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ecto open issues (View Closed Issues)
  • over 2 years Tasks ran with MySQL adapter relies on mysql client binary
  • over 2 years `cast_embed` uses schema types, not a changeset types
  • over 2 years Infix Operators
  • almost 3 years Specifying an unsupported logging level causes a runtime crash
  • almost 3 years Introduce Ecto.Repo.cast or Ecto.Repo.cast_query
  • about 3 years UNION/INTERSECT/EXCEPT support

ecto closed issues

  • over 2 years Interpolated value in join not accessable as parameters in stored procedure
  • over 2 years Changeset.Relation raises runtime error rather than InvalidChangesetError
  • over 2 years Add a ping repository operation
  • over 2 years Use utc_date_time and naive_date_time
  • over 2 years Dialyzer Errors for insert_or_update
  • over 2 years Updating association_id with preloads before hand causes original data to be spit out
  • over 2 years Possible bug related to Exq
  • over 2 years `cast_embed` / `cast_assoc` sorts list elements wrong when given a map
  • over 2 years Crashing Ecto/Postgrex
  • over 2 years Option read_after_writes is not supported by belongs_to
  • over 2 years cast_assoc has unexpected behavior when updating unrelated fields
  • over 2 years prepare_changes not getting proper data as per the docs.
  • over 2 years Bug? Date comparison seems to fail
  • over 2 years Additional options for all Ecto.Changeset validation errors
  • over 2 years Possible for Ecto.Changeset to support a validated :map based on sibling flag?
  • almost 3 years Token "$" is invalid.
  • almost 3 years assoc doesn't respect @schema_prefix on through-associations
  • almost 3 years Adding triggers to Ecto migration throws exception
  • almost 3 years Rows is dropped when preload is declared explicitly on source.
  • almost 3 years Embeds with the same primary key can be inserted