Compiler for Elm, a functional language for reliable webapps.

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Statistics on elm-compiler

Number of watchers on Github 4426
Number of open issues 40
Average time to close an issue 3 days
Main language Haskell
Average time to merge a PR about 15 hours
Open pull requests 38+
Closed pull requests 30+
Last commit 11 months ago
Repo Created almost 7 years ago
Repo Last Updated 10 months ago
Size 7.8 MB
Homepage http://elm-lang.org/
Organization / Authorelm-lang
Page Updated
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The Elm Compiler Build Status

Learn about the Elm programming language at elm-lang.org.


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If you are stuck, ask around on the Elm slack channel. Folks are friendly and happy to help with questions!

elm-compiler open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 2 years Valid recursion leads to runtime error
  • about 2 years The auto-generated outgoingPort JavaScript neglects to escape a record field named "default"
  • over 2 years Generated code make javascript debugging difficult, because return value not put in var
  • over 2 years Runtime error in compiler: Unable to generalize a type variable. It is not unranked.
  • over 2 years Type checking a phantom type succeeds when it should not
  • over 2 years Constructor Pattern with no variables accepts ill-typed RHS
  • over 2 years project names including `.` produce invalid generated code identifiers
  • over 2 years Elm compilation is incredibly slow on CI platforms
  • over 2 years Cannot pattern match on empty structural type
  • over 2 years Runtime infinite loop due to shadowing
  • over 2 years Docs on nested subtypes need example of unwrapping
  • over 2 years Modules cannot have ports with same name
  • over 2 years allow Uint8ClampedArray to cross ports
  • over 2 years Unexpected results due to variable shadowing
  • over 2 years Type-checking crash with top-level binding and an expression using it along with a lambda or case binding the same name
  • over 2 years Too-general type annotations typecheck on compappend-consuming functions
  • over 2 years [0.17] destructured record fields don't hide existing variables
  • over 2 years "Type applications without concrete names should not get here."
  • over 2 years Warn for `port module` with no ports
  • over 2 years Json.encode and Json.decode not roundtripping
  • over 2 years code gen problems
  • over 2 years parser suggestions
  • over 2 years parser problems
  • over 2 years type problems
  • over 2 years Have `elm` list binaries instead of delegating
  • over 2 years Bad worst-case performance for pattern match compiler
  • almost 3 years Proposal: Don't allow record update to change type
  • almost 3 years Function with pattern-match argument and body of Debug.crash breaks compilation
  • about 3 years Int literals over "max unsigned 32bit" produce bad JS
  • about 3 years Compiler generates invalid JavaScript instead of rejecting syntactically invalid Elm (qualified tags in union types)
elm-compiler open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Avoid repeated arguments at compile time. Fix #809
  • Don't show the same unhandled pattern several times in error message
  • Fix unsafe list patterns in error reporting.
  • Allow trailing commas in lists and records.
  • Add test case for shadowing bug
  • Add tests for the parser
  • Tests for #520: cannot access field of qualified record
  • Tests for #951: Allow qualified names in case patterns
  • Fix minor typos
  • Add bad case for bug in type definitions
  • Correctly parse Foo.Bar.record.field
  • Allow qualified names in case patterns
  • List [a..b] syntax accepts floats
  • Allow Char values to be passed through ports
  • Test invalid type aliases
  • In port conversion, wrap record fields in strings to prevent bad obfuscation.
  • Add link to How to Request Features
  • Send/recieve JavaScript native Date through a port
  • Make Travis badge reflect master branch status
  • Add missing "the" in the error message for unbound type variables
  • Change 2015 to 2016
  • Set locale appropriately
  • Validate record types to have no duplicate fields.
  • Create issue template to try to reduce duplicates
  • Chinese version of Get start
  • Safe var for outgoing ports
  • aeson-pretty: use Spaces with confIndent
  • Compiler benchmarking
  • Feature improve emacs next error
  • reject dots in repo names
  • Fix "need N more arguments" error message
  • Implement task ports
  • Bump year in license
  • Minor typos
  • Tiny typo fix in the implicit casts hints.
  • bump year in license
  • accept binary 0.8.*
  • Fixing minor typos in error messages
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