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  • almost 4 years Argument to filter by author
  • about 4 years [FEATURE] Allow git-cal to receive STDIN json input
  • about 4 years Allow Monday as start of week
  • about 4 years Feature Request: Activity for Previous Years
  • over 4 years Remove background-colour
  • over 4 years Alternative color palettes
  • over 5 years git-cal failed on locating JSON/ - OS X 10.8.5
  • over 5 years Basic mercurial support
  • over 5 years showing git-cal output for all your git repositories
  • over 5 years Show only as large a time period as the terminal has room for

git-cal closed issues

  • over 5 years Modify --period for negative numbers
  • over 5 years Could you create a release tag?
  • over 5 years Show someone's GitHub contributions
  • over 5 years Bad detection of $TERM
  • over 5 years Author argument doesn't appear to work.
  • over 5 years Add some statistics too
  • over 5 years Can't seem to install!
  • over 5 years ⬛ character doesn't look good on some terminals