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A Django application to manage tickets for an internal helpdesk. Formerly known as Jutda Helpdesk.

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Statistics on django-helpdesk

Number of watchers on Github 769
Number of open issues 64
Average time to close an issue 27 days
Main language Python
Average time to merge a PR 4 days
Open pull requests 21+
Closed pull requests 17+
Last commit almost 2 years ago
Repo Created about 9 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 7.15 MB
Organization / Authordjango-helpdesk
Latest Release0.2.7
Page Updated
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django-helpdesk - A Django powered ticket tracker for small businesses.

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Copyright 2009-2018 Ross Poulton and django-helpdesk contributors. All Rights Reserved. See LICENSE for details.

django-helpdesk was formerly known as Jutda Helpdesk, named after the company which originally created it. As of January 2011 the name has been changed to reflect what it really is: a Django-powered ticket tracker with contributors reaching far beyond Jutda.

Complete documentation is available in the docs/ directory, or online at

You can see a demo installation at, or run a demo locally in just a couple steps!


django-helpdesk is licensed under terms of the BSD 3-clause license. See the file 'LICENSE' for full licensing terms.

Note that django-helpdesk is distributed with 3rd party products which have their own licenses. See LICENSE.3RDPARTY for license terms for included packages.

Demo Quickstart

django-helpdesk includes a basic demo Django project so that you may easily get started with testing or developing django-helpdesk. The demo project resides in the demo/ top-level folder.

It's likely that you can start up a demo project server by running only the command::

sudo make rundemo

then pointing your web browser at localhost:8080.

For more information and options, please read the demo/README.rst file.

NOTE REGARDING SQLITE AND SEARCHING: The demo project uses sqlite as its database. Sqlite does not allow case-insensitive searches and so the search function may not work as effectively as it would on other database such as PostgreSQL or MySQL that does support case-insensitive searches. For more information, see this note_ in the Django documentation.

When you try to do a keyword search using sqlite, a message will be displayed to alert you to this shortcoming. There is no way around it, sorry.


django-helpdesk requires:

  • Django 1.11.x
  • either Python 2.7 or 3.4+

NOTE REGARDING PYTHON VERSION: The recommended combination is Python 3.4+ with Django 1.11. Support for Python 2 will end in the next versions of both django-helpdesk and Django itself (Django 2.0), so users and developers are encouraged to begin transitioning to Python 3 if have not already. New projects should definitely use Python 3!

NOTE REGARDING DJANGO VERSION: The recommended release is Django 1.11. However, there initial support of Django 2.0 as of version 0.2.7 if you'd like to try it out. Please report any bugs you find!

You can quickly install the latest stable version of django-helpdesk app via pip::

pip install django-helpdesk

You may also check out the master branch on GitHub, and install manually::

python install

Either way, you will need to add django-helpdesk to an existing Django project.

For further installation information see docs/install.html and docs/configuration.html

Upgrading from previous versions

If you are upgrading from a previous version of django-helpdesk that used migrations, get an up to date version of the code base (eg by using git pull or pip install --upgrade django-helpdesk) then migrate the database::

python migrate helpdesk --db-dry-run # DB untouched
python migrate helpdesk

Lastly, restart your web server software (eg Apache) or FastCGI instance, to ensure the latest changes are in use.

Unfortunately we are unable to assist if you are upgrading from a version of django-helpdesk prior to migrations (ie pre-2011).

You can continue to the 'Initial Configuration' area, if needed.


We're happy to include any type of contribution! This can be:

  • back-end python/django code development
  • front-end web development (HTML/Javascript, especially jQuery)
  • language translations
  • writing improved documentation and demos

For more information on contributing, please see the CONTRIBUTING.rst file.

.. _note:

django-helpdesk open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 3 years ticket list view - order by creation time bug
  • about 3 years Update Contribution Guidelines
  • about 3 years [Errno 10061] error at /helpdesk/tickets/submit/
  • about 3 years Proper testing for functionality
  • about 3 years Error on attachement files
  • about 3 years how can i configure to send emails for every update to ticket
  • about 3 years Ticket description shouldn't appear in "follow-ups" section?
  • over 3 years Admin page for follow ups doesn't show enough information
  • over 3 years ValueError: I/O operation on closed file
  • almost 4 years Knowledge Base only for staff attribute
  • almost 4 years Error while migrating helpdesk
  • almost 4 years Get_email broken under Python 3.5
  • almost 4 years Adding more capabilities to mail threads and replies
  • almost 4 years Any ideas to start using django generic views ?
  • about 4 years Sending attachments with email to helpdesk results in: No plain-text email body available.
  • over 4 years Multiple smtp accounts for each Queue
  • over 4 years A nonstaff user can view all tickets?
  • almost 5 years Add Bootstrap DateTime Widget for Date/Time/DateTime Form Fields
  • almost 5 years Add possibility to configure an "always BCC" address
  • almost 5 years Links in emails should use customizable scheme
  • almost 5 years Error on initial migration
  • almost 5 years no plain text
  • almost 5 years Featrure Request: Add ability to paste a bitmap into a ticket.
  • almost 5 years Creating Custom Form Fields based on Queue rather than Ticket Model
  • almost 5 years Hide queue selection when there's only a single queue
  • about 5 years Add Signals to make it easy to extend django-helpdesk
  • over 5 years Add Long-Term Support (LTS) Branch
  • over 5 years New / Unaddressed Tickets feature
  • over 5 years Email Message-ID, In-Reply-To, and References Handling
  • over 5 years disable send email to public submitter automatically on ticket-create?
django-helpdesk open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Set app_name as 'helpdesk' at the, and droping url prefixes
  • Users public tickets
  • Added ManytoMany relation from Queues to CustomFields
  • Added server templates
  • Fixed AppRegistryNotReady exception in
  • Update install.rst
  • Custom staff filter
  • Add user threading feature - issue #375
  • panel attachment mime-type error: TypeError
  • install.rst: Fix typo
  • Fix inconsistant indentation
  • Add an enabled field to queue - hide a queue without deleting it
  • Update Static Copies of JS/CSS
  • get_email local mail directory, logging support, Python3 via six
  • New Bootstrap-based UI
  • More Code Style --PEP8-centric
  • Set version to 0.2.0, remove Django 1.7 from requirements and testing
  • Hotfix/imap encoding errors
  • Ticket has illegible file attachements from email
  • - issue #493: internal error 500 on save query
  • Document review ... syncdb obsolete
django-helpdesk questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • unable to send emails django-helpdesk
  • Python Django-Helpdesk Error: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
  • Is there a setting to set staff_url for the django-helpdesk emails being sent?
  • django-helpdesk email template
django-helpdesk list of languages used
django-helpdesk latest release notes
0.2.7 0.2.7
  • improved Django 2.0 support (experimental)
  • bugfixes for get_email under python 3
0.2.6 0.2.6

more bugfixes

  • fix CSS comment error
  • fix most remaining Django 2.0 warnings
0.2.5 0.2.5

Bugfix release, fixes:

  • Fix collectstatic errors reading in long comments on css
  • Make Django 2.0 ready
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