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hapi process monitoring

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Number of watchers on Github 468
Number of open issues 13
Average time to close an issue 11 days
Main language JavaScript
Average time to merge a PR 4 days
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Organization / Authorhapijs
Latest Releasev7.1.0
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hapi process monitoring

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Lead Maintainer: Adam Bretz

good 8 only supports hapi 17+ for hapi 16 please use good 7

good is a hapi plugin to monitor and report on a variety of hapi server events as well as ops information from the host machine. It listens for events emitted by hapi server instances and pushes standardized events to a collection of streams.

Example Usage

const Hapi = require('hapi');
const server = new Hapi.Server();

const options = {
    ops: {
        interval: 1000
    reporters: {
        myConsoleReporter: [{
            module: 'good-squeeze',
            name: 'Squeeze',
            args: [{ log: '*', response: '*' }]
        }, {
            module: 'good-console'
        }, 'stdout'],
        myFileReporter: [{
            module: 'good-squeeze',
            name: 'Squeeze',
            args: [{ ops: '*' }]
        }, {
            module: 'good-squeeze',
            name: 'SafeJson'
        }, {
            module: 'good-file',
            args: ['./test/fixtures/awesome_log']
        myHTTPReporter: [{
            module: 'good-squeeze',
            name: 'Squeeze',
            args: [{ error: '*' }]
        }, {
            module: 'good-http',
            args: ['http://prod.logs:3000', {
                wreck: {
                    headers: { 'x-api-key': 12345 }

await server.register({
    plugin: require('good'),

await server.start();

console.info(`Server started at ${ server.info.uri }`);

This example does the following:

  1. Sets up the reporter named myConsoleReporter listening for 'response' and 'log' events and writes them to process.stdout.
  2. Sets up the reporter named myFileReporter to listen for 'ops' events and logs them to ./test/fixtures/awesome_log.
  3. Sets up the reporter named myHTTPReporter to listen for error events and POSTs them to http://prod.logs:3000 with additional settings to passed into Wreck

See the Reporter Interface section of the API documentation on how to configure reporters.

NOTE: Ensure calling server.connection prior to registering Good. request and response event listeners are only registered on connections that exist on server at the time Good is registered.

Looking for more examples? Check out the examples folder.

Existing streams

The following streams are maintained by the hapi community and are known to work with good. Any transform or write stream can work with good, these are just a few inside the hapijs organization.


See the API Reference.

good open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years good-logs do not occur when starting my server
  • over 3 years Add detection for errrornous reporter pipeline
  • almost 4 years Request headers and payload not logged in 'request' events, only 'response' events
  • almost 4 years Update Tests
  • almost 4 years Improve documentation to explain Reporters type
  • almost 4 years Update Dependencies
  • almost 4 years Tap into hapi podium
  • almost 4 years Support hapi15 + Only
  • about 4 years Add Custom Transform Stream Option
  • about 4 years Restore Wreck Logging
  • about 5 years Incoming Request Logging
good open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Pass and log err object to reporter 'error' handler
  • Restore wreck logging #469
  • Closes #485
  • Support functions as modules
  • Restored wreck logging. Closes #469.
  • added validations for pipelines fix #525
  • added info about reporter types
  • non breaking change adds responseSentTime. Closes #530
  • responseTime to use request responded. Closes #530
  • update stream example in docs and other minors
  • Don't create a reporter if no streams were provided. Addresses #534
  • Upgrade async
  • Test fixes. Closes #519
  • Add extension function for request includes
  • Fix a typo in the example code
  • Updated README.md to correct options usage
  • Add error property to server logs
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