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  • over 2 years I'm new to this.
  • about 3 years Well Done
  • over 3 years potential out of range error
  • over 3 years Php version
  • over 3 years IMAP error with Kumar scrpit
  • over 3 years Anywhere else to find interesting and creative automated stuff like this?
  • over 3 years Suggested inlcusion of a Gemfile for ruby scripts
  • over 3 years What if a coffee machine says that it is a teapot? HTCPCP Code 418
  • over 3 years Hipchat support
  • over 3 years Password in Source Code
  • over 3 years [Enhancement] Turing test failed on significant other for SMS responses
  • over 3 years Please provide Windows scripts
  • over 3 years Missing tests
  • over 3 years Are you the person who made these scripts or the person who translated to English? :D
  • over 3 years What type of coffee machine?
  • over 2 years Has anyone been able to recreate those ?
  • over 2 years Novice here
  • about 2 years [:|||||||||||||||||||||||||:]

hacker-scripts closed issues

  • about 3 years Java fucking coffee implementation does not follow class naming conventions
  • over 3 years Error : remove this thanks!
  • over 3 years question about
  • over 3 years Please provide Node.js scripts
  • over 3 years Might as well put bash and ruby scripts in separate folder.
  • over 3 years Ruby script still fails
  • over 2 years [Feature] Implementation in GO?