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Vimtutor adapted to Emacs+Evil and wrapped in a major mode.

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Table of Contents


Vimtutor adapted for Evil and wrapped in a major mode.


  • restore last working file
  • fast navigation between lessons with C-j and C-k

Quick start

M-x evil-tutor-start

This will create a working file in evil-tutor-working-directory (defaults to ~/.emacs.d/.tutor)


Package manager

You can either install evil-tutor from MELPA (available soon):

 M-x package-install evil-tutor

Or add it to your Cask file:

(source melpa)

(depends-on "evil-tutor")


Add evil-tutor.el to your load path. evil-tutor requires evil to be installed.


This major-mode has been inspired by a post on /r/emacs.

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  • Applying suggestion of warning
  • Cleanup whitespace
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v1.0 1.0

The tutorial is compatible with Evil.

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