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Error response middleware (text, json, html)

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Error response middleware for koa supporting:

  • text
  • json
  • html


$ npm install koa-error


  • template path to template written with your template engine
  • engine template engine name passed to consolidate
  • cache cached compiled functions, default: NODE_ENV != 'development'
  • env force a NODE_ENV, default: development
  • accepts mimetypes passed to ctx.accepts, default: [ 'html', 'text', 'json' ]

Custom templates

By using the template option you can override the bland default template, with the following available local variables:

  • env
  • ctx
  • request
  • response
  • error
  • stack
  • status
  • code

Here are some examples:

Pug (formerly jade)

  engine: 'pug',
  template: __dirname + '/error.pug'
doctype html
    title= 'Error - ' + status
      h1 Error
      p Looks like something broke!
      if env == 'development'
        h2 Message:
        pre: code= error
        h2 Stack:
        pre: code= stack


  engine: 'nunjucks',
  template: __dirname + '/error.njk'
<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Error - {{status}}</title>
    <div id="error">
    <p>Looks like something broke!</p>
    {% if env == 'development' %}
    {% endif %}



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  • Option to enable stack trace when NODE_ENV is production
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  • Provide original error, which may contain custom properties.
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