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replace stuff like :heart: with <img> tags of corresponding images per:

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Warnging: this repo not actively maintained, if you'd like to take over maintenance of it, let me know on this issue: You may also want to check out this alternative:

Because sometimes you want to send a :heart: to someone.

What is this?

Takes text, replaces all the texts here: with an <img> tag containing the image.

The images are all in the folder. Host those somewhere, pass the URL to the function. See below:

How to use it

var string = 'a string containing emoji strings like :heart: and :trollface:';

// the emoji function takes:
// 1. The input string
// 2. The url where the png files live
// 3. (optionally) a size to specify as the height of the <img> tag.
var emojified = emoji(string, '', 30); 

It's bundled to work as a CommonJS module, AMD module or expose itself as a global as a fallback.


Grab it here or on npm:

npm install emoji-images

Why not just use

I want it all in a super simple text processing (without the CSS and DOM stuff).

Also, that solution embeds pngs as data-uri's in css documents. I don't want to do that because then I have to send all that image data to the browser even if they never get used.

Is it ready to use?

Um... works for me (and in use on



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