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elixir open issues (View Closed Issues)
  • over 1 year Add @doc false to def init(_) in use Supervisor
  • over 1 year ExUnit: end-of-run test counts wrong when I run `mix test` in an umbrella app.
  • over 1 year Keyword.merge behaviour when a list is the second argument (docs/test)
  • over 1 year Improve error messages when something goes wrong
  • over 1 year Raise a detailed error for default implementations for behaviours that currently exit/1
  • almost 2 years Make sure and/or raises badbool
  • almost 2 years Merge DynamicSupervisor in
  • almost 2 years Migrate ExUnit away from GenEvent
  • almost 2 years Automatically inflect the list of applications
  • almost 2 years Warn when apps folder contains things which are not applications
  • almost 2 years Warning 'protocol has already been consolidated' when recompiling
  • almost 2 years Whitespace differences are not highlighted by ExUnit
  • almost 2 years rescue e in ErlangError will recue all exceptions
  • almost 2 years Scoping issue in macros?
  • almost 2 years Possible improvement for error messages on syntax error in maps
  • almost 2 years Support conflict resolution in protocol consolidation
  • almost 2 years mix bare compile
  • about 2 years Force disable warnings_as_errors for dependencies
  • about 2 years Update Elixir's Unicode support to Unicode 9.0
  • about 2 years Revisit usage of diff with =~ in assertions
  • about 2 years `mix deps.get` gets confused with "> 0.0.0"
  • about 2 years Support Erlang 19 new features
  • over 2 years Suggesting the correct patterns to match
  • over 3 years Do not allow calls anymore
  • about 4 years Provide defguard

elixir closed issues

  • over 1 year GenServer.cast/2 different behaviour
  • over 1 year No warnings on unused variable in case and if
  • over 1 year UndefinedFunctionError instead of CompileError while calling unrequired Integer
  • over 1 year Warning in dependency is not under project's section in output log
  • over 1 year The doc of `Supervisor.start_link/2` maybe not very clear
  • over 1 year Inaccurate error for function clause
  • over 1 year Changelog for released versions (including 1.3.x series!) missing
  • over 1 year Cannot use pin operator with structs to match a variable key name