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The streaming build system

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Statistics on gulp

Number of watchers on Github 28948
Number of open issues 24
Average time to close an issue about 21 hours
Main language JavaScript
Average time to merge a PR 4 days
Open pull requests 20+
Closed pull requests 95+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created over 6 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 1020 KB
Organization / Authorgulpjs
Latest Releasev4.0.0
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The streaming build system

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What is gulp?

  • Automation - gulp is a toolkit that helps you automate painful or time-consuming tasks in your development workflow.
  • Platform-agnostic - Integrations are built into all major IDEs and people are using gulp with PHP, .NET, Node.js, Java, and other platforms.
  • Strong Ecosystem - Use npm modules to do anything you want + over 2000 curated plugins for streaming file transformations
  • Simple - By providing only a minimal API surface, gulp is easy to learn and simple to use


There are a few ways to install:

  • gulp v4.0.0 - npm install gulp@next
  • gulp v4.0.0-alpha.3 - npm install gulpjs/gulp#v4.0.0-alpha.3
  • gulp v3.9.1 - npm install gulp


For a Getting started guide, API docs, recipes, making a plugin, etc. check out our docs!

Sample gulpfile.js

This file will give you a taste of what gulp does.

var gulp = require('gulp');
var less = require('gulp-less');
var babel = require('gulp-babel');
var concat = require('gulp-concat');
var uglify = require('gulp-uglify');
var rename = require('gulp-rename');
var cleanCSS = require('gulp-clean-css');
var del = require('del');

var paths = {
  styles: {
    src: 'src/styles/**/*.less',
    dest: 'assets/styles/'
  scripts: {
    src: 'src/scripts/**/*.js',
    dest: 'assets/scripts/'

/* Not all tasks need to use streams, a gulpfile is just another node program
 * and you can use all packages available on npm, but it must return either a
 * Promise, a Stream or take a callback and call it
function clean() {
  // You can use multiple globbing patterns as you would with `gulp.src`,
  // for example if you are using del 2.0 or above, return its promise
  return del([ 'assets' ]);

 * Define our tasks using plain functions
function styles() {
  return gulp.src(paths.styles.src)
    // pass in options to the stream
      basename: 'main',
      suffix: '.min'

function scripts() {
  return gulp.src(paths.scripts.src, { sourcemaps: true })

function watch() {, scripts);, styles);

 * You can use CommonJS `exports` module notation to declare tasks
exports.clean = clean;
exports.styles = styles;
exports.scripts = scripts; = watch;

 * Specify if tasks run in series or parallel using `gulp.series` and `gulp.parallel`
var build = gulp.series(clean, gulp.parallel(styles, scripts));

 * You can still use `gulp.task` to expose tasks
gulp.task('build', build);

 * Define default task that can be called by just running `gulp` from cli
gulp.task('default', build);

Use latest JavaScript version in your gulpfile

Node already supports a lot of ES2015, to avoid compatibility problem we suggest to install Babel and rename your gulpfile.js as gulpfile.babel.js.

npm install --save-dev babel-register babel-preset-es2015

Then create a .babelrc file with the preset configuration.

  "presets": [ "es2015" ]

And here's the same sample from above written in ES2015.

import gulp from 'gulp';
import less from 'gulp-less';
import babel from 'gulp-babel';
import concat from 'gulp-concat';
import uglify from 'gulp-uglify';
import rename from 'gulp-rename';
import cleanCSS from 'gulp-clean-css';
import del from 'del';

const paths = {
  styles: {
    src: 'src/styles/**/*.less',
    dest: 'assets/styles/'
  scripts: {
    src: 'src/scripts/**/*.js',
    dest: 'assets/scripts/'

 * For small tasks you can export arrow functions
export const clean = () => del([ 'assets' ]);

 * You can also declare named functions and export them as tasks
export function styles() {
  return gulp.src(paths.styles.src)
    // pass in options to the stream
      basename: 'main',
      suffix: '.min'

export function scripts() {
  return gulp.src(paths.scripts.src, { sourcemaps: true })

  * You could even use `export as` to rename exported tasks
function watchFiles() {, scripts);, styles);
export { watchFiles as watch };

 * You can still use `gulp.task`
 * for example to set task names that would otherwise be invalid
const build = gulp.series(clean, gulp.parallel(styles, scripts));
gulp.task('build', build);

 * Export a default task
export default build;

Incremental Builds

You can filter out unchanged files between runs of a task using the gulp.src function's since option and gulp.lastRun:

const paths = {
  images: {
    src: 'src/images/**/*.{jpg,jpeg,png}',
    dest: 'build/img/'

function images() {
  return gulp.src(paths.images.src, {since: gulp.lastRun(images)})
    .pipe(imagemin({optimizationLevel: 5}))

function watch() {, images);

Task run times are saved in memory and are lost when gulp exits. It will only save time during the watch task when running the images task for a second time.

If you want to compare modification time between files instead, we recommend these plugins:

gulp-newer example:

function images() {
  var dest = 'build/img';
  return gulp.src(paths.images)
    .pipe(newer(dest))  // pass through newer images only
    .pipe(imagemin({optimizationLevel: 5}))

If you can't simply filter out unchanged files, but need them in a later phase of the stream, we recommend these plugins:

gulp-remember example:

function scripts() {
  return gulp.src(scriptsGlob)
    .pipe(cache('scripts'))    // only pass through changed files
    .pipe(header('(function () {')) // do special things to the changed files...
    .pipe(footer('})();'))     // for example,
                               // add a simple module wrap to each file
    .pipe(remember('scripts')) // add back all files to the stream
    .pipe(concat('app.js'))    // do things that require all files

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  • Replace chokidar as with glob-watcher wrapper (0c66069)


  • Add support for usage w/o opts or callback (9fc4125)


  • Bind all undertaker functions on the gulp instance to allow destructuring (c691572)
  • Use published gulp-cli (468a703)


  • Clarify incremental builds example (c3dbc10)
  • Improve ES2015 task exporting examples (89acc5c)
  • Fix syntax in recipe example (723cbc4) - Closes #1715
  • Have gulp.lastRun take a function to avoid task registration (d420a6a)
  • Fix changelog typos (e931cb0) - Closes #1696
  • Add a BrowserSync with Gulp 4 recipe (477db84)
  • Add options.cwd for gulp.src API (d4ed3c7)
  • Update API to align with glob-watcher (5dc3b07)
  • Add Project structure section to (0ac9e04)
  • Add missing parenthesis (1351fb8)
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  • Replace irc with gitter channel (83f5632)
  • Update table of contents for API (b764543)
  • Improve format of API (d0ced75)



  • Replace vinyl-fs watch/gaze with chokidar (2cd0e1e)
  • Only support tasks that are functions in (1d70cfb)
  • Remove array & string task support from (b085e95)


  • Set chokidar option ignoreIntial: true by default (355fc4e)
  • Throw better error when watch parameters are invalid (409f19a) - Closes #1002


  • Expose vfs.symlink API on gulp (6c46116)


  • Add test to make sure no functions are kicked off when they should not (bc352dd)
  • Use unpublished vinyl-fs version (cac9a8a)


  • Update split tasks recipe to use gulp-hub (f7e7d4c)
  • Align API with undertaker docs (0f3151e)
  • Improve API with Chokidar specifics (263eeea)
  • Add gulp.registry API & examples (3f843b8)
  • Improve API references (be2df06)
  • Add example of -T/--tasks and --tasks-simple (c1012cd)
  • Add gulp.tree API & examples (8aa1022)
  • Add recipe for running shell commands with child_process or gulp-exec (98b9504)
  • Update clean task in example for del syntax change (cacc173)
  • Add note about opt-in symlink following (c4b6922)
  • Mention .description property & add usage examples (ad627e6)
  • Outline using named functions and when to use gulp.task (1abb5ed)
  • Improve incremental build example & add gulp.lastRun API (d942cf5)
  • Added allowEmpty option for gulp.src (8806326)
  • Add gulp.series/gulp.parallel APIs, update gulp.task API & vinyl-fs options (0ac0a0e)
  • Improve changelog (87e9cb6)



  • Replace Orchestrator with Undertaker (9fda7b4)



  • Remove gulp-util & depend on unpublished gulp-cli (6095f35)
  • Improve implementation & tests (9abb0a4)
  • Replace inline CLI code with gulp-cli dependency (f0942aa)


  • Add Rollup with rollup-stream recipe. (b42acd9)
  • Add npm init step to Getting Started (71953b5)
  • Add backers and sponsors from OpenCollective (347ed5a)
  • Fix grammar in (de1acf6)
  • Create issue template to cover common issues (4d1a8a8)
  • Fix broken gulp-header/gulp-footer links (54169eb) - Closes #1851 #1854
  • Update browserify-uglify-sourcemap recipe with clarification (6899a6c)
  • Clarify CLI semantics when listing more than one task (62323fc)
  • Fix issue with formatting in (a2badd6) - Closes #1948
  • Fix sub-lists in writing-a-plugin guidelines (d634e95) - Closes #1955
  • Add Getting Started with Gulp to books section (a0ec3ff)
  • Integrate pump documentation from gulp-uglify (45adfc3) - Closes #1791
  • Remove link to Spanish documentation that no longer exists (24914f3)
  • Replace BetterError with plugin-error reference (58b2945)
  • Fix a broken header in writing-a-plugin (5df0865) - Closes #1984
  • Improve Getting Started (c95e09e)
  • Improve link descriptions (c4d219e)
  • Recipe for running gulp via cron task (2c6d551)
  • Change jade references to pug (81fc26d)
  • Specify where to create package.json (4f9465a)
  • Fix and improve Transform example in writing-a-plugin docs (4b118b9)
  • Update urls to https (ff4e719)
  • Update browserify links (260d5c4)
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  • Add 4.0 changelog (d331a4e)
  • Update syntax in readme example (f787ba5)
  • Update changelog (2d0fa20)



  • CI test under node version 5 and 6 (3623061)
  • CI test under node version 7 and 8 (f1f7d77)
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