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HTML5 drag & drop for humans

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HTML5 drag & drop for humans

In case you didn't know, the HTML5 drag and drop API is a total disaster! This is an attempt to make the API usable by mere mortals.

This module works in the browser with browserify.

Note: If you do not use browserify, use the included standalone file dragdrop.min.js. This exports a DragDrop function on window.

live demo



  • simple API
  • adds a drag class to the drop target on hover, for easy styling!
  • optionally, get the file(s) as a Buffer (see buffer)


npm install drag-drop


var dragDrop = require('drag-drop')

dragDrop('#dropTarget', function (files, pos) {
  console.log('Here are the dropped files', files)
  console.log('Dropped at coordinates', pos.x, pos.y)

Another handy thing this does is add a drag class to the drop target when the user is dragging a file over the drop target. Useful for styling the drop target to make it obvious that this is a drop target!

complete example

var dragDrop = require('drag-drop')

// You can pass in a DOM node or a selector string!
dragDrop('#dropTarget', function (files) {
  console.log('Here are the dropped files', files)

  // `files` is an Array!
  files.forEach(function (file) {
    console.log(file.fullPath) // not real full path due to browser security restrictions
    console.log(file.path) // in Electron, this contains the actual full path

    // convert the file to a Buffer that we can use!
    var reader = new FileReader()
    reader.addEventListener('load', function (e) {
      // is an ArrayBuffer
      var arr = new Uint8Array(
      var buffer = new Buffer(arr)

      // do something with the buffer!
    reader.addEventListener('error', function (err) {
      console.error('FileReader error' + err)

get files as buffers

If you prefer to access file data as Buffers, then just require drag-drop like this:

var dragDrop = require('drag-drop/buffer')

dragDrop('#dropTarget', function (files) {
  files.forEach(function (file) {
    // file is actually a buffer!
    console.log(file.toString('hex')) // etc...

    // but it still has all the normal file properties!

remove listeners

To stop listening for drag & drop events and remove the event listeners, just use the remove function returned by the dragDrop function.

var dragDrop = require('drag-drop')

var remove = dragDrop('#dropTarget', function (files, pos) {
  console.log('Here are the dropped files', files)
  console.log('Dropped at coordinates', pos.x, pos.y)

// ... at some point in the future, stop listening for drag & drop events

detect dragenter, dragover and dragleave events

Instead of passing just an ondrop function as the second argument, instead pass an object with all the events you want to listen for:

var dragDrop = require('drag-drop')

dragDrop('#dropTarget', {
  onDrop: function (files, pos) {
    console.log('Here are the dropped files', files)
    console.log('Dropped at coordinates', pos.x, pos.y)
  onDragEnter: function () {},
  onDragOver: function () {},
  onDragLeave: function () {}

detect drag-and-dropped text

If the user highlights text and drags it, we capture that as a separate event. Listen for it like this:

var dragDrop = require('drag-drop')

dragDrop('#dropTarget', {
  onDropText: function (text, pos) {
    console.log('Here is the dropped text', text)
    console.log('Dropped at coordinates', pos.x, pos.y)

a note about file:// urls

Don't run your app from file://. For security reasons, browsers do not allow you to run your app from file://. In fact, many of the powerful storage APIs throw errors if you run the app locally from file://.

Instead, start a local server and visit your site at http://localhost:port.


MIT. Copyright (c) Feross Aboukhadijeh.

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