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Describe Haskell code in GHCi

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Describe Haskell code in GHCi


The main use-case is figuring out how infix operators are parsed:

> :describe x <$> y <|> h <* p <*> k
(x Data.Functor.<$> y) GHC.Base.<|> ((h GHC.Base.<* p) GHC.Base.<*> k)


Setup (Linux, macOS)

Install the package by running:

git clone
cd describe
sh # requires stack

Setup (Windows)

From a PowerShell terminal, install the package by running:

git clone
cd describe
.\global-install.ps1 # requires stack


If you use something out of scope, you'll see

<<Non-variable/constructor in infix context>>

Just import the right thing and try again:

> :describe x <$> y <*> z <* p <|> k
(((x Data.Functor.<$> y) GHC.Base.<*> z) GHC.Base.<* p) <<Non-variable/constructor in infix context>> k
> import Control.Applicative
> :describe x <$> y <*> z <* p <|> k
(((x Data.Functor.<$> y) GHC.Base.<*> z) GHC.Base.<* p) GHC.Base.<|> k
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