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Grid visualization of Gravatars for an organization

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An open-source version of HubSpot's Facewall and Facewall game.

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  • First thing you'll want to do is update the following files:

  • Next, you'll want to configure employees.coffee with either a URL or USER_JSON string. The format of the JSON needs to be the following:

         "id": 1,
         "createdAt": 1282254176001,
         "email": "aschwartz@hubspot.com",
         "firstName": "Adam",
         "lastName": "Schwartz",
         "role": "Principal Software Engineer"
      // ...


Facewall is a Brunch app. To run it with no authentication simply run the following:

brunch watch --server -p PORT

Then navigate to:


If you want to use SSL, you'll additionally need to set up stunnel. See the Stunnel README for more information.


See Brunch's guide on deploying.

facewall open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years local images still not working at my side
  • almost 4 years This app wont listen to my network interface
  • almost 5 years Unable to run brunch server
  • over 5 years Not all pictures are displayed
  • over 5 years Strange calculations in getGrid
  • over 6 years Game not showing employees
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  • Update pkg versions and fix deprecated config fields
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  • publicating using php facebook api creates only permalink insted of post on facewall
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