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  • over 2 years params_for returns updated_at and inserted_at
  • over 2 years has many associations not loaded with params_with_assocs
  • almost 3 years Lazy attributes?
  • about 3 years fields_for seems to strip has_many through associations

ex_machina closed issues

  • over 2 years Refer to own properties?
  • over 2 years Need a way to customize Ecto structs beyond Map merging
  • over 2 years ex_machina not using changesets
  • over 2 years Building relations doesn't work on master
  • over 2 years Master branch incorrectly cast values on `insert`
  • over 2 years `parms_for` doesn't include custom primary key
  • over 2 years How to deal with associations that refer to other associated fields
  • over 2 years Dependency issue
  • over 2 years Awesome factories!
  • over 2 years Double import error with multiple factory files
  • over 2 years Data type in factory
  • over 2 years Example in README causes an infinite loop
  • over 2 years ex_machina insert raises UndefinedFunctionError error
  • over 2 years use ExMachina.Ecto defines functions with no local return
  • over 2 years Could not start application ex_machina: could not find application file:
  • over 2 years Multiple Factory Files
  • over 2 years Test suite hangs - db connection timeout
  • almost 3 years Should `params_for` return a string keyed map?
  • almost 3 years Problems with compiling when using with Elixir 1.3
  • almost 3 years Troubles with Ecto.Sandbox
  • almost 3 years Sometimes dropping the primary key isn't desired
  • almost 3 years Mix test function definition has an extra colon
  • almost 3 years Association being inserted again by create()
  • almost 3 years Create a file for each factory.
  • almost 3 years "Global" Sequences Unexpected
  • about 3 years Cast all values before inserting
  • about 3 years Mismatch between readme usage instruction in master and current release version