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  • almost 3 years check all the file links exist in current buffer

find-file-in-project closed issues

  • over 2 years find file and convert path to relative path
  • over 2 years n, p should be preseved for evil in ffip-diff-mode
  • almost 3 years Latest ffip broken when manually setting ffip-project-root
  • about 3 years ffip-diff-backends should support comment
  • about 3 years need be compatible with ivy-resume
  • about 3 years Love the idea, but is slow
  • about 3 years manage all projects?
  • about 3 years show string in mode inherited from diff-mode and jump to file in diff hunk
  • about 3 years if: Wrong type argument: stringp, nil
  • over 3 years ffip-create-project-file overwrites existing .dir-locals.el
  • over 3 years Readme recommends melpa
  • over 3 years use find-file-in-project can not find root
  • over 3 years improve ffip-project-root function to use current directory when project root is not available.
  • over 3 years ffip project-dir
  • over 3 years Possible wrong format in regarding .dir-locals.el
  • over 3 years Per Project setup
  • over 3 years initial prompt very slow to show
  • over 3 years need test cases
  • over 3 years find top biggest 250 files
  • almost 4 years find files in multiple directories
  • almost 4 years find file in certain project
  • almost 4 years if search files in recent 5 days, should have some hint in the filter window
  • almost 4 years remove ffip-limit in the future
  • about 4 years optimization for find-file-in-project-by-selected
  • about 4 years find only files I edited if it's under git
  • about 4 years Wrong type argument: stringp, nil
  • about 4 years could find in serveral directories
  • about 4 years open file and jump to the line number
  • about 4 years find directory in project
  • about 4 years need a runtime debug flag
  • over 4 years The current directory shows up as an empty string in the completion
  • over 4 years the find option "-type d -a" is unnessary.
  • over 4 years make limiting of files optional
  • over 4 years doen't work under windows and cygwin
  • over 4 years Wrong type argument: stringp, nil
  • over 4 years ffip-limit is too low
  • over 6 years Similar file names are not sufficiently uniquified
  • about 7 years Symbol's function definition is void: some
  • almost 8 years Issues with directories that contain spaces