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emacs-slack open issues (View Closed Issues)
  • about 2 years Emacs 25 Support
  • about 2 years Can I scroll to bottom after jumping to a DM / channel?
  • about 2 years Alerts from direct messages can be improved
  • about 2 years Warning when linking youtube video
  • about 2 years [Documentation] `slack-message-custom-notifier` object arguments
  • about 2 years Only first slack-register-team call seems to work
  • about 2 years Rooms with unread messages / notifications
  • over 2 years Support object scopes
  • over 2 years Please create a release for melpa stable
  • over 2 years persistent notification
  • over 2 years Emacs freeze frequently
  • over 2 years All chat messages are displayed in the minibuffer
  • almost 3 years Error (websocket): in callback `on-message': error: "Invalid search bound (wrong side of point)"
  • almost 3 years Read credentials from authinfo file
  • almost 3 years Alternate colors for nicks
  • almost 3 years Direct messages do not not raise a mode line alert
  • almost 3 years Update README with instructions on how to use emacs-slack?

emacs-slack closed issues

  • about 2 years How do I start it?
  • about 2 years Error (websocket): in callback `on-message': Wrong type argument: stringp, nil
  • about 2 years Slack Websocket PING Timeout.
  • about 2 years Send formatted links from emacs slack client?
  • over 2 years Feature request: TAB completion of message reactions
  • over 2 years Defcustom message width
  • over 2 years Feature: Decouple notification function
  • over 2 years REQUEST [error] Error (error) while connecting to
  • over 2 years IDO mode support for selecting slack teams/channels
  • over 2 years Private channels inaccessible
  • over 2 years slack edit buffer doesn't close after finishing edit with C-c C-c
  • over 2 years Submitting an edited message doesn't work
  • over 2 years Suggestion: moving commands
  • over 2 years Possibility to turn off "<user> is typing ..." messages
  • over 2 years slack-register-team doesn't work
  • over 2 years Error connecting to rtm.start
  • over 2 years Show when users are typing
  • over 2 years No obvious way to open a new Direct Message
  • over 2 years upon slack-im-select: "Invalid function: slack-buffer-widen"
  • almost 3 years Previous message regression?
  • almost 3 years Cannot kill slack window
  • almost 3 years slack-room-load-prev-messages fails with wrong-type-argument integer-or-marker-p nil
  • almost 3 years Multiple team support