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Emacs Python Development Environment

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Statistics on elpy

Number of watchers on Github 1161
Number of open issues 254
Average time to close an issue 7 days
Main language Emacs Lisp
Average time to merge a PR 6 days
Open pull requests 27+
Closed pull requests 28+
Last commit almost 2 years ago
Repo Created over 7 years ago
Repo Last Updated almost 2 years ago
Size 2.23 MB
Organization / Authorjorgenschaefer
Page Updated
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Elpy, the Emacs Lisp Python Environment

Elpy is an Emacs package to bring powerful Python editing to Emacs. It combines and configures a number of other packages, both written in Emacs Lisp as well as Python.

.. image:: :target:

.. image:: :target:


Elpy is fully documented at

Quick Installation

First, install the required Python packages:::

# Either of these pip install rope pip install jedi # flake8 for code checks pip install flake8 # and autopep8 for automatic PEP8 formatting pip install autopep8 # and yapf for code formatting pip install yapf

One-line install: pip install jedi flake8 autopep8

Evaluate this in your *scratch* buffer:

.. code-block:: lisp

(require 'package) (add-to-list 'package-archives '(melpa-stable .

Then run M-x package-refresh-contents to load the contents of the new repository, and M-x package-install RET elpy RET to install elpy.

Finally, add the following to your .emacs:

.. code-block:: lisp

(package-initialize) (elpy-enable)



For questions regarding Elpy, do not hesitate to open an issue on github_ or visit us on IRC, channel #emacs-elpy on

.. _issue on github:


This project is free software: You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License__, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

.. __: LICENSE

Thank You

If you would like to support this work, you can become a patreon:

Please note that this is completely voluntary, and does not make you more important than others when it comes to issues, feature requests or anything. I appreciate donations, but do not feel compelled to spend money, and do not feel bad if you don't.

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elpy open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Fix small issues
  • Complete Python callables optionally with parentheses
  • Add `elpy-test-do-at-point-p`
  • Use popwin for docstring display if available.
  • Amend "no backend available" message ...
  • fix a bug: elpy-find-file does not prune enough
  • Add basic Django support
  • Option to run Django tests with
  • Source yapf style file from elpy-project-root or default-directory.
  • Send project root to importmagic
  • Added flake8 version requirement
  • Add aliases to elpy importmagic
  • Add functions to kill shell(s)
  • Add django shells
  • Fix apparition of tabs while removing indentation
  • Add project shell with project root in sys.path
  • Use Xref library for completion, find definition and usage
  • Add functions to send code parts to python shell.
  • Fix some compilation warnings
  • fix #1255, `elpy-xref--identifier-at-point` should return a string
  • Support case-insensitive completion for company backend
  • Add python3.6 to travis ci
  • Allow better code sending to shell
  • Auto-update of the documentation buffer
  • Check for yapf and autopep8 modules instead of executables
  • Add django-format to elpy-django group
  • Add customizeable python shell root
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