 21+
Closed pull requests 16+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created over 7 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 34.4 MB
Organization / Authormossmann
Latest Releasev2018.01.1
Page Updated
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This repository contains hardware designs and software for HackRF, a low cost, open source Software Defined Radio platform.

HackRF One

(photo by fd0 from

principal author: Michael Ossmann

hackrf open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 2 years HACK RF error in ubuntu 14.04 32 bit
  • over 2 years HackRF stops receiving
  • over 2 years HackRF and WIN 7 32bit
  • over 2 years memory lack
  • almost 3 years unable to install libhackrf software in ubuntu 14.04 32 bit
  • almost 3 years Binaries are missing in the "latest release"
  • almost 3 years Building the host tools with an updated libusb to connect via VirutalHere
  • almost 3 years The hackrf one can not been recognized in the Raspberry Pi3
  • almost 3 years Frequency gap ?
  • about 3 years udev rules are incomplete
  • about 3 years Device re-connection and then can not work.
  • about 3 years Internal Birdies
  • about 3 years HackRF unable to transmit
  • about 3 years Ubuntu install instructions are out of date
  • about 3 years implement a generic CPLD control interface using HOST_DECIM_SEL<2:0>
  • about 3 years No tx_callback until hackrf_stop_tx call if hackrf_start_tx called after receiving samples
  • about 3 years HACKRF_ERROR_LIBUSB (-1000) issue
  • over 3 years hack_transfer on windows dropping samples
  • over 3 years Couldn't transfer any bytes for one second.
  • over 3 years How to make two boards "TRUE" sync?
  • over 3 years Enhancement request: provide SoapySDR module for HackRF
  • almost 4 years UDEV_INSTALL_DIR is ignored by cmake building 2015.07.02
  • almost 4 years Add USB-initiated reboot vendor request
  • almost 4 years Add Calibration
  • almost 4 years sgpio-rx example needs updating for signed samples.
  • almost 4 years Frequency Calibration and Characterization
  • almost 4 years About the latency of Hackrf
  • almost 4 years Feature request: T/R switching (real time half duplex) via gr-osmosdr
  • almost 4 years baseband filter bandwidth sometimes not set correctly
  • almost 4 years repeat mode (-R) incompatible with -n
hackrf open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Receive streaming implementation
  • Update hackrf_transfer.c
  • fix hackrf_stop_rx bug
  • fix bug #192 : hackrf_transfer -n breaks when used with -R.
  • Fixed missing reset of do_exit, which prevented calls to callback whe…
  • Updated code per PEP-8 guidelines.
  • Replace double quote with inches
  • Add support for transmitting/receiving from stdin/stdout
  • Added flags + code to hackrf_si5351c program, to open device by index or serial number
  • Re-generate BOM using mossmann's kicad-bom-scripts
  • Update hackrf-one-bom.csv
  • Security fix + small re-factoring
  • Add OS X to Travis build
  • Build both SPI flash and DFU versions of firmware every time
  • make device reusable
  • Added information about `HACKRF_ERROR_LIBUSB`
  • Opera glasses: allow user specified ranges for operacake ports
  • Hardware (CPLD-based) synchronisation of multiple HackRFs
  • libhackrf: refactoring and documentation
  • libhackrf: counts the open devices, prevents exit if not all closed
  • Open device counting: increment when opening a device
hackrf questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • How do I get HackRF One to work in Windows 10?
  • HackRF - Gqrx - Mac - No Sound
  • GNU Radio audio underrun on FM Radio Capture, using the hackrf compatible rad1o badge from CCC
  • GnuRadio not working on OS X 10.9.4 with HackRF One
hackrf list of languages used
hackrf latest release notes
v2018.01.1 release 2018.01.1

HackRF 2018.01.1 Release Notes

This is a firmware maintenance release that improves reliability of HackRF One when booting from the DFU bootloader. If you do not frequently use DFU boot, there is no reason to upgrade to this release.

v2017.02.1 release 2017.02.1

HackRF 2017.02.1 Release Notes

To upgrade to this release, you must update libhackrf and hackrf-tools on your host computer. You must also update firmware on your HackRF. It is important to update both the host code and firmware for this release to work properly. If you only update one or the other, you may experience unpredictable behavior.

Major changes in this release include:

  • Sweep mode: A new firmware function enables wideband spectrum monitoring by rapidly retuning the radio without requiring individual tuning requests from the host computer. The new hackrf_sweep utility demonstrates this function, allowing you to collect spectrum measurements at a sweep rate of 8 GHz per second. Thanks to Mike Walters, author of inspectrum, for getting this feature working!
  • Hardware synchronization: It is now possible to wire the expansion headers of two or more HackRF Ones together so that they start sampling at the same time. This is advantageous during phase coherent operation with clock synchronized HackRFs. See the -H option of hackrf_transfer. Thank you, Mike Davis!
  • A new utility, hackrf_debug, replaces three older debug utilities, hackrf_si5351c, hackrf_max2837, and hackrf_rffc5071.
  • Power consumption has been reduced by turning off some microcontroller features we weren't using.

There have been many more enhancements and bug fixes. For a full list of changes, see the git log.

Special thanks to Dominic Spill who has taken over much of the software development effort and has helped with nearly every improvement since the previous release!

v2015.07.2 release 2015.07.2

Bonus release! This release contains fixes for CMake configuration bugs that affected installation of 2015.07.1 on some platforms.

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