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Freya Web Stack - Meta-Package

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Freya provides the Freya meta-packages (batteries included stacks for Freya) including the Hopac variant of the Freya stack. The Freya meta-package depends on parts of the Freya stack to give a good default install, to which other optional elements of Freya can be added.

This repository also serves as the main project issue tracking and communication point, as the stack is split across multiple repositories. The repositories are listed below.


Build status

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In addition to the main Freya site (freya.io), these repositories make up parts of the Freya stack.

The following are included as part of the Freya meta-package.

The following are not part of the Freya meta-package but provide useful addons (see the Freya documentation at docs.freya.io for more information).

  • Polyfills - Polyfills for Experimental Standards Support

The following are useful when developing your own Freya applications for writing unit tests for Freya logic:


In addition to the main Freya site (freya.io), feel free to ask any questions in the Freya Gitter Room.


freya open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 4 years .net core support?
  • over 4 years [Suggestion] Combinator operators for partial application of functions wrapped in Freya computations
  • over 4 years [Suggestion] Boolean combinator operators
  • over 4 years Documentation on Auth of OPTIONS requests
  • over 4 years OWIN does not provide access to the original request path/query
  • over 4 years UriTemplate lists
  • over 4 years Environment.Required_ and others are gone
  • over 4 years Question: Route and Query
  • over 4 years MachineConfiguration is not strong typed
  • over 4 years Repository Structuring
  • over 4 years Documentation on Arachne, etc.
  • over 4 years Update documentation to be correct on lenses, etc.
  • over 4 years Documentation/graphical inspection of Machines
  • over 4 years Best-practice/when-and-where guides
  • over 4 years Code/API comments/tips
  • over 4 years Video tutorials
  • over 4 years Expanded set of Examples
  • over 4 years Update examples for 3.0
  • over 4 years Update documentation for 3.0
  • over 4 years Some thoughts from a new user
  • over 4 years Freya move to Xyncro!
  • over 4 years Fix Last Modified Date Comparison
  • over 4 years Portable Option for Xamarin?
  • over 4 years Microservices, Code-on-Demand, and Hot Code Loading
  • over 4 years Add extension to plug Katana AuthenticationMiddleware into the machine graph
  • over 4 years Spaces in URL are not compatible with UriTemplate's
  • over 4 years Support lazily represented content
  • over 4 years Support SendFile
  • almost 5 years Document machines
  • almost 5 years Provide a means of triggering a 205 instead of 204?
freya open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Update to netstandard2.0
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